Rambling and Suspicion regarding N9 update

| October 17, 2011 | 72 Replies

This is NOT my “two weeks on” review, a little rant if you may. Anything from here-on in is solely speculation.( And massive wishful thinking.)

I was digging around in the system files, and came across the icons used throughout the system. Some of which I altered, such as Firefox(Fennec), which I swapped out the standard “Fox on the World Globe” with an already present “Squircle” of the same thing. Nothing major, but it goes better seeing as my other icons are all squircles. (I’m a bit OCD like that.)

Anyway, changing icons is not my point. My point is as I was going through these icons I noticed a few things. First is an AT&T logo. (As far as I know, they only offer service in the US, if I’m wrong please tell me). Why include a carrier for a market that won’t receive the phone? Second exciting thing is the inclusion of Skype video call icons, as well as a “telephony video call” and “telephony video call selected” icon, which I believe is for 3G video calling, as the other calling icons have similar naming. Also, services such as AOL, ICQ, MSN, Baidu, Doppler, Qik, Last FM, Tippit, MySpace, Yandex, Vimeo, IMDB, Wikipedia, Shazam and the Layar Augmented Reality Browser are present. I’m not aware that these services are currently integrated with the device, so why include them in “hidden system files”?

I noticed a post in Nokia Discussions where an employee states that Skype does not have video calling, “yet”. Could the icon indicate it’s coming? I do know Peregrine will support the feature in their next update, but frankly, I prefer non-third party clients. (By third party I mean I want a Skype app by Skype and not a client like Peregrine.)

Didn’t Nokia say Shazam was going to come pre-loaded? Did they just leave it, and many other things, out of the FW intentionally, to make the update seem better?

In the same folders, there are files for keyboards as well. Will we see more keyboards added, or could we even see a community keyboard? As you can see from the file path, there is a “Themes” folder. Could we also see community developed themes? Customisation on the N9 could be nice, well at least in my opinion.

I could just be looking too deep into these sorta things. Maybe it’s wishful thinking. I don’t know. Sorry about a weird post, just felt like I had to share.



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