Video: PR 1.2 On N950 (German Skills Recommended)

| January 29, 2012 | 55 Replies

What to say, what to say, what to say??  The second I saw the N950 (back when we thought it was the N9) I wanted one so bad, the OS, the E7 Body, The awesome keys… sadly I know as much about developing as there are “P”s in the word Zero; regardless for all of you lucky enough to have one (or an N9 of course) here’s a video showing off some of the new features in Meego PR 1.2- Video is in German

Some things he noted (thanks to Edmund):

  • New Lockscreen Features
  • Something about twitter (better integration??)
  • Calendar Icon in menu changes  to display current date (Unlike Symbian which has been stuck on ’12’ and ’20’ for the past seven years)- possibly a tweak and not PR1.2 related
  • Auto Face detection in camera and gallery
  • Landscape Oriented Launcher
  • Threaded E-Mail display
  • Dropbox Sync is now available in account apps
  • Copy paste in browser
  • LED backlit video recording
  • Video Editor
  • Media Sharing panel in “menu”
  • Rotatable map canvas using internal compass!

Second video displays Folders implementation and organization (no audio)

Mighty thanks to Edmund for the tip-off



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