Rumors: Tango Update to Bring Folder Tiles and Better Playback?

| January 19, 2012 | 73 Replies

Now that most Windows Phone devices are running Mango the floodgates on Tango rumors have started, Tango was previously rumored to be released sometime Q2 of 2012, which isn’t too far off now. The latest batch of rumors claim that Tango will enable users to add ‘Folder Tiles’ to your own live homescreen; making it easier to access your apps directly. The second rumored change is the reduction of the size of the playback buttons while watching videos/movies. Of course Tango isn’t as massive of an update as Mango was but it’s sure to iron out some of the wrinkles left in WP.

Source: WPCenteral; thanks to mPrince for the tip.

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  1. lordstar says:

    One thing I would like to see in the update is an option to add a wallpaper in the tile screen.

    • Rock says:

      Something many of us have been wanting to have for a while

      • arts says:

        will be harder to implement thou no? The tiles being a solid colour and all. Maybe if they are semi transparent or something then a wallpaper can be seen and appreciated better.

        • Black N9(wish it was 950) 16GB - waiting for the white one says:

          depends on the current implementations. It shouldn’t be hard if the current tile rendering has support for transparency..

    • Just Visiting says:

      I still don’t really understand this request. I mean, you won’t be able to see your wallpaper!

      I don’t know…I have wallpaper on my N8, with one row of icons at the very top, and one row of icons at the very bottom of my homescreen – I want to ‘see’ my wallpaper, not have it covered up into oblivion by a bunch of icons and widgets :)

      To each his/her own, I guess. But I’d rather have the option of having a color wheel – to set the text color and the 6 WP tiles, than to have wallpaper.

      • Viipottaja says:

        well, you could if you delete many/most of the tiles and/or have transparency and/or in the menu screen, if it could be used there as well.

      • migo says:

        I’d rather the colour wheel as well.

        We won’t see a wallpaper, it’s a bad idea, and MS knows it.

  2. Spitfire says:

    Why not if you are going to tweak video playback anyway also add support for divx/xvid .avi and .mkv playback?

    • Patata says:

      Cause its easier to sell you content that way ;)
      “If I have to convert every single movie just for that device, why not simply buy it in the Zune Marketplace?”

      And since MS targets customers who are everything but powerusers, it will be easier for those to buy something instead of converting files and stuff like that

    • jr says:

      And what will it be used for.. Sideloading pirated movies ?

  3. Mark says:

    I would like:

    1) Tethering and BT enablement
    2) Camera software update
    3) Full integration of People Hub with Facebook and Linked In
    4) Homescreen Wallpapers
    5) Folders

  4. Doffen says:

    Removable memory card is probably out of the question as this will alienate the carriers…

    Sharing of files over bluethoot with NFC based connectivity would also be a good improvement but may also treaten the carriers profit. In addition to make it more difficult to trace all information for the big corporations and the gaovernment.

    HDMI would also be a good improvement for some people.

  5. Mazze says:

    Getting rid of ugly waste-spacing tiles altogether and replacing them by widgets would be the best improvement.

    • Viipottaja says:

      Space-wasting, I assume you meant. ;)

      Anyway, the tiles are widgets, with two sides to boot. You and many others may not like the look and yes, they could have even more info on them I guess, but they are widgets as far as I can tell. :)

    • migo says:

      The only issue with the tiles is that you can’t select square or rectangle at the moment. Aside from that complaint, anyone criticising the usability of tiles doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

    • Mark says:

      Having used both, no; it wouldn’t. Live tiles are far better with the possible exception of the mail widget for Symbian which was rather good.

      • snoflake says:

        I rather the like the calendar widget too in Anna (haven’t used Belle yet) and “Coming Next” too. Both seem more useful for at a glance look at next appt/to do than the WP implementation which I gather only shows 1 item – happy to be corrected on this as have not had extensive hands on with WP (tried in shop few times). Also the news widgets saves firing up app/browser and if Symbian still had stock ticker widget that’d be nice. Problem for WP is just those requests alone would take up more than available visible space on homescreen and that’s without weather blah blah etc. Therefore necessitating scrolling which is less precise on WP because it’s a flick and then needs to be stopped where the tile you’re looking for is located rather than just switching with touch of button or swipe to a page where you know widget(s) is located. Indeed more can be on one screen in other OS’s because of the very inefficient size and design of the tiles and the amount of space wasted on right hand side of homescreen (arrow and big black margin underneath).

        No one seems to mention this really and lots of people keep talking about pinning this and that app or direct link or contact or live agent element to the homescreen without taking this into account. By my reckoning there are 4-5 tile that are so essential to day-to-day use they can’t be removed leaving 3-4 spaces for personalisation on visible part of homescreen and then I would think (again without having used it for extensive period) that anymore than 2 more pages worth would become thoroughly unwieldy giving 16 more docks at best and bearing in mind pictures and I think calendar(?) are double width.

        Not much really in the modern world, and other than that apps are listed alphabetically rather than being able to be grouped into task orientated subjects (yes yes the infamous hubs) like utilities or navigation etc. more than just “people” “games” etc.

        • Mark says:

          Not really a problem as far as the space goes. My N8 only has two homescreens because the third was superfluous. My Lumia is customised with 8 base hubs – phone, people, messaging, email, IE, Music and Videos, Drive and Settings. I have about another dozen pinned under this, all easily located by flicking or just gently dragging the screen up. Since I don’t have the attention span of a goldfish or can stand waiting the 0.05 seconds it takes to do this it isn’t a problem.

          Apps are located by flicking to the app screen and either scrolling to the app you want or just selecting the letter it starts with. It’s all really easy and very intuitive. Like I say, the only thing I miss is the e-mail widget. Everything else is better, more intuitive and easier to use.

  6. Mazze says:

    Getting rid of ugly space-wasting tiles altogether and replacing them by widgets would be the best improvement.

  7. nickem51 says:

    Would like to have:
    -Better multitasking
    -Better camera software
    Same as what N8 already has (ex NFC)

    • zymo says:

      “BETTER Multitasking” ? You mean Multitasking at all. Afaik WP7 only supports fast app switching and that is no multitasking.

      • Viipottaja says:

        AFAIK some apps can run certain tasks in the background too. So I guess – assuming I am not wrong once again :) – it could be said to be something in between?

        Anyway, I guess the most important thing is how the user perceives it and what it allows app developers to do/not do.

        • fghdfdfgh says:

          You can leave some functions resident in background in WP7. This is excatly the same “multitasking” that was in MS-DOS. :) This was about 1990. :)

      • migo says:

        You’re not going to do two things simultaneously, so as long as certain features get backgrounded, you don’t need anything more. True multitasking is one of the down sides of Symbian as it causes apps to close out due to out of memory errors.

        • spacemodel says:

          Ignorance is bliss.

          • migo says:

            Talking out of your ass is ecstasy.

            I’ve used plenty of OSes with real multitasking, and it was more of a curse than a blessing.

            • Black N9(wish it was 950) 16GB - waiting for the white one says:

              I assume you don’t know the real benefits of real multitasking. Enjoy the pseudo multitasking..

              • migo says:

                There are no real benefits, only drawbacks. Apps closing out, shitty battery life, app incompatibility problems, slow responsiveness.

                To be able to make true multitasking work you need PC like RAM and processing power, which simply doesn’t support a mobile device that needs to be power efficient.

                • fghdfdfgh says:

                  I see benefits of real multitasking every day and it’s not possible for me to buy phone that is no capable to do it.
                  WP7 is closing apps if there are more then 5 open and WP7 has shitty battery life and it does not have real multitasking. So what are the benefits? Smooth scrolling? That’s all?

    • jr says:

      what is FM transmitter? Why are Nokia user so stuck in 2001?

      • Mark says:

        Actually it’s the one thing I really miss from my N8. My car has no aux input in it’s CD player so a FM transmitter through the radio is awesome. Also brilliant for drunken taxi rides home!

        A backward step there I think.

  8. Jesseri says:

    - Phone mountable as a hard drive.
    - USB OTG
    - BT + tethering
    - Way better audio circuitry (Lumia 800 sucks at this)

    Windows Phone OS should also have a low-latency audio.

  9. BellGo says:

    So still after this update I would not be able to connect it to my PC? (apparently neither after Apollo) You’d think that for a company that makes the operating system most PCs use this would be easy to add..

    • Black N9(wish it was 950) 16GB - waiting for the white one says:

      The easier way for MS would be include Zune in all their OS distributions than to allow the usb-device-mode.

  10. Pr@$h@nt says:

    All i want in wp7 is true(like n9) multitasking and usb otg and tv-out and BT Mouse & keyboard connectivity

    • Mark says:

      Yeah… well you’re not getting it. Probably best to buy something that suits your admitedly obscure needs.

      • Hypnopottamus says:

        Agree. I mean, come on! BT keyboard and mouse connectivity on a phone??? Get a fucking laptop for crying out loud! I’ve had several Symbian AND Android devices w/ BT connectivity and have NEVER used it for anything but BT earpiece, which WP is capable of.

  11. saj says:

    -Expandable memory support
    -Bluetooth file transfer, Tethering,
    -Avi, mkv, divx support.
    -Usb OTG, NFC, etc

    • jr says:

      Ok I agree with expandable memory support..
      Bluetooth might be useful for some people
      Tathering is already available.. If you don’t have it then its the fault of your carrier.

      Mkv,playback support don’t think about.. Its only used in sideloading pirated movies.. There’s no way they are gonna let you have that

  12. dss says:

    they will never add all of those things

  13. TrollKnightRises says:

    from this blog entry title i thought Tango would bring more codec support to finally able to play avi/xvid/mkv in default video player

  14. fghdfdfgh says:

    WP7 is NOT for power users and it will never be. This is not a smartphone but a dumbphone with some smart functions. WP7 is easy, animated toy for non-tech people, not a powerfull OS. Don’t expect miracles.

    • Viipottaja says:

      Fortunately for Nokia and MS almost everyone in the world is in or closer to the “non-tech people” category than to the “tech people” category. ;)

      • incognito says:

        … which is why they usually ask some techie friend/relative for an opinion what to get. And which is precisely why tech companies must cater to techies in order to boost their sales.

        • migo says:

          Apple didn’t cater to techies. Their sales skyrocketed. Your logic is flawed.

          • Black N9(wish it was 950) 16GB - waiting for the white one says:

            Apple is different. Apple fans are a cult. They keep on buying Apple products. No other companies have such fan following. Also, lot of techies likes iPhone as it is more like a fashion statement than an usual phone & do advice iPhone to lot of people..

            incongnito’s logic isn’t flawed and works in the real world.. Android’s market share points to that..

            • migo says:

              It’s more than just Apple fans buying iPhones.

              Their cult is what kept them alive when they were pretty much screwed in the late nineties, but it’s not what’s driving their profits sky high at the moment.

              • Black N9(wish it was 950) 16GB - waiting for the white one says:

                Well, they bought the original iPhone which was more of a feature phone and started propagating Steve Jobs statements. Some of the mac-based-techies then (after the release of 3GS) started to suggest\recommend iPhone to lot of people which led to the current sales figures. Also, their high profit margins isn’t due to their sales figures along but because of the profit-margin on each device that Apple gets. It is around 50-65% for iPhone.

                No other company can claim such a huge margin… And no other company is respected as much including MS..

          • snoflake says:

            Not quite right techies or geeks loved the true “desktop style” browser and large (huge at the time) capacitive screen when first iPhone came out yeah sure it couldn’t multitask and couldn’t send MMS etc. but it looked great and even more for the first time on a portable device rather than prodding and poking at a keyboard or poking again and again at a resistive screen then getting a stylus out the iPhone UX was freaking gorgeous.

            That did appear to geeks and to some extent the Applistas. Then it had one huge attribute that enabled it to be recommended by geeks to non-techie people – it just worked all the time pretty much every time. Generally synching worked (although iTunes is hideous) and it meant that you could recommend an iPhone to someone and it was so simple they’d understand it and it wouldn’t crash all the time (unlike Nokia SE etc. smart devices of the time) and it looked gorgeous so they loved it and by the time you were recommending it on it had apps to entertain the masses (I reckon the 3GS was the rocket take off break through device, after all was up against N97)

            • migo says:

              Yeah, the lack of features kept it stable. It’s better to have something with limitations that works all the time than to have something chock full of features that you can’t rely on.

    • jr says:

      Unfortunately you are a full..

    • jr says:

      Unfortunately you are a fool..

  15. From India With Love says:

    Without bluetooth & mass storage support, not too much of d symbian users r going to buy the Windows Phone…
    And how can there b no video codecs for divx, avi & mkv there….Com’on Nokia, grow up. U hav to add these features to again b the Numero Uno

    • jr says:

      Because mkv, DivX and mass storage combination means the user wants to sideload pirated movies on their device.. There’s no way MS is promoting bad behaviour like Nokia did .

      • Black N9(wish it was 950) 16GB - waiting for the white one says:

        Really? Yet a user can store the pirated movies on SkyDrive which is fine for MS?? All these piracy issue are just a excuse.

        • jr says:

          No you can’t.. There’s a limit to the filesize you could upload at a time . I think its something like 200mb… Most movies are around 700mb

  16. jr says:

    Can I ask something? What exactly do people need .mkv DivX support on their phones for ? Do you want shot video and store in mkv? The only reason is people want to sideload pirated movies onto their phones .. Please tell me am lying .

  17. Doug says:

    There is absolutely no reason to even touch the playback buttons in the UI. They’re perfect. Stupid move if they do that. They NEED to fix the browser and get it to start remembering passwords/usernames and start allowing bluetooth file transfers.

  18. symbego says:

    Hmpf, bluetooth, mass storage, mkv, divx = pirated contents??? Hwahaha, it is just WP fanboy’s excuse of WP’s poor capability.

    Or WP = pro capitalism? Then it will only be succesful in western countries, especially US

  19. symbego says:

    Oh yeah, I forget.

    Bluetooth & mass storage = less income for operators, carriers & MS

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