Mysterious 3-inch Buttons Free Nokia Device?

| December 24, 2011 | 47 Replies

One of the goodies displayed alongside the Lumia 710 at T-Mobiles press release was this interesting looking 3-inch Buttons free screen, according to the source it’s running Windows Phone, the source described it as “a Pocket Tablet” which probably means it has no networking capabilities (WiFi Only). If this were real I’d be EXTREMELY tempted to say it’s Microsoft/Nokias attempt at bringing back Zune/Windows Media Players, for now I think I shall call it Nokias iPod. (note that the form factor isn’t that off from the N9/800 as it still has curved sides with flat ends..)

Thanks to Viipottaja for the tip; Source

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  1. Is it a prototype os commercial one?

  2. KF says:

    3 inches only??? it looks bigger

  3. stylinred says:


  4. KF says:

    3 inches only??? it looks bigger!

  5. Spitfire says:

    I can see that there could be a good market for this concept.

    A compact pocket size tablet.. could fulfill many purposes for example: mountable in car for audio/navigation, for travelling in plane or bus, office/business tasks, mediaplayer for small solutions… etc

  6. Kaizer Allen says:

    Wow, with Engadget’s “very fair” author’s name in it.

  7. ggg says:

    oh no, capacitive buttons also counted as button, lumia 800 has buttons, not buttonless!!!!!

    It is hard not to have swipe if buttonless.

    It is sad that ms think swipe is not batter than metro/tiles, bunch of rubbish designers at ms

  8. Heron says:

    I hope it does have Swipe UI.

  9. viipottaja says:

    probably just some sort of a concept – hard to believe the head of Nokia US would pull out a device that is headed for production and even let pics be taken of it.

  10. Matias says:

    Considering how well iPod Touch has sold, I believe that there would be demand for a new Zune-like device. A thorough WP ecosystem support is a must.

  11. TrollKnightRises says:

    It looks like a mini music player from Nokia with windows phone 7 mango or tango os
    after all Nokia now have some awesome headphone/earphone accessories like the purity HD headphones and that awesome 99.99% noise cancellation Essence earphones so surely time has now come for Nokia to launch a touchscreen multimedia gadget

  12. Heron says:

    Interestingly enough it appears that Nokia wants to go head on against Apple in the PMP arena.

    So a pocket tablet with full Office support, music and video playback, apps via Windows Marketplace, and Metro UI? This is something for me.

  13. Sun Down says:

    I would love if Microsoft/Nokia would revive the Zune media player. That piece of hardware was just phenomenal and severely underrated (thanks to iPod). I hope they collaborated and resurrect a better Zune HD with higher quality sound card embedded in it. I’m not gonna let my Sony Headphones relax with low quality MP3s.

  14. DGui says:

    Comes with Music? Nokia will finally have something to market their music store on; directly competing with Apple… Giving MS an edge, kind of…

  15. bernardo says:

    maybe is the new linux os of nokia

  16. Harangue says:

    Sometimes I’m amazed at the lack of research. This is just an interactive nametag and nothing more. Just look over at WPcentral, they figures put what it is already.

    I view the wish is the father of the thought in this case. There is just too big of a need to see some hint of the next new Nokia device so that every screen thing is the next new Nokia.

    • DGui says:

      Good point. The lack of Nokia logo should have given it away…

    • Aliqudsi says:

      Did you actually bother reading what the article at WPcenteral said??? Here’s a link in case you only felt like reading the headline:

      I’m inclined to believe the people who actually played around with it, rather than some specualtions; if they say it’s running Windows phone OS why not believe them?

      • Harangue says:

        If the source is only the one in the sourcelink than it is still far from credible. There conveniently no photos of the device actually running WP.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a new device. But this would be some very careless leaking. There is no way to really prove I’m right nor is there any to prove this is a device. We’ll see what happens, but I doubt this is anything more than a gadget rather than a marketable device.

  17. himanshu says:

    this will rock the world. this a new device pocket tablet.

  18. MyNokiaLife says:

    Call we change the name “Zune”?

    MS “mstage”
    MS “mshow”
    MS “mMix”
    I like Nokia Mix.

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