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| January 6, 2012 | 8 Replies

Just noticed this today (although this post is scheduled until later in the week). MeeTor has appeared in the Nokia Store. It is the first BitTorrent client (that I am aware of) for the Nokia N9. It is something I miss, as I used SymTorrent on my 5800 XM/X6/N8.

Unfortunately, it isn’t free, but reasonable at AUD$2.00. It has some good features such as multiple transfers, DL/UL limits, use of wifi only etc. UI isn’t too bad, but I would like to see it look more polished and like the rest of the N9 UI. Here is the developer blurb as posted on the Store.

MeeGo BitTorrent client for Nokia N9.
Download *.torrent files from various BitTorrent websites locally on your phone then use MeeTor to open & download the content of the torrent files. Supports single and multiple files torrents and downloading of more torrents at the same time. You can also set download & upload limits and most importantly limiting the transfer to use only WiFi connections.

It is still V0.0.1 so expect some bugs. Only been using it for a few hours, and nothing too harmful or irritating has happened.

If you’re keen on the app, click the source link


Source: Nokia Store


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