VLC for Nokia N9/N950 ?

| September 30, 2011 | 38 Replies

Not sure if we have posted this yet, but I just noticed a tweet from @UpakulRox saying:

“#VLCplayer For The Nokia #N9 Is Here”
All the links eventually take you to the main project page found here
Apparently it is still in beta, and there are a few issues that have already been found, as detailed on the site.

There are some major known pending issues, in particular:

  • The user interface is currently optimized for desktop computers. It is extremely tedious to use with a small touchscreen.
  • Hardware-accelerated video decoding is not supported (however, color space conversion and scaling are hardware-accelerated). So there may be performance issues especially with high-res videos.
  • Screen blanking is not preempted. It is hoped that this will be resolved in the coming days.

If you already have the N9, or are a developer with the N950, you can download the beta now from here.



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