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This is my final review of the pre-installed apps on the N9. This video demonstrates YouTube, Skype, Track & Protect, Angry Birds, Galaxy On Fire 2, NFS Shift and Real Golf 2011.


The YouTube app on the N9 is simply a bookmark to the mobile site. The mobile site is a lot like the one on iPhone. Due to a lack of flash, when you choose to play a video, the native video player opens up a stream from YouTube. Although it is simply a mobile web page, it still has a nice interface and is very simple to navigate.


The Skype app is simply for displaying contacts. To start a Skype text chat, you go into contact and click on the conversation bubbles. To call them, hit the phone icon next to the Skype service in their contact card.. Sadly, there is no video calling option, nor the ability to transfer files. However, the contact integration is very well implemented.


Track & Protect is very limited on the phone. It allows you to register for the service. To use the service, you need to log in with the details you entered into your phone, on Track & Protect.


Everybody loves Angry Birds so there isn’t a lot to explain. The first 5 levels are unlocked by default, but to unlock any more, you need to use NFC. Sadly, there are only 20 possible levels in the game.


The graphics of this game are pretty decent. Seems to be quite fluid. Haven’t played a lot of it, as I uninstalled it after my review, due to wanting more memory for other app installs and multimedia. One thing I did not like, was the inverted virtual joystick, also, it was quite sensitive. I believe the swiping away was disabled when in game and can only be done once paused, in order to eliminate accidental exit, like I did in Angry Birds.


Shift on MeeGo is a lot like its Symbian counterpart. To steer, you simply rotate the screen, making use of the device’s accelerometer. The graphics are good, and with the 1ghz processor, it’s a very fluid experience. Again, I no longer have this game installed, no point when I have it on my N8 already, and with 16GB, I need all the space I can get.


To me, Golf is a pretty boring game. But for those that like it, the graphics of the app are good and run very smoothly on the N9.

I have installed other games, such as Alchemist and SwipeMeeOut. Both are very well designed and are free from the Nokia Store.




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