N9 released in Switzerland October 7. 16GB CHF 748, 64GB CHF 848 (UPDATE: CHF594 (16gb) & CHF647 (64GB)

| October 6, 2011 | 21 Replies

“heulboje” tipped in that Nokia Switzerland have confirmed a release date for the N9, October 7.

I can’t find where this info comes from on the following page, but I did find out pricing info.

The N9 will cost around CHF 748 for the 16GB variant, and around CHF 848 for the 64GB model.

Seems like the N9 is being released this week around the world. Here in Australia, people began picking their devices up today, Switzerland tomorrow. Very exciting time for N9 fans.

UPDATE: Apparently the N9 has already been released in Switzerland according to “Laborant”. He also notes that the prices are dramatically cheaper with the 16Gb at CHF 594 and CHF 694 for 64Gb. (Prices from

“GGS” also posted similar pricing displayed over at This will teach me to not believe a Nokia site when it comes to release dates and pricing :p



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