Battery Update Begins Rolling Out for Lumia 800

| January 18, 2012 | 28 Replies

Multiple sources are claiming that their Lumia 800s are receiving Nokias promised Battery Fix Update, which is supposed to increase the capacity of their batteries (currently limited to 1300  rather than 1500); this update should bring the Software version up to 1600.2483.8106.11500 which besides fixing the battery life promises to improve WiFi connectivity. According to the 800 update has begun rolling out to all devices in France, except for devices on SFR which should get it in a couple of days.

My 800 is yet to receive any update notification (OTA or through ZUNE), but let us know if any of you got it.

Note: the update was initially expected to be released Jan 18th : TODAY- which means it’s quite possible this is the first Nokia update to ever reach on time, hopefully a start of a new trend.

Update: Yvonne who works for Nokia was kind enough to chime in at the comments below:


Hi all,
I can confirm that the rollout for the Lumia 800 update (version 1600.2483.8106.11500)just started. Please also check our information in the Nokia Discussions Forum via
BR, yvonne

You heard her go get downloading.

VIA, Thanks to mprince for the tip.


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  • Paul

    Will united kingdom users have to wait longer i’m guessing. As i’m about to get rid of this phone if this battery update don’t come soon.

  • krishna bhargava

    im from india.. i got an update!! but its 8107 update!!

    • Anuj

      hmm i got none!

  • krishna bhargava

    just updated .. OS-7.10.8107.79

    • Hii i also updated my lumia 800 by this update bt jst wanna know that is this the battery update which we all were expecting from nokia???

  • Yvonne from Nokia

    Hi all,
    I can confirm that the rollout for the Lumia 800 update (version 1600.2483.8106.11500)just started. Please also check our information in the Nokia Discussions Forum via
    BR, yvonne

    • Rebbe

      Is it true that you need to hardreset your phone to get te update working properly? It seems to be the only way…

  • Hoi

    I have read that after the update there are some problems with the softkeys lightning.

    • update

      Indeed, I would personally wait a little bit atm to see if this issue is widespread and if there will be any correction / new update.

      In any case, it’s possible to reset your phone to the previous build easily with zune.

  • Paul

    I’ve not even had the first update..

    currently on :

    OS Version : 7.10.7740
    Firmware Version : 1600.2479.7740.11451

    • Kit

      You ALREADY have the first update, the initial release was the 7720.

  • Michael Prince

    This update, in my opinion, took a lot longer than it should have, especially considering the speed of Nexus and 4S issue updates. In saying that, it seems the early reports suggest this update is rubbish and makes things worse. How is this possible? The softkey lighting may be by design, but it appears that the battery issues are worse? Is this because too much attention is being paid to the diagnostics app and not enough to real-world performance?

    I hope that this is not a debacle, this NEEDS to be succesful, anither month will really hurt.

  • Paul

    Oh right at least I know now but seriously need this new update.battery life sucks

  • Mothra

    What about those of us who have had issues since the Anna update??

    • KeiZka

      Different OS

    • Once you receive Nokia Belle, the overall performance of your phone might improve significantly. It’s only two weeks away until you receive the update. It’s gotta be worth the wait. What phone are you using anyway?

  • Based on the comments I found on the official post on Conversations by Nokia regarding the update to the Nokia Lumia 800, people still are experiencing some battery issues and problems with the capacitive touch sensitive buttons. Anyone here who’s received and downloaded the update but dealing with these software issues?

    • LL

      My battery wont charge 1314mAh despite full capacity of 1510mAh. So battery problem still not solved.

      • LL

        Sorry, “battery wont charge OVER 1314mAh…”

  • andy

    Just had my push notification of this update corny 3UK lumia 800 will connect to Zune later as working nights presently and inform of any issues if they occur.

  • Elio

    Hong Kong Lumina 800 user. Firmware just updated. Battery full charge capacity previous only shows 968mAh but now shows 1461mAh. Need few more days to seems whether it really solve the problem.

  • Matt

    I hadn’t had a single problem with my Lumia 800 since purchase two months ago.

    Last night I updated the firmware to 11500.

    Within a minute of the update completing the phone froze. App list was on screen but unresponsive, all buttons unresponsive, a full blown lockup. I held the power button and reset it. Phone booted up ok but locked up again within five mins, then again after another five mins. This morning it locked up again while I was switching off flight mode.

    There has been no consistency to what I have been doing on the phone at the time. The only observation I’ve made is that it’s never unresponsive when I pick it up, it happens monents after unlocking the screen and using the phone.

    Has anybody else experienced this?

    I can’t make use of this because I’ve owned the phone for too long:

    Help! Please?

  • Yumcha

    Does anyone know if I am in Canada but my Lumia was purchased from Hong Kong…if that will affect when I will get the update?…seeing how someone here say they have a Hong Kong lumia 800 and they have received the update, while I have not received anything yet??

    • Shola

      i have the same problem. i gathered it depends on the original phone carrier but what of unbranded phones??? how can i check my product code

  • Shola

    have thesame problem, bought phone from HK but use it in canada with rogers…eagerly waiting for the update..when should I expect it, or should I?

    • yumcha

      I finally got the update today…we’ll see how it goes now…just received the notification this morning! NOkia is also from HK being used in Canada

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