How to Enable ‘Mass Storage” on Your Lumia 800

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WARNING from llaadd: Before you even consider doing this, please note it is not recommended as WP7 was specifically designed not to work in mass storage mode because of issues when used in this way. Known issues include: media not showing on your phone properly and reduced responsiveness. Nokia and Microsoft are well aware of Mass Storage mode and they would have enabled it, if they felt it were viable for this OS.

Mass storage mode as most of you Symbian users know is when you connect your phone to your PC and use it similarly to an external hard-drive, which enables you to drag and drop files without the need for a third party software (such as Nokia Suite, Zune, iTunes etc…). Now apparently this isn’t a regular option on the Lumia 800 (possibly all WP devices- seeing as I haven’t tried any so I don’t know exactly).

The kind folks over at ‘’ have figured out a workaround that enables you to drag and drop music, videos and other files to your Lumia 800 without the need to use Zune, now the main advantage of this is that it’s MUCH faster than transferring files through the program itself. Below are the steps with screen-shots (courtesy of

*Note: according to the source this will work for Music & Video but any music files transferred are grouped under “Unkown Album” (perhaps a problem with the metadata transfer?)

Note 2: I haven’t actually tried this considering the lack of a 800 but according to the source and tipster it should work so good luck.

 Here are the steps to get it done in your Lumia 800.

Step 1 :

Open Registry Editor by typing “ regedit ” in start bar or in Run tool.

Step 2:

In the Left Pane click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and find a folder tree called SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Enum and then USB.

Step 3:

Press Ctrl + F or click Find in Edit Menu at the Menu Bar and search for “ZuneDriver” make sure USB folder is selected before searching.

Step 4:


It will find Zune Driver inside a folder tree called as VID_045E&PID_04EC&MI_00 . Just ignore all the stuffs and click Device Parametres folder tree.

P.S : Before we proceed rightclick Device Parameters and click Export in case if something goes wrong this will restore the registry to old state :) .

Step 5 :

When you click Device Parameters in the right pane it will display the registry values under it.

Step 6:

Registry editing begins now

In the right pane double-click the registry value called

  • ShowInShell and change its value from 0 to 1 .
  • PortableDeviceNameSpaceExcludeFromShell and change its value from 1 to 0 .
  • EnableLegacySupport from 0 to 1 .
Make sure these three values are changed. Just close the registry editor and it will save those values.
Step 7:
Remove the Lumia 800 and re-insert it again. You will see two portable devices in My Computer with a Storage capacity of  13.3GB. Now you can transfer your songs, pictures and videos to the Lumia without using Zune.
This trick consists of some drawbacks such as music added via this hack will show as unknown album in Music app.

But in our test the picture and video transfers to the device worked without any problem. Just make sure you copy the compatible formats to play in Lumia 800. This hack is faster that Zune as you can see the files pop up in gallery or video player as you begin to transfer.
Dont forget to eject device before removing the usb cable ;) .
Thanks Hassan VIA,  Source

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  • Phillip

    Thank you very much for this information. It work like a bomb. I was thinking I did a very bad bay after I parches this phone. I like taking photos and video’s with my phone. It is the main reason why I always bay a phone with a good camera. You don’t always carry a camera with you but you need to carry a phone. So I invest rather in a good phone. Transferring the data is such a schlep and keep on loosing stuff. Now its like old times again.

  • Baichung

    so does this work on Nokia Lumia 710?????….i was thinking of buying the Lumia 710 or the new HTC ONE V….which one would you prefer???


    It is showing the device on My computer however I am not able to copy the content.

  • dharmendra

    Sir can I install or flash lumia with Nokia n8 firmware.if yes then please tell me how can I do this & if no then why I can’t do this

  • dharmendra

    Sir can I install or flash lumia with Nokia n8 firmware.if yes then please tell me how can I do this & if no then why I can’t do this

  • Rizwan Ahmad

    Thanks Dear

  • Pavan

    Hi sir, thanks for this post its working for nokia lumia 710 also. Please how to download song in lumia 710(i.e when every i click download button song is getting played, its not getting download).

    Please help me.

    • ferose khan

      I also don’t know how to download songs plz let me know if U know

    • salimkhan

      U need to download apps for this… Seriously eindows phones are too complicated.. Try Nokia Music app.. N other apps in marketplace

    • Shahrukh

      hey yaar kaise kara tmne mujhse nhi hua ye 🙁 can you help me.. 🙁

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    Stealed content from other good hitech news ! Too sad to see mynokiablog stealing content !

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    special thanks bro

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    i m not able to find device parameters

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    why are so many folders been seen?

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  • sujan

    How download mp3 songs from lumia 710

  • Eduardo Fonseca

    I did it and got the storage icon. But when I try to copy anything I get “you do not have permission” and the only option is “cancel”

  • surdeep

    there comes the two icons of portable device of lumia 800 but by doing only copy n paste i m nt able to transfer my desire files

  • Symbiot

    Remember.. if you haven’t had Zune installed, you need to extract the drivers from the zune installer package. Uniextract will do that for you.
    There are 2 folders here:


    extract them, and put them in C:\windows\inf

    plugin your phone… wait for driver install (it may stall waiting for user input…but a reboot fixes this)

    Do the magic regedit stuff.. make sure the right regkeys are altered in the right places…


  • Shantam

    Not working with Lumia 510.

    PC config – Win 7 64bit

  • Anne

    nice…. thank you 🙂 Yipee!!

  • nandy

    Plz tel me how should i remove d error of nt havin d right permissions.
    M gettin to drives for lumia bt when i paste anythn into dem it shows me d error of not havin the permissions . Please tell me d solution.

  • Andoo

    Thank you. I was on the verge of binning this shit phone and going back to my (excellent) Nokia X6. Why can’t they leave something that works instead of being all “ooh, lets make it cool” and shit? I have never had such a shit application as Zune. I tried all manner of things to simply transfer a folder of music via Zune, but no go. Your trick worked and the stupid phone isn’t affected. If they keep making an asshole of these things, I may have no option but to go over to the dark side….CRapple 🙁

  • AnhVuong

    Hi sir, i do all things like above but can not copy anything to the phone Lumia 800.

    • Basher

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    Storage appears but nothing can be copied, device dont response

  • Trying this for Nokia Lumia 510 hope this works

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