New Social Applications for Belle & Updates for X7, E6, 500 before the rest? + Minor Rant

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Random screenshot of Belle I found on Nokias official Belle website : as you can see there seems to be two new widgets dedicated to Facebook & Twitter. The Facebook applications seems to have notification support FINALLY!!! how does anyone make a Facebook app that doesn’t even support notifications??? Groups or Pages and Events I might understand but notifications are the core of Facebook. The other Widget for twittter appears to have shortcuts for New tweets, Direct messages and search which is good.

Note that the shortcuts at the bottom show Facebook & twitter as separate applications; not grouped under “Nokia Social’ which is how they are on the current range of S^3 phones. Pure speculation on my part but it’s possible that Nokia Social has been completely scrapped and these are brand new dedicated applications for their respective social networks. Fingers Crossed.

*Note: none of these applications are present on the leaked belle version for the N8, however I don’t know if they come pre-installed on the 700 & 603 (can someone please confirm).


The other thing I spotted was a message saying that Symbian belle would soon be available for Nokia X7, Nokia E6, and the 500.


What this means exactly I have no idea, did they leave out the E7, N8 and C6-01 on purpose?? or are their updates just delayed? It’s possible that these devices are scheduled to get the updates first since they were all launched with symbian Anna meaning that there are no devices still running stock S^3 making it easier to mass update.

Rant starts here:

Why Belle hasn’t been released yet is beyond me, it has obviously been ready for quite a while (before the launch of the 700 or the 603) and if the leaked version was that stable I can only imagine that the official is beyond ready (the stable version is INDEED ready and was showcased at Nokia world). I think it’s simply to promote the sales of the 700 & 603 as in my opinion they don’t have that “Awesome factor” about them nothing that makes them stand out like the N8s’ camera or the E7s’ Keyboard, so it could be that Belle is the selling point for the devices.

I went to the Nokia store here in Jordan and when I asked the floor manager what the selling point for the 700 was he said “it runs Symbian Belle”, at which point I gave him my N8 which has the leaked Belle on it and asked him would you honestly tell me to buy the 700; obviously he didn’t answer.

Point is that Belle IS indeed ready, I know alot of you are going to say “you knew what you were getting when you bought the phone….” true, but that doesn’t explain why I should wait for something that’s being delayed for no clear reason. To me it seems to be the same as when Anna was released it was obviously ready for the N8 and E7 as the newly purchased phones where shipping with it, yet it took almost a month for the update to be available for the early adopters, and the fact that the update STILL hasn’t reached some regions (disregard the carrier locked phones as they delay it to customize the SW sometimes) but a company as large as Nokia shouldn’t have to trickle out the updates over 4 months, iOS updates are usually available to everyone at once at a Pre-Defined date, why can’t Nokia do the same?

End Rant.



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  • Reonhato

    Nokia might be testing the old S^3 owners patience to see if they might be tempted to buy a new Nokia handset before upgrading their old ones. ;p

    Business as usual.

  • Egg

    Apple has to compile new os for only one or a few devices with with unified hardware, nokia has models with mainly different cameras, but allows carriers to customize software, and sell more than one new phone for every year. The new ones get a sales- boost in form of new OS. for me it is stupid, but managers clearly think it works.

  • El Marko

    This minor rant is my major rant. For more than a year after it was released, owners in the U.S. were promised a badly needed update. We got Anna, finally, which was better than nothing. But for months – MONTHS – we’ve seen videos of Belle, screen shots of Belle, leaked versions of Belle, promotions for other handsets that already run Belle. . . Yes, I know Nokia, we’re your current customers and, therefore, we’re not worth much. If we’d just by a new handset from you, every couple of months, would we then earn your respect?

    Nokia: release Belle, please.

  • Dipak

    Nokia have to update their first 4 phones (n8,c6-01,c7,e7)then the x7,e6, because they nokias first 4 s3 phones got symbian anna very late,after x7,e6
    nokia is very very late in update their phone os
    e.g ios is fast they had update their os and available for everyone,
    nokia cannot do this,
    ”nokia do something needfull why are you channge yours customers mind to move other os like android”

  • Allan


    Releasing Belle first for completely new devices where you can control them before they go out, is obviously least complex and would be your step one. Then you move on and target devices that have sold less (X7, etc) making sure that if there are problems, fewer people will be affected and you’ll much more capable of handling such problems. They might also have been sold in fewer markets, meaning that special carrier optimizations are fewer, etc. Finally when all seems to be working, you go ahead and target your top sellers, but still only a number of markets at a time. The N8 situations is probably pretty complex, with people at very different upgrade stages, different versions of Qt, beta apps from betalabs, etc., etc. You wanna make sure you can handle any problems that arise.

    Can’t wait to see Belle on my N8, tho’! Think I’ll be doing a complete reinstall, making sure there aren’t any stuff and background processes lying around eating precious memory and processing power.

  • gabriel form malaysia

    so will nokia n8 get the belle update? if yes, will it happen in this year? or will it be postponed to next year? im waiting for it until i almost got mad.

  • xyberxy

    nokia should not delay belle for 1st generation symbian^3!!! we have symbian anna on our devices just like X7, e6 and the 500 be fair!

  • reLLay

    Belle is not yet ready for shipping. That’s why you don’t have it on your phones (old Symbian^3 devices) yet.

  • dellinspiron

    how to install symbian belle to my x7 ?

  • dikachi

    is my phone always different from others? Am using nokia
    e6 running the latest belle cos i updated not quite long from
    nokia suite. i noticed dat the old social was embedded in my
    new Os, i used my phone to do a software update but was
    told dat my e6 has all d latest software. My ovi store is new
    though. I stumbled on this post of an updated nokia social, i downloaded it, uninstalled my prevous one and installed
    this new one. It installed very well but when i want launch
    the application, it kept showing that it is opening with the
    nokia sign but will never open, i searched ovi store for
    another social but never found any. Just want to know wat i
    myt hav done wrong or have any1 experienced this and wat did he do? now i copied the ovi link to the social app posted here to my
    web browser and it just downloaded a lower version of my
    ovi store instead of the social and it prompted me to replace
    my new ovi store of which i declined. i need this updated
    social and how can I make it work on my phone