Video: N9 Review – Calculator, Documents, Feeds, AP Mobile

| October 11, 2011 | 47 Replies

Nearing the end of my initial reviews, we have Calculator, Documents, Feed  and AP Mobile.


Very simple to use, no explanation required. Only criticism is no option for scientific mode, yet, like I say in the video, they are apps for that.


Since recording the video, I have used documents once. Again, very simple. Well polished UI. Not sure what files are supported as I only opened up some system files ( .ini, .conf) but i assume it will open popular text documents such as .rtf, .txt and .doc.


The Feeds app is a bit redundant, especially when the feeds can be added to the Events homescreen, but it still looks good. I guess Feeds is needed as when you add a new feed, you are given the option to add that feed to the homescreen. It is also needed to add new feeds to the device.


For those of you unfamiliar with AP, AP (Associated Press) is a news company, similar to CNN. This app simply displays news content, and allows for that content to be integrated into the Events homescreen if you wish. It’s a nice looking app, with a UI almost identical to Facebook (only real difference is colour scheme).

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more. I think there’s only a few more to go. Then I’ll post more sparingly reviews on day to day use, overall user experience, issues I have, etc. as well as some comparison videos.



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