Video: N9 Review – YouTube, Skype, Track & Protect & Games

| October 12, 2011 | 21 Replies

This is my final review of the pre-installed apps on the N9. This video demonstrates YouTube, Skype, Track & Protect, Angry Birds, Galaxy On Fire 2, NFS Shift and Real Golf 2011.


The YouTube app on the N9 is simply a bookmark to the mobile site. The mobile site is a lot like the one on iPhone. Due to a lack of flash, when you choose to play a video, the native video player opens up a stream from YouTube. Although it is simply a mobile web page, it still has a nice interface and is very simple to navigate.


The Skype app is simply for displaying contacts. To start a Skype text chat, you go into contact and click on the conversation bubbles. To call them, hit the phone icon next to the Skype service in their contact card.. Sadly, there is no video calling option, nor the ability to transfer files. However, the contact integration is very well implemented.


Track & Protect is very limited on the phone. It allows you to register for the service. To use the service, you need to log in with the details you entered into your phone, on Track & Protect.



Everybody loves Angry Birds so there isn’t a lot to explain. The first 5 levels are unlocked by default, but to unlock any more, you need to use NFC. Sadly, there are only 20 possible levels in the game.


The graphics of this game are pretty decent. Seems to be quite fluid. Haven’t played a lot of it, as I uninstalled it after my review, due to wanting more memory for other app installs and multimedia. One thing I did not like, was the inverted virtual joystick, also, it was quite sensitive. I believe the swiping away was disabled when in game and can only be done once paused, in order to eliminate accidental exit, like I did in Angry Birds.


Shift on MeeGo is a lot like its Symbian counterpart. To steer, you simply rotate the screen, making use of the device’s accelerometer. The graphics are good, and with the 1ghz processor, it’s a very fluid experience. Again, I no longer have this game installed, no point when I have it on my N8 already, and with 16GB, I need all the space I can get.


To me, Golf is a pretty boring game. But for those that like it, the graphics of the app are good and run very smoothly on the N9.

I have installed other games, such as Alchemist and SwipeMeeOut. Both are very well designed and are free from the Nokia Store.




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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]
  • Man, why do you love showing us apps that you yourself haven’t even used before? Im not sure if it’s just me, but if this was my n9, I would have at least spent a night or two fiddling with the settings and applications, and spending quality time with the phone like there’s no tomorrow. And then after that, Ill do the showcasing vid.

    This vid just feels so random.

    And it’s sad that you uninstalled some of the games before even showing them off entirely. I personally am looking forward how these games run on the N9. Yeah, i can youtube those, but still…

    I would like to ask you this question. Do you like the N9? Would you buy one?

    I honestly do not feel any N9-love from you, based on what I see on your vids.

    • dsmobile

      Give them time. I would think that MNB will make the one full review post in future 🙂

    • Michael FT

      I’ll be buying one for sure. The only reason I didn’t wait was due because I wanted to show the readers what they wanted and I know how much people hate waiting. Sorry for trying to please the eager fans. My next ones will be slower and more thought out 🙂

      Still, thanks for the feedback. Everything is appreciated.

      • Stylinred

        thanks michael for the videos i wouldnt be able to stand waiting longer for these first looks to come out and i really appreciate what you’re doing 🙂

      • BiboKid

        I see you have already posted your final review and overall thoughts. I will be reading it right away 🙂

    • Stylinred

      dont watch the videos then?

      the whole point of michaels videos is giving us a real time look @ the phone as he is seeing it (basically)

      if you can’t appreciate that then just sit back and wait a few days or weeks before looking for reviews

      • BiboKid

        you cannot tell a nokia n9 fan to not watch a MNB N9 vid. Besides, i always look forward to Michaels new posts about the N9, and was expecting that this time the showcase will be improved than the previous ones.

        i just want Michael to know how i feel about his vids, just as you wanted him to know how you appreciate them so much.

        If this is a “real time look at the phone as he seeing it”, i think the title is misleading as well as the description saying “review of the pre-installed apps on the n9”.

        What do you think?

    • viasco

      “I honestly do not feel any N9-love from you, based on what I see on your vids.”

      Seriously babokid, what are you babbling about? LOL!! IMO, Michael did a good job reviewing all of these for us. He did a LOT of covering almost anything about N9, have you seen them all?

      Can you please do me a favour? Please make a video review of your phone, and show us what is it a phone-love thing you said. Upload on youtube and give us the url here, okay?

      You should learn to appreciate people’s effort, really. It’s a good thing Michael takes your randomly biased rant as a feedback 😉

      • BiboKid

        Sorry, i admit those comments are mean and unappreciative. But if you have read my previous comments on his previous vids, I did try my best to show this Michael my appreciation on everything that he did so far (because i really do), and I encouraged him to continue and improve for the better.

        I cannot give you a video review of my current phone (a 4-year old and battered n82). But i can tell you that I loved it during it’s glory days. And now I am looking forward to a Nokia N9 replacement.

        • BiboKid

          I cannot edit my post. If i could, I would remove “this” from “this Michael”.

          It was originally “this guy” and I missed removing “this”.

          The point is, “this guy” and “this Michael” sounded off-respect.

          Just so you know, please do not flame.

    • switcher

      I know….
      I’ve been feeling an underlying sense of astroturfing building for some time now.
      Just getting a sniff, but maybe it’s all harmless..

  • ddhdj

    nokia should include cutetube-qml in the firmware for n9

    there is skype sms( need little credit)

    can someone get the lanscape enabler work? i cant

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      I’ve been using CuteTube. It’s a really nice app.

  • dsmobile

    try out this 9S lite game. It will also display apps this firm is going to make for N9. Youtube app example is one of them last time I did check to adds from this game menu.

  • genXhippie

    So, there is still no video calling in Skype, just like on the N8. That really sucks imo.

  • Stylinred

    not sure if anyone noticed but angry birds looks like it stayed open this time while Michael was reviewing the other games and there wasn’t that mind numbingly grueling lag we saw in the 1st facebook app review

  • Lulz

    I need the file directory for N9 cause i didn’t backup O.o and all the wallpapers and songs and videos(samples). Can somebody help me? I also need what folder and file are on the root and such. MANY THANKS!

  • john

    i think the browser is a drawback from the microbrowser of the n900… personally i like to see the full webpage than a mobile (Facebook,youtube as examples), it was the main reason that i buy the n900.. anyway still going to buy this cool phone jeje i hope to see a port of the microb or at least some browser than can open full web pages

  • Jo

    Track & Protect are a preinstalled apps?

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