Engadget Reviews T-Mobiles Lumia 710 Claims it’s “Must Have”

| January 5, 2012 | 28 Replies

So… The moment of truth, what does Engadget ( = general American Public) think of the Lumia 710; well they quite like it actually!

Nokia’s first stateside Windows Phone Mango handset is an all around solid performer and for the budget price, it’s a must-have.

  • Even though it doesn’t have an Amoled Screen (no mid-range phones do)

The 710 isn’t privy to that oversaturated treatment, but its 3.7-inch 800 x 480 ClearBlack LCD does a surprisingly good job

  • However they did state that the colors on the screen seem a bit washed out; but with decent outdoor viewing:

Viewing angles hold up just as well as they do on the 800, though you’ll notice the 710 falls prey to significant washout

  • They didn’t seem to impressed by the camera though, claiming that the auto-focus sensor is basically rubbish

 The Lumia 710’s five megapixel rear shooter with f/2.2 lens is a massive underwhelmer and stops just short of being totally unworkable. It’s a confounding experience, with a hit-or-miss autofocus sensor that borders on schizophrenic, occasionally resulting in decent to above average shot.

  • On the otherhand they seemed to like the video shooting abilities of the 710 quite a bit.

 Video on the Lumia 710 however, seemed to be just the opposite. As you can see in our brief clip above, colors appear bright, moving objects remain mostly in focus and, although there are minor issues with image stabilization, the frame rate holds up well. Similarly, audio recording was excellent, with our voice coming across crisply.

  • Of course everyone hates bloatware that comes pre-installed on Carrier subsidized phones, but the 710 seemed to be quite the opposite, carrying useful high end apps that can be removed if you want

Nokia and T-Mobile have both pre-loaded a good amount of apps onto the 710 and thankfully most of it harbors on the solid end of desirable. There’s an exclusive ESPN app for scores, news and video, Netflix, Xbox Live, Nokia Drive and Maps, Slacker, T-Mobile TV and The Weather Channel. That’s certainly a long list of apps, but with the rare exception, they’re also miraculously uninstallable.

  • Warp-up is that they basically liked the 710, especially considering it’s low-low pricetag; however this ISN’T the phone that’s going to bring Nokia back into the game, (which is obviously no surprise, this is just a water tester)
Contrast the 710 with its other budget WP 7.5 peers, factor in that super affordable $50 on contract pricing and, hands down, it’s easily the most attractive of the single-core lot. Will it succeed in giving Nokia the US market traction it’s long sought after? Probably not. The Mr. and Mrs. Johnny-come-latelies of the mobile world will neither make nor break the company’s stateside success. That heavy lifting will surely fall to future Lumia progeny of the higher-end sort. No, the 710 is a solid smartphone for first-timers marred only by its faltering camera and nondescript construction. If you’re just learning how to surf the internets and / or send a text, this phone’s for you.

Check out the rest of the review down below:

*Note: Me stating that Engadget = American Public; is basically because engadget have always had a sort of ‘hostility’ towards Nokias, meaning that if the 710 impressed them it might have a chance with the less opinionated public.


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  • MDF
    • Keizka

      Those were actually very good reviews, those anandtech ones. Engadget review was quite sad in comparison.

    • Heron

      Love anandtech to bits too. One of the best tech review sites by far.

    • spbond

      ” One of the best tech review sites by far”

      I second that!!

    • Viipottaja

      I like Mobileburn reviews too – easy to navigate, concise and quite professional and well written.

      They, btw, liked the 800 quite a bit:–best-windows-phone-yet

      • Just Visiting

        I love Michael Oryl’s (from MobileBurn) reviews – very thorough. Lisa, from MobileTechReview is also very thorough as well.

        PhoneArena is OK – their N8 review was the first one that I checked out; but it was Michael Oryl’s review of the N8 that I considered just a tad more.

    • DesR85

      I like Anandtech and their reviews too. I mostly relied on their reviews for computer hardware in the past, but rarely for mobile phones. After reading those reviews, I can say that it does look professionally done, like the former.

      Pity that their recent layout made it difficult to filter the reviews from the news and others in any one category (e.g. CPU). Haven’t been there in a while after that.

  • brad

    sounds like that $200 million is paying off

    • Mark

      Or maybe they just, you know, liked it.

      You people. Take of the bloody tin foil hats please.

  • Engadget is so old. They and their stupid bias.
    It’s all about The Verge now. Btw, they have their review up now.

    • fanel

      Which is the polar opposite of the Engadget review (best example is to compare what each say about the screen). How can two sites have such vastly different opinions, especially since the Verge people are ex-Engadget people.

    • Mark

      The Verge is awful. It take so long to load that it just becomes irritating.

      • migo

        Yeah, the interface is as crappy as Gawker’s new layout. The Verge is a perfect example of how not to do Metro.

  • j

    well that’s why i like edof!

    better edof than a cheap autofocus cam. (the pictures of my c7 were really good)

  • Jalpatine

    I liked them. And I’m avarage or perhaps little more smartphone user. Have used the 710 for some time now and tried out the 800.

    For me= must have ( well keep )…

  • subraj

    Friends I want to buy nokia lumia 710.i need some info as iam new to windows phone
    1)can we transfer files(mp3) using bluetooth?
    2)how much memory is available for users out of 8gb?
    3)heard that battery backup is poor.Will this phone get that battery fix that nokia promised for lumia 800
    4)heard that native zune player doesnt have equalizer.are there any custom equalizer apps in the marketplace
    5)any apps for syncing facebook birthdays and events to the calender
    6)what does tango gonna bring to the table?

    Any help would be appreciated

  • stylinred

    In the Engadget 710 gallery there’s a few shots of the rear on the 710 with the cover/battery out and it says “Made In Korea”

    I wasn’t aware Nokia had any factories in Korea oO or is the 710 outsourced?

    • Heron

      Probably Compal?

      • stylinred

        ah yeah i guess that would make sense compal does have an office in SK but im not sure if they have a factory there

    • N00-00

      The initial report was that both the 800 & 710 are to be manufactured by Compal (a Taiwanese company with an office in S Korea). The devices coming out from either Q1 or Q2 (not exactly sure which one but looks like Q2 as Nokia had said it takes a 12-15months to setup the tools and to make a pre-production run of devices) will be manufactured by Nokia.

  • chernov

    f*** engagdget.
    they slated nokia ridiculously since 2009 even when nokia gave them some handsets first to review in NA.
    utter 2 faced cowards.

    • N00-00

      But they loved the N9 in their reviews. I think their hatred was mostly to Symbian rather than Nokia in general.

      • Jay Montano

        Engadget is completely different now to what they were before. Not just the new team involved but also the general more professional tone I guess with both Engadget and TheVerge.

        Also, a lot of the backhanded, below the belt comments spawned from their intense dislike at the dead OS Symbian, even before the whole Elop thing. It just never met their expectations. We always pointed out that it wasn’t dead, far from it. But Nokia took forever to improve it and then the CEO agreed and put a sell by date on it.

        • incognito

          When that idiotic stunt of the ‘burning platforms’ memo was reported on Engadget, my comment was: Now we know who’s the covert chief editor at Engadget – Mr. Elop!

          Gotta give them something, tho, they were inventing very creative ways to slant down Nokia, usually with downright lies, half-truths and exaggerations years before Elop wrote that stupid memo based on the same premises. The irony is that both changed their stances since then – Engadget mostly after the split, and Elop after the Q2 results, and they both had to admit one way or the other that they were wrong, and again Engadget is leading… Does that mean that Mr. Elop is the covert chief editor of Engadget, still? *hmmmm*

  • Sal

    Imagine if this thing had the design of an Astound (C7)!

  • Rezza

    Still don’t understand why Lumia 800 and 710, nearly the same smartphones in a different case. Typical Nokia? Why not one high-end N, one high end business E with hw keyboard and one consumer C???

  • Tim

    Engadget is NOT the general American public whatsoever. Most of us here in America only care about Apple, and that’s the bias that Engadget has had for years. I’m surprised they gave any other phone a normal review, they blast every single Android phone released, and up until now, they blasted Windows Phone and Nokia.

    • Tim

      (edit: I don’t use an iPhone though, I’ve used anything but, but still want to point it out there.)