Camera Update in the works for N9 & 800

| November 11, 2011 | 78 Replies

The two twins the Meego running N9 & the Mango booting Lumia 800 are apparently in store to get a Software update to improve their Image capturing skills.  This is according to a tweet by Damian Dinning (@Phonedaz)- the person responsible for the amazing N8s camera; responded to a tweet about different camera abilities between the N9 & 800 (some claim that the N9 takes better images).

 working on sw updates to both to improve performance, no further details for now.

The 800 update might be to add more customization to the camera app itself as it currently uses the stock/default Mango image shooter which doesn’t give it the flexibility available for camera phones in Symbian & Meego at the time.

Without turning the comments section into a war about who loves what, I think this should keep both N9 owners and 800 owners quite happy. If you happen to have used both, do you think there’s a difference in the camera abilities?

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  1. Zhi says:

    -_-! Don’t think you can use “both” since Lumia 800 hasn’t even been released. But according to reviewers, I think there is something wrong with the algorithms of the N9/Lumia800 camera? Because the specs are quite good, but some of the reviewers (even gsmarena!) aren’t impressed. And I think the video recording quality is a little disappointing as well. Luckily image quality can be “improved” with a little post processing through the software, whereas there’s no way you improve it if the camera unit itself isn’t good…

  2. zymo says:

    I thinks Kontorri ( has mentioned before that an camera sw update for the N9 is in the works and would come along
    with pr. 1.2
    But he doesn’t mentioned when the new firmware will be out.

  3. KF says:

    After that camera comparision by gsmarena, there’s no more excuses for nokia to make their phones thick

  4. Viipottaja says:

    Good to hear and hope it improves in particular indoor/low light performance!

  5. Just Visiting says:

    Well, this is good news, I suppose. Damian Dining was quite proud of his camera ‘tech’ as evidenced by the N9 article over at Conversations; but when Shootspeak did the camera comparison between the N9 and the SGSII, with the N9 producing not as impressive photos as the SGSII, it was pretty evident to me that the quality would probably not be good on the Lumia 800 either.

    So, I am glad that he is no longer ‘tight lipped’ about this performance. It’s a shame, because these phones have CZ optics; when other cameraphones using the same or lower aperatures, and non CZ optics, these other phones should not be outperforming Nokias.

    Just fix it, Damian! :)

    • Zhi says:

      It’s also due to the software!! Hence the update :)

    • Reonhato says:

      Damian is really good at giving natural and true colors/exposure to Nokia cameras. You can tell that he really is a Photography buff. But unfortunately, a lot of consumers prefer the over saturated colors from phones like the iphone. They see bright colors and say “wow”. this is true even in the film days.

  6. FireDragon says:

    Back there I read someone said something like “No one wants N8′s like camera-hump in the back.” I don’t think that ever bothers me or anyone using N8. I mean when we or whoever pick a device he or she knows what they are getting into and why they are getting what they get. So what’s the big deal?

    If I want a camera like N8 and there is no other way to get it without the extra thickness, what’s wrong with it? Unless it is matter of so-called social status or advance trend.

    • Punching Bag says:

      I think the bump is a bit of a love-hate relationship

      Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t

      • Zhi says:

        I don’t really care much about the camera bump. What I don’t like is the earphone port placement. It’s quite a hindrance when you’re trying to play a game like Dungeon Hunter 2 :(

        • FireDragon says:

          That one thing I really don’t like, the placement of earphone’s plug should be on the other corner. It is very hard, almost impossible to type with earplug on for whatever reason. Usually it is taking notes during a conversation or typing out something while listening music.

          • Lloydo says:

            According to the Symbian Belle UI guidelines released months ago, Symbian will get 270° rotation. So the problem will hopefully disappear through software :)

    • DC says:

      i think the bump on the n8 looks sexy :D i mean its not that thick! overall every time i look at my n8 i keep on thinking wow this has an amazing design!

  7. Mendax says:

    This is great news! If they also slightly improve fluidity, wi-fi and battery life (I heard this was addressed in PR 1.1 which is yet to be available for my variant), this will complete the package.

    FM Tx would also be nice — hopefully on the way from independent developers.

  8. Punching Bag says:

    Need help people, I have really dumb questions (this is your chance to make fun of me):

    How does the focus work on the N9? Sometimes the square focus box is blue, sometimes it’s white. What’s the difference?

    Am I always supposed to touch a point in the scene? What if I just want the whole scene?

    Am I supposed to hold down the focus touch for a few seconds while the rectangle box contracts in size to my finger, or am I just supposed to quickly tap?

    I am baffled!

    • aTom says:

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a N9 camera tutorial also, before and after the update. For example, I don’t know when flash is actually an improvement or when to use exposure compensation versus light sensitivity. Any good posts out there?

      I think blue means it’s in focus and if you want the whole picture in focus get an edof.

    • Croco says:

      The system is very simple. If you want to make a picture with some area in focus you either choose manually by touching the screen the focus area either leaving the center focus which is the default. When the camera has focused, the white rectangles on the screen becomes blue. If you don’t wanna wait for the camera to focus automatically just hold the shutter icon on the screen pressed until the camera focus and then release it.
      I you want full focus pictures as always you should use Landscape mode.
      If the rectangle becomes red the camera does not focus due to bad light conditions or wrong settings.

      • Punching Bag says:

        Ok, but I’ve been touching on areas and rarely does the rectangle actually turn blue. It usually stays white.

        I thought the “auto” mode was landscape by default, but I guess not, oops.

        I was unaware that I was supposed to hold-and-release the shutter button if I didn’t tap an area, I thought I just quickly pressed shutter to shoot.

        Maybe this is why the camera reviews are not doing well? I still am not sure I know how to use the camera any better. Maybe I’m an idiot (yes), but not simple for me.

        • Punching Bag says:

          I just tried this inside, and it worked as you described…tapping the screen and then the rectangle and turning blue after a moment. I didn’t need to hold down in the spot

          Last time I tried I was outdoors…hmmm…

  9. arvi says:

    N9 is no more Dead OS! The community and the Nokia n9 cluster are working together to bring best mobile experience to consumers.

  10. Cod3rror says:

    Check out the 8MP shootout at GSMArena. N9 gets absolutely blasted by other camera phones.

    • Ajmal says:

      Are you working for GSMArena now?? They should give you something.

    • dymaxion says:

      Ok the N9 is disappointing compared to my N8 & needs work on the firmware, however the GSM arena test don’t seem at all fair/accurate.

      Each camera has different Field of View. Yet the review zooms each photo to the exact same size for comparison. thus some images are at higher digital magnification. You can’t compare images like that: Oranges vs Tangerines.

      It’s clear to see the IP4S image has far more pixels in the crop, and the N9 is highly pixellated. You can’t do a resolution comparison like that surely?

      Hmmm… I don’t know how tech “journalists” can get away with this kind of reporting.

      • DC says:

        god damn i completly agree with you! cant believe im seeing this ffrom gsm arena :-( guess they starting to like the iphone and android more then nokia. just look how overexposed and underexposed the ip4s and gs2 is in one of that comparisons but both of them gets plus marks. Shocking!

      • Punching Bag says:

        Has a photo magazine done a comparison? That’s where we should look, or who should do one if not.

  11. Ajmal says:

    I think this is some kind of trick. Give less first to make the updates look Perfect. No? Ex: skype

  12. Ajmal says:

    Even the front facing camera says so..!

  13. weirdfisher says:

    its not the worst, just not the best

  14. hakeem says:

    Im from malaysia,a bit digress here….i got an update for my e6…it is nokia map with enchanced drive navigation….anybody has it too?

  15. walterhoe says:

    anybody know where the nokia n9 software update pr1.2 can get in malaysia?

    • Francis says:

      You may use Nokia Software Updater to get the PR1.2 for original N9 malaysia version, it is quite big size about 1.1GB.

      I already installed mine, works fantastic !

  16. Kaizer Allen says:

    If only Nokia has been this quick in fixing Symbian devices, they could have saved the operating system.

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