Xbox Live no Longer Exclusive to WP?

| February 5, 2012 | 25 Replies

Xbox live is one of the main unique features of WP as it drew some gamers to the platform that otherwise wouldn’t have given it a second glance, however it seems not for long according to Xbox live integration will soon be coming to other platforms including iOS and Android.


Note: I;m pretty sure the photos above are photshopped considering they still have the WP bar at the bottom of the scree, I would think that even if Xbox live is ported to other OSes it wouldn’t be as functional as it is on WP.

Is this a  case of where promoting WP with Xbox live as bait didn’t work so now they’re just focusing on Xbox sales with Xbox live on all platforms as bait?

source thanks to Patata for the tip


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  • spbond

    how long will it take
    Nokia’s shareholders to realize
    that the Ms deal ISNT WORKIN!!!!

    • Keizka

      Better than the deal with intel on MeeGo (which was, in hindsight, absolute lunacy).

      • Titanium

        Yes but at least they haven’t played the card of killing the actual OS years ahead of having a competitive replacement OS

        • arts

          you mean symbian belle? Which finally caught up with android 2.1?

          Or meego? The is if you think about it, don’t really make sense since Nokia’s maemo did whatever meego did?

          Or are you talking about maemo?

    • Thought I don’t like Lumia phones, at least it is a good news that Microsoft OneNote is coming to Symbian Belle

      • Just Visiting

        Well, technically you can use OneNote now – all you have to do is create a live account. And it will also get you 25GB of Skydrive at no additional cost.

        So, for everyone who wants to use OneNote and/or Skydrive, you don’t have to wait for the app – just sign up for it now and use it. When the app becomes available, you can use the app as a shortcut to get to your account.

  • tomwhat

    miam miam…some people really like the marketing dogfood that mr elop serves them. Of course other mobile osses will only get a fullscreen jpg looking like a xbox client and only nokia with wp will get a real functional one..and why…yes of course. Ms loves nokia so much.. How could i forget 😉

  • Toni

    That app is already in the marketplace:

  • filipe

    damn iFaggots trying to steal our stuff.

  • zothor

    Microsoft is still a software company and it stimulates it by bringing it everywhere

  • Mate

    Great now expand the coverage of Xbox Live. I can’t believe there are countries in the EU that are not supported.

    That’s why I always liked Nokia, there service simply work everywhere. Whereas these ‘merican companies only care about first world countries.

  • Deaconclgi

    My friend has the Xbox live app on his Iphone. It DOES NOT allow you to play xbox live games though. It is more of a Xbox live for Xbox 360 information app, lets you change your avatar, keep track of friends and so forth.

    The windows phone Xbox live is a gaming service and not just a companion app.

    • Jesse

      Not entirely true, Kinectimals is on Iphone as well. I don’t have any touble with that though. It is good advertising!

      • Deaconclgi

        Is it through the Xbox Live service app or a stand alone game?

  • Mike

    Eh, photo’s above, aren’t photoshopped, i have the xbox live app on my iphone, works like a charm,
    the buttons are there, so a little windows phone on iphone!


  • Luisito

    well its a war, and due WP still isnt bringing money (the Xbox division are doing well) its a way to reach users that arent on the platform

  • stylinred

    lol on my car forum there’s a topic about WP and a point that people found unique to WP is the XBOX live integration other than that people were calling it a “me too” OS and in their view there was no reason to jump ship from Android/iOS

    • jr

      this is quite different from what is on wp7 .. there is no games supporting it and it doesnt have the xBox companion either

  • Did Apple add support of their Game Center to Symbian, Windows Phone Android and BlackBerry? How about the PlayStation Network and the now defunct N-Gage Arena? Think, think, think. If an Android fan can get the Xbox LIVE app on his favorite platform, what’s the point of getting a Windows Phone? You’ve got to be kidding if you say, “Live Tiles.”

    • Jiipee

      industrial design from MS OEM? 😉

    • GordonH

      4th ecosystem

  • jr

    First of Microsoft is a big company with different division.. just like Nokia is.each division have their own strategy although they have a broader company strategy.

    Does anyone know that Navteq.. which is owned by Nokia used to supply maps to Google?

  • migo

    It’s just access to some of the features, but the games stay exclusive (when applicable)

    • And even cross-platform games can only earn you achievements and gamerscore on Windows Phone.

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