Nokia UK & USA online store gone forever!

| June 30, 2011 | 25 Replies

As you might already know, Nokia have been shutting down their online stores, and it looks like the UK and USA stores are the latests to be shut down following in the footsteps of the French, Finnish and Spanish stores to name a few.


If you try to go to the store, you are just presented with a notice that it’s no longer there, so you will now have to purchase your devices via other places like Amazon, network providers and other phone/electronic stores.

It seems that the only official Nokia online stores are now in China, Portugal and some places in South America.

Personally I think this is a bad move, I have always purchased my devices direct from Nokia as I wanted to be the first to have it, but it looks like that will almost never happen again!

Nokia UK notice:

Nokia USA notice:


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  • Dave

    I personally think this is a bad move as well. I’ve always preferred to get my phones from nokia direct but it looks as if not enough people agreed. I also think there business would have picked up with new phones like the N9 and the sea ray etc when they come out.

  • stylinred

    odd that they would close the US Store (amazon seems to be the only real “competition”)

    but it makes sense

  • NO#

    Do you still belive in nokia?

  • Donovan

    Funny coincidence… All those store and online store are closing in those countries (US, UK, France & etc).

    The same countries won’t be able to have Nokia N9 unlocked and unbranded when you check the availability:

    That’s sad they force people get a locked/branded Nokia device through a carrier… Stupid same strategy like Apple…

    • variaatio

      Yeah real odd. To me one of the points about nokia has allways been unlocked phones, which they have let operators to medle and strip down.

      Well atleast here in finland allmost every electric store carries a large range of Nokias. That actually may be the reason for the finnish closure. The retailers have usually allways been more aggressive in their pricing and people probably mostly by directly from walk-in stores after having real hands on time with the phones. The only benefit that nokia has had is pre-orders which have shipped couple days earlier to people bying directly from nokia online shop or bying from nokia flagship store.

    • Tim

      Those happen to also be the countries Nokia wants to hit hard with the WP7 launch. Could it be that Nokia does not want consumers to be confused by the physical similarities of N9 and Sea Ray? Could it be that Nokia wants the N9 to be released on a carrier in all of these major markets? I personally think it’s the former. Elop wants to prove that MeeGo is a waste and WP7 is the future. This limited release is simply to further hamper the N9 (and the price? Rumored to be over $600USD?).

      The good news for us is that Nokia continues to be the only manufacturer with Penta-band 3G. We can buy any N9 from anywhere and it will have 3G compatibility for our country.

      • Schneider

        Not entirely. Their online store in Sweden is closed, but we’ll still get the N9.

      • Yeah,will buy from other places since it 3G pentaband,

        Trojan Elop forcing WP7 to customers throts.

        N9 will spread world wide oneway or another.coz that phone is the best of the best from Nokia engineers.Not something cooked within 6months like Nokia WP7 sea ray.

        Will wait for it and buy,anyway it’s only delaying us but will get it.Saving money for it now,

        Meego rocks!

  • Babis

    i personal will not miss them
    nokia on line in UK,was more priced anyway

    my c7 even direct from nokia still had purple tint on screen
    my n8 no (direct from nokia on line) but that because was the first batch which was fine in all stores anyway

  • mike

    The usa site is still up when I go to it .

  • JD!

    I have never purchased any Nokia from online store. It doesnt make sense especially when I get the phone cheaper from shops outside!
    They should have kept the online store may be just for pre-ordering! Otherwise, I dont think it makes any commercial sense at all…

  • Nagol

    I usually buy my phones from Amazon.

  • md

    … Or maybe in Q4 a new online store will be launch only for nokwin7 phones

  • camchams

    Are all the online stores closing the same ones that are not listed in the availability of the N9? If so that could mean that the UK, USA, France Finland ,etc. are not on there because they are not available on the online site and can not state so because they also do not know whether networks will sell their phone. If this makes sense

  • i got my N900 in the UK from T-Mobile on contract, and it was unlocked and unbranded. completely.

  • kevin

    Pretty obvious what’s happening, Nokia are trying to be like every other OEM and selling through carriers at subsidized prices, get your unlocked phones through other channels. Urghhh more control for carriers, hoo rahh. Great if Nokia wants to sell phones in the USA where people are stupid enough to believe that a subsidized phone is a deal, bad for every other country in the world basically.

  • Hooryder

    Yes here in the US I can understand this because everyone here “upgrades” through the carrier. I don’t however so it will be a pain in the azz unless Amazon carries it. Or maybe Dell will carry it as well, that’s where I purchased my N900.

    Nokia needs to get its phones into Tmobile-USA and At&T. If they can do flood these stores with phones, high-end and mid range they could do some good stuff. But Anna will not appeal to US customers. I think they needed to have a W7 phone. But they should have kept Meego as well, which I want bad.

    In the US its all about who has the most commercials on TV they have the best phone,lol. Nokia needs some freaking commercials for the N9 on TV. I bet they will have a W7 commercial.

    Why Elop, Why?????

  • Gibe
  • Marcel

    Online Shop in Germany ( is also closed since yesterday…

  • John

    No great loss. Never able to place an order at US store–incredibly hard to validate a credit card charge. Switched to Amazon a long time ago. Also, Amazon has a much better return policy.

    Only thing I’ll miss when it goes away is the product descriptions.

  • Nokia USA store was a pain in the axx.

    I tried to order once, just not able to pass credit card authorization.
    Worse online store.

  • Karl

    Yes, Expansys, and this is rip-off Britain. Nokia announced that the N8 will go around £255 with the recent decrease but everywhere is still over £300. Also what if I want a blue one, no the only colour that you can have is black. What if I want customer service, no. Look at apple, Apple shops are like mushrooms it is about introducing to the technology. Nokia, how will you sell your phones? I went to 3 to ask more info about the phone, after a minute the guy was talking more about HTC and Nokia was forgotten. Elop is an idiot, should go back to bloody Microsoft and destroy them…

  • Anon

    Probably a Microsoft-Elop conspiracy to make ensure that non-W7 next-gen phones don’t sell. Bye bye Nokia!

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