#NokiaGulp…The World’s Largest Stop-Motion animation, shot on Nokia N8

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So I’ve been teasing for a while on twitter about a mysterious Nokia event in UK… Well, here’s what’s really going on.

You probably already saw (and hopefully liked!) the awesome ‘Dot’ video that featured the world’s smallest stop-motion animation video, recorded using the versatile Nokia N8 camera. Quite an amazing feat for a mobile phone camera, but how would you possibly top it?

The answer is at secret location in Wales (UK), where Nokia is currently attempting another Guinness Word record, but this time, at producing the largest stop motion animation video and… queue the drumroll… it’s all shot on the Nokia N8!

It was hard for me grasp the idea of how Nokia would actually try to pull this off, and so I was nothing short but amazed to see the whole plan unfold before me, right on this very illustrious beach.
The story that unfolds in this stop animation video, said to be about a minute in length, will be about a fisherman and his adventures out in the sea. If you’ve seen the Dot animation video before, you might have some ideas of how this video (to be released sometime in July) will be like. All the props you will see in the video (and some can be seen in the photos as well) are everyday items you may stumble upon when visiting a beach. It draws upon a lot of associations you might have when thinking about a sea… and other stories you might have read a long time ago 😉

But how does that all come together in a video you may ask? The frames are shot every 4 min with a Nokia N8 in a concealed box mounted on top of a crane (there’re actually several N8’s inside the box – but more on that in future posts).

The crew is down below, on the beach, and working with the scene – altering it to progress the story forward. Think it as a cartoon, but one that looks sort of realistic, sort of ‘cartoonish’, and very, very cute.

Needless to say, there are lots of people from different fields (we even have a sand artist working there!) involved to put Nokia and N8 in the World records book once again. A very tight schedule has to be kept in a race against time and the weather. More than anything, the coming tide is a constant threat that is beyond any control as everything that is on the beach – will be eventually claimed by the sea every day. Quite literally, the shoot continues until the very last second, when props need to be saved by the unforgiving waves.

The event (look for #NokiaGulp on twitter) spans throughout this week, and the second day is already over (I arrived late Monday evening – 5 hour ride on the train behind me). I’m here on the scene with Tim (@yilmaz16) from Nseries blog, and I look forward to learn more about those important little details that work together and make the momentous project that is #NokiaGulp. Stay tuned!


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