N9 now available?

| September 8, 2011 | 38 Replies

I was online at Nokia Australia, and it appears to be available online, yet the link to purchase simply refreshes the page. Here’s the screen shot.

It appears to only be 299 euros(Weird price is mentioned in Euro when we use AUD in Australia). Authorised resellers include, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange and O2, which, except for Vodafone, are NOT operators here in Australia. Possibly an Austria-Australia mix up?

Seen anything like this on your country’s Nokia page?

UPDATE: Sorry about the crappy post, was doing this in class. So the above screenshot is from the “Check Availability” section. It shows that the N9 is available to buy at 299 euros online and through certain resellers. Neither the currency( Euros not AUD) nor the resellers, match those here in Australia. Like many of our readers have said, it is most likely a mix up between Austria and Australia. Austria apparently have these operators and, being part of the EU, use Euros.

As for why it includes the “data plan”, this is still not clear. How can Nokia give you a data plan when it is up to operators?



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