Video: N9 Review – Messaging, Mail, Calendar & Clock

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The next part of my review series is Messaging, Mail, Calendar and Clock.

I know i say it’s the 2nd part in the series, ignore that. This was before YouTube put the upload queue all funny.


Messaging is something we all do everyday. Although our smartphones can do so much more, it is still important we have a good messaging client. I think the Messaging of the N9 brings together perfectly texting, and social networking.

The integration of Skype, Facebook Chat, GTalk etc., straight into your Messages, is an easy way to keep track of what’s going on. There is also an easy way to tell whether it’s a text conversation, or you are using a social network. It tells you below the contact’s name.

Like most new smartphones, the N9 boasts a threaded/conversation style view. This makes the whole messaging experience that little bit better, when allowing for the social network integration, as the conversation view is very IM like.


Something that actually concerns me is the Mail client. So far I’m yet to activate push mail. For many of us, pushing mail from the server to our phones is a must. It could just be me failing, but I have not found anyway to activate it. The closest thing is to set auto-synch to every 10 minutes.

Update: Thanks to some help by “ityu”, I have now got push mail working. To enable push mail, you need to set up the account using Mail For Exchange. This will also require you to know a few details about your provider, but a Google search should do the trick 🙂


The N9’s calendar is very easy to use, and utilises the “swipe” concept in the app itself. A simple detail, yet, I think it enhances the whole experience. (Mainly as the phone is marketed as “all it takes is one simple gesture”)

For those that like having their personal and professional life on the one device, the app does offer Multi-Calendar support. It also supports synching with certain social networks, as well as Mail For Exchange.


Clock is probably my most favorite looking, native app. It is easy to gather the info you need at a glance. No sifting through menus and options to set up alarms. Simple.silly me didn’t even think to look under Date & Time, simply in the app’s settings. Nokia also released a World Clock app for MeeGo for those of you who like that sorta thing 🙂

Update: Clock can in fact become digital, by changing a setting.

Hope you have enjoyed this review, and many others. I know my written review was a bit brief, tried to give some info that wasn’t on the video.



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