Nokia Lumia 800- Phone of Steel, I mean, Polycarbonate

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Whoever said that the Lumia 800 is made of cheap plastic should get his head checked. Undoubtedly, this gorgeous beast is made of plastic but the grade of the polycarbonate used is comparable to those found in ice hockey helmets. It is no Kevlar; however neither is it a push-over.

For those who have watched the video in the previous post,

you should have noticed that the Lumia 800 could even withstand a blow from a meat cleaver.

Well, this could be some kind of exaggeration but coming from the land of Ip Man, I guess phones do need to be hardy. Just kidding, Hongkong-ers!

Nokia Lumia 800 Crash Test

Alright, jokes aside. Just to prove my point, the picture above illustrates what is left of a Lumia 800 that fell from a hotel balcony two stories high. Well it seems that the phone is pretty much intact, apart from a loose button. Clearly, this demonstrates Nokia’s strength in building phones with superb quality and durability.

However, the burning question is: “Will it blend?”

Source: XDA Developer Forum via wpcentral

Cheers arun sharma for the tip!


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