iPhone 4S vs. Nokia N9

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Only hours ago, Apple announced their latest handset, the iPhone 4S. Not gonna go in-depth, but just list the relevant features for this post.

The iPhone 4s will have:

-A5 Dual-Core processor
– 3.5 ” RETINA display
– 8MP Camera
– 1080p HD Video recording
– BT 4.0
– iOS 5
– 16/32/64 GB options
-Black and White

As I’m sure we all know, the N9 sports:

– 1GHZ A8 processor (A8 and A5 are not the same type. A5 is Apple’s own)
– 3.9″ AMOLED screen
– BT 2.1
– 8MP camera
– 720p HD Video Recording
– MeeGo 1.2 – Harmattan
– 16/64 GB options
– Black, Cyan and Magenta

Firstly, aside from Tech Specs, the iPhone and iOS are popular in itself. Attaching the name creates instant popularity.

Comparing the hardware; N9 has a 3.9″ display, beating the 4S’ by 0.4″, most people wouldn’t even notice the difference. Dual-Core beats single every time, regardless of GHZ. People think there’s 2, it must be better. Both devices are on par in terms of Cameras which is surprising. Not in the sense that Apple couldn’t do it, but since they are now on par with most handsets. In fact, its ability to record in 1080p is better than I expected them to do. BT 4.0? I have no clue what’s so special. Probably a faster transfer rate. Pointless seeing as Apple doesn’t natively support file transfer over BT, and the apps that do, require an iPhone with the same app.

Down to the main deciders; Storage, OS and release date. For the first time, Apple are announcing a 64GB variant of their iPhone. The N9 matches it, so that’s not really an issue for most people. (In my opinion.) However, with iOS 5, cloud storage comes into play on the iPhone 4S, and that may win over a few people.

As I said before, the OS itself is popular and known, and, well let’s face it, MeeGo is not known to those outside the dev community, or the hardcore techies.

The release date won’t make it any easier either. The iPhone 4S id set to be released on October 14th (Limited release, some countries will launch on October 28) and, after talking to a local dealer yesterday, the N9 is to be released that same week. (Oct 13 in Finland, October 15 in Aus. Not sure of other releases.)

Will the N9 do as well as its potential suggests? Or will it be clouded by the iPhone 4S? (No pun intended on cloud.) We’ll see next week.



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