Lumiappaday #55: Doodle God demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800 #XboxLive

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Anyone familiar with “Alchemy” for Android or iOS should be instantly at home with todays Lumiappaday, Doodle God is based on a very simple concept, you begin with the four basic elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Using your own creativity you must mix these elements together to form newer elements, creatures, and buildings ranging from Quicksilver to Dinosaurs and Golems.

There are over 400 different elements to Discover/Unlock (I think the trial version only has 135), these elements are classified into 15 different groups (Life, Water, Death, Bacteria, Fire…). The main difference between Doodle God and Alchemy is the ease of use, the setup in Doodle God is extremely nice and simple, making it easy to keep track of the elements you’ve unlocked (that might not sound important but once you have about 50 elements it starts becoming crucial); as bonus after each element is unlocked a proverb/quote regarding that element is also unlocked (I’d like the ability to view all the quotes you’ve unlocked but that doesn’t seem possible as if now).

Doodle God comes with a side of ‘MiniGames’ that are unlocked once you create the ‘Games’ element within the main part (haven’t reached it yet so I have no idea what the minigames are like), there are also “Quests” such as “rescue the Princess from the Dragon” and “Help Santa” that are also unlocked once you reach a particular stage. As if it weren’t addictive enough on it’s own  Doodle God is an Xbox Live app meaning it has achievements to be unlocked and leaderboards to compete on, so for once you are truly only limited by your creativity.


#55) Doodle God

Price: £2.29



Developer Blurb:

Over 55,000,000 players already tried to create their own world in award-winning fantastically addictive worldwide hit Doodle Godâ„¢!


What’s inside your Windows Phone? Circuits, microchips, batteries? No! Your WP is full of fire, water, earth and air! What do you do with your phone? Make calls, send texts, check emails? Boring! With Doodle God™ you can create storms, build armies, grow a civilization!

Doodle Godâ„¢ puts the power of creation in your hands. Mixing and matching different elements, work your way up, all the way from bacteria and beetles, to clay and ceramics, to tools, weapons and beyond!

• Mold the 4 basic elements to your whim.

• Create 400+ advanced items including exclusive WP episodes.

• Intuitive one-click gameplay encourages thoughtful, creative play.

• Xbox LIVE features, Leaderboards and Achievements.

• Hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings.

• Mini-Games section for arcade fans.

“…you realize the true genius behind Doodle God’s alluring gameplay”, “If you’re open to a new gameplay experience … I recommend giving Doodle God a whirl.” –

“Wonderfully unique concept. Deeply satisfying every time you discover a new element.” –



Design: 9

Usability: 10

Performance: 10

Price: 8

(trial is more than enough fun though if you don’t feel like paying)


Amazing app, with a simple concept; but truly addictive.



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