#N9Hacks: Alphanumeric Keyboard for Nokia N9?

| January 16, 2012 | 29 Replies

Nokia’s decision to put an alphanumeric keyboard onto their Symbian touch phones wasn’t such a bad one. It’s just that it should have been an option (as well as needing to be multitouch) with a decent QWERTY that worked.

Anyway, the N9 keyboard is indeed awesome. The only thing I find it lacking in perhaps is quality autocorrect but other than that it’s amazing (very accurate, excellent haptics). But still some people are missing alphanumeric keyboard.

Well, if it ain’t there, the motto in Maemo seems to be we’ll make it. Peter has done just that. He emailed us his facebook gallery and said he’d update with instructions on install.

As always, do any of these hacks at your own risk!




unzip the XML file into root of mass storage. I suppose you have developer mode activated, or at least installed some terminal. Start terminal and sign in as root (devel-su and password is rootme). Then type this command:

cp -f /home/user/MyDocs/cislars.xml /usr/share/meegotouch/virtual-keyboard/layouts

In settings then choose layout “Alfanumerická CZ+SK (Rusnak)”

Remember, you can have more layouts active and switch them by swiping in field of keyboard, not whole app where you are typing. 😉


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  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    Saves me the hassle. Couldn’t get mine to work :/ Let’s hope he releases an english version

    • Yakir Moshe

      I know a guy who did exactly the same thing but with English and Hebrew!
      Can post a link if you want…

      • Michael Faro-Tusino

        Yes please 🙂

        • Michael Faro-Tusino

          Nvm, found it. Apparently is has been in N9 QuickTweak all along. The fact it says Install Hebrew Keyboard threw me off. Yuu can get Eng-Hebrew-Russian apparently using the app

          • Yakir Moshe

            Sound’s like it.
            Enjoy 😀
            (Although I didn’t post the link in the end 😐 )

  • Aleve Sicofante

    Great for one-handed use.

    Loved this sentence: “Well, if it ain’t there, the motto in Maemo seems to be we’ll make it.” That’s exactly why I love the N9 vs the Lumia. Instead of waiting for some app to make business sense, you’ll wait for some developer “to scratch its own itch” (which is how Linux development works).

    It just happens, IMHO, that most itches out there are shared by many, but also by different types os users, while business apps usually are developed only when they will supposedly appeal to the majority of users, leaving minorities and diversity behind. That’s why I don’t think “ecosystems”. They’re filled with lookalike apps fighting for the same majority of users. I mentioned this before, but as an example, telephony apps are scarce on iOS, Android or WP7, but not on Symbian or Harmattan. Make your own conclusions.

    • Aleve Sicofante

      PS: By “business apps” I mean “apps developed to make money out of them”, not “intended for business users”.

  • It’s about time, Qwerty is such a joke, especially on a handset. Alpha/Numeric should be standard, with qwerty optional for those with slender fingertips.

    • Paul Grenfell

      qwerty is brilliant with swype..But anything less than 4″ screen in portrait, is too hard for me.. Which is why i got the E7..
      But, i wouldnt even look at Alp/Num again.

    • amoshydra

      I tried swype.. It is still slow for me for 2 weeks of usage compared to T9.. 🙁

  • papz

    waiting the english one, please 😀

  • Josh

    Been waiting for this. However, is there T9 support with it? T9 is what makes alphanumeric input the prefered choice for me.

  • Gaurav


  • kishore

    guys i’m from india planning to import a n9 thru expansys, is it trustable any1 out there who has booked thru expansys. Any suggestions

    • Ash

      As long as it’s not N9 made in China. Mine is and it seems it has a bit of screen issue. A dead pixel for example on my first purchase luckily through Nokia Care’s suggestion, it was replaced by the store. If you can get a unit from Finland, that might be of better quality.

  • I am going to release my final version as CZ + SK. finally all issues soleved! 😉
    What about ENG version? have you tried this one? tell me what you wanna change in ENG version compared to this. thanks!
    P.S.: waiting for feedback on my mail

    • Version 2.0 screens:


      1 – Autocapitalization (first letter always BIG) caused problems with first sign in chain. Now you have to turn shift 2x to vrite BIG letters
      2 – Space button is now bigger, not causing problems when touching #SYM button too right (was making a space)
      3 – “#SYM” button renamed to *+ as is on all phones
      4 – Added symbols under “´” button – as are on Atl+Gr + LETTER on SK & CZ PC keyboard
      5 – After long pressing of button – you can choose symbols from pop-up in alphanumeric portrait too
      6 – “,” and “.” are changed to “;” and “:” when Shift pressed
      7 – “,” and “.” are changed to “” when “´” pressed
      8 – Added “{” “}” that N9 keyboard was missing at all!

      • Jaydee


    • Razus

      You’re the author referred to in this story?
      Do you have a thread at or about this?

      This is the thread where VKB layouts (language or otherwise) are mostly being shared:
      Best for everyone just to post in the same thread.

      Good work, cheers!

  • Finally, the DEB installation file for version 2.0 🙂

  • How this apps works? I tried to instal from and it shows a new icon on homescreen, “Qt apps”, but when I click it, it only shows a blank screen.

  • Teretina Kairua

    Hi there,

    I am trying to get alphanumeric keypad on my n9. can you please help me?


    • Razus

      Well speak to Rusnak-COBRA over at TMO (

      This is the thread where VKB layouts (language or otherwise) are mostly shared:

      Best to continue such discussions at TMO.

  • jarmaine

    After entering the cp -f /home/user/MyDocs/cislars.xml /usr/share/meegotouch/virtual-keyboard/layouts it always says not found

    • Razus

      How does it make sense to necro-post in a thread that’s almost 11-months old?
      Use your head & do some research (or seek help) at the source of this article:
      Even see my post above yours from “APRIL”…..

  • jarmaine

    because i just bought my n9. thanks for rude welcome.

  • jarmaine

    because i just bought my n9. thanks for the rude welcome.