Camera Update in the works for N9 & 800

| November 11, 2011 | 78 Replies

The two twins the Meego running N9 & the Mango booting Lumia 800 are apparently in store to get a Software update to improve their Image capturing skills.  This is according to a tweet by Damian Dinning (@Phonedaz)- the person responsible for the amazing N8s camera; responded to a tweet about different camera abilities between the N9 & 800 (some claim that the N9 takes better images).

 working on sw updates to both to improve performance, no further details for now.

The 800 update might be to add more customization to the camera app itself as it currently uses the stock/default Mango image shooter which doesn’t give it the flexibility available for camera phones in Symbian & Meego at the time.

Without turning the comments section into a war about who loves what, I think this should keep both N9 owners and 800 owners quite happy. If you happen to have used both, do you think there’s a difference in the camera abilities?

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