#N9Hacks: Calendar Feed (App)

| January 5, 2012 | 8 Replies

The Events screen on the N9 is very helpful in showing whats happening in your life, whether it be social updates, meetings and reminders for the day, or as an overview of notifications awaiting response. The sad thing is though, the Events screen only displays the calendar information for the current day. It is handy to see what is coming up, so you can easily plan things ahead of time.

This is where Calendar Feed comes into play. This handy app fills the Events screen with up to 5 upcoming events. You can specify which calendar to use, and how far in advance you wish to display the items (up to one month). To-dos can also be included in this screen if enabled. Update your calendar frequently? No worries. The app has auto-refresh, with user set intervals so your feed will always be up to date.


The app is always running, with the configuration of the app coming from the Settings menu (Settings > Applications > Calendar Feed ).

I have been using this mod for about a month now, and I must admit, I can’t imagine going back.

Get it from the Nokia Store now!


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  • os

    Nice app!!!
    also, MOLOME is now available at the nokia store!! wohooo…!!

  • buzzinga / jody

    thanks keeping n9 community alive 🙂

  • inajoba

    I personally feel the Organiser Feed app is better as it shows individual calendar events while the Calendar Feed lumps all calendar events for one day into one.

    • jonnyjl

      Me too. Though Organiser Feed now has an option to lump them into one item (beta on maemo or meego forums)

      I personally like the separate items.

      • Shaun

        +1 from me too.

        I tried both and kept Organiser Feed.

    • Jordi


    • DM

      Where is the link for Organizer feed app dude

    • DM

      Sorry got it from store 😉