Nokia Teases List of WP EA Games.

| January 26, 2012 | 51 Replies

Nokia Connects just shared a video from “Life” channel featuring some upcoming EA games; if these Nokia connects Confirmed the following games will soon be coming to WP (Lumia phones get some sort of exclusiveness).

Mirror’s Edge – award winning Parkour sim with a futuristic spy thriller plot.

Real Racing 2 – hit racing sim pits you over 40 miles in 30 officially licensed cars.

Sims Medieval – The Sims meets Fable in genre-crossing adventures.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour – Go golfing with the Pros in this leading simulation.

Monopoly – no need for an introduction to the classic property-baron board game.

Spy Mouse – a new one to us, it’s a portable puzzler with a flight control vibe.

Yahtzee – it’s poker but with dice. Good one for a train trip or the back seat of the car.

The Game of Life – another family board game; and an unknown quantity here. Opinions?

Vampire Rush – an combination of tower defence and survival horror.

Parking Mania – never played this one. Looks suspiciously like a parking simulation. Hope there is something we’re missing here…

Picnic Wars – an evolution of the ‘annoyed avians’ formula – this time featuring vicious veggies.

As far as I can tell alot of these games have’t even been released for other OSes (picnic war, Mirrors edge???- not sure but they’re definitely not on Symbian); anyways really looking forward to this, hope they come out before I have to give back my Lumia.

Source: Nokia Connects


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