New Social Applications for Belle & Updates for X7, E6, 500 before the rest? + Minor Rant

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Random screenshot of Belle I found on Nokias official Belle website : as you can see there seems to be two new widgets dedicated to Facebook & Twitter. The Facebook applications seems to have notification support FINALLY!!! how does anyone make a Facebook app that doesn’t even support notifications??? Groups or Pages and Events I might understand but notifications are the core of Facebook. The other Widget for twittter appears to have shortcuts for New tweets, Direct messages and search which is good.

Note that the shortcuts at the bottom show Facebook & twitter as separate applications; not grouped under “Nokia Social’ which is how they are on the current range of S^3 phones. Pure speculation on my part but it’s possible that Nokia Social has been completely scrapped and these are brand new dedicated applications for their respective social networks. Fingers Crossed.

*Note: none of these applications are present on the leaked belle version for the N8, however I don’t know if they come pre-installed on the 700 & 603 (can someone please confirm).


The other thing I spotted was a message saying that Symbian belle would soon be available for Nokia X7, Nokia E6, and the 500.

What this means exactly I have no idea, did they leave out the E7, N8 and C6-01 on purpose?? or are their updates just delayed? It’s possible that these devices are scheduled to get the updates first since they were all launched with symbian Anna meaning that there are no devices still running stock S^3 making it easier to mass update.

Rant starts here:

Why Belle hasn’t been released yet is beyond me, it has obviously been ready for quite a while (before the launch of the 700 or the 603) and if the leaked version was that stable I can only imagine that the official is beyond ready (the stable version is INDEED ready and was showcased at Nokia world). I think it’s simply to promote the sales of the 700 & 603 as in my opinion they don’t have that “Awesome factor” about them nothing that makes them stand out like the N8s’ camera or the E7s’ Keyboard, so it could be that Belle is the selling point for the devices.

I went to the Nokia store here in Jordan and when I asked the floor manager what the selling point for the 700 was he said “it runs Symbian Belle”, at which point I gave him my N8 which has the leaked Belle on it and asked him would you honestly tell me to buy the 700; obviously he didn’t answer.

Point is that Belle IS indeed ready, I know alot of you are going to say “you knew what you were getting when you bought the phone….” true, but that doesn’t explain why I should wait for something that’s being delayed for no clear reason. To me it seems to be the same as when Anna was released it was obviously ready for the N8 and E7 as the newly purchased phones where shipping with it, yet it took almost a month for the update to be available for the early adopters, and the fact that the update STILL hasn’t reached some regions (disregard the carrier locked phones as they delay it to customize the SW sometimes) but a company as large as Nokia shouldn’t have to trickle out the updates over 4 months, iOS updates are usually available to everyone at once at a Pre-Defined date, why can’t Nokia do the same?

End Rant.



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