Nokia to Unveil Special ‘Software Feature’ at MWC?

| February 7, 2012 | 28 Replies

So with MWC just around the corner (Feb 27th) rumors have started to surface about what Nokia might unveil there, according to a source at forbes Nokias presence at MWC will be in the shape of:

run an unusual software feature normally found only on high-end smartphones.


Way to leave our minds roam freely in the cursed Rumor/dream land, well we’ll try our best, as far as I know there isn’t a specific software feature that lays the claim to “high-end smartphones” of course you have Voice Command/ Siri but that is present on all ranges of smartphones and even some dumb-phones. Of course just to add to the agonizing speculation we have no idea which OS this ‘special software feature’ is destined for! Could it be a new Feature phone (S40?) or maybe a low end S^3 device? possibly even a low end WP considering how all the Tango rumors have lead us to believe that Tango will bring increased support for cheaper lower range phones (smaller screens, no camera required….).

Personally I think it’s either going to be a dedicated Voice control system that can take apple head on (except for the fact that it wont set you back 600 dollars- come to think of it that would be a killer idea) or maybe some sort of swipe Ui on Symbian 3 devices? (now that Belles rolled out they can work on making it more amazing rather than having a million bugs to fix). Or possibly a extremely advanced gesture controlled screen that could be fully functional without the need for any buttons at all (extending on the N9s swipe interface)??

What do you think?



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  • migo

    I think the wording does suggest it’ll be there for the S40 range.

    • Aliqudsi

      Dont forget the Nokai 500 which runs S^3 could also be considered a “lower end phone” depends what you’re comparing to, ‘everything is relative’

    • rueaka

      high end smartphone means wp s3 and qt flagship.
      The special feature means most certainly qt and swipe for s40 (or whatever will be named as the asha os)
      about time to buy more nk shares 😉

      do not hope too much about symbian : even nokia aknowledge that it doesnt sell anymore (look at the financial report)

  • bob

    Maps & Nav ?

    • Aliqudsi

      Hadn’t thought of that; good point, I don’t know do current S40 devices support GPS and Nokia/OVI maps?

      • Yemi

        It might be nokia maps and nav that run on the browsers of S40 phones.
        This will be serious because it is part of the trend of going away from apps to web

        • Shaun

          Unlikely. The big plus point for Nokia Maps is that it works without a data connection. On an S40 class phone that’s even more important as people using those phones are unlikely to have unlimited data plans and may be in areas without any signal.

  • kiyori

    “source at forbes”


    • Blink

      The anti Nokia and Microsoft Forbes which is just another Murdock mind game. …and speaking of Murdock, he’s in more trouble for bribes for fake news, etc. DC Comics is a better source.

  • I think this will have something to do with the Smarterphone OS acquisition.

  • Nejc

    I think it’s about the next billion strategy. It’s been already said that swipe UI will live on, so it’ll be an S40/Meltemi device with swipe UI.

  • jcar302

    I’d find it unlikely nokia promote anything for symbian at this point, it would do nothing to stimulate sales. I’m not bashing i know there is a lot of loyal symbian users out there, but be realistic, those of you that do care what happens with symbian already have the phones, so you won’t be purchasing based on news.

    Hopefully it’s a feature for the 900 that other manufacturer’s of windows phones don’t have.
    At this point i’d settle for a solid release date.

  • arts


    • Minttu Black

      I was just about to ask:
      Multitasking? Anyone?

      Especially with the 1 GHz S40 phones..

      • Shaun

        I was thinking more for the Windows Phones. 😉

  • flop


    CARLA OS IS A GESTURE BASED S^3 version if you see from nokia developer site…


  • flop

    well xcuse me…nokia c6-01 doesnt
    have a real play it has its own
    embedded video player which cannot
    play .mkv files at any cost. and if u read
    my last pst clearly i mentioned that it
    does play .flv files but only when u play dem from the file manager. it will not
    show .flv files in the video gallery…u
    must check which fone u r using…m
    talkin abt symbian anna. not series 60
    which had real


    tango ???

  • John

    Anyway tell me the FREE RAM ON BOOT IN 701 and THE STABLE VALUE after running the phone for few minutes?

    DO you able to play NFS smoothly as it usually hangs in N8?

    Do 1ghz CPU and 128MB GPU really make a significant change in general swiping from heavy app and games as compare to N8?
    How about the handling of Opera mobile in 701? How much RAM does it take?


  • John


    nokia is releasing live wallpaper, widgets, siri, live multitasking, swipe up & down and siri voice app for MELTEMI (S40)

    • NoniKhanna

      And it will cost 5 times less! 😀

  • RiderX10

    I hope that Nokia will announce both N8 successor and some demo of up coming Carla os….plus as usual same looking lineups of Tango windows phone

  • N8 successor with swipe?

  • Guest

    NFC for S40 phones?

    With other manufacturers than Nokia, only flagship phones have NFC.

  • Jimmy

    nokia will release new os xD

  • Jamison

    hmm I wonder.

  • Prasenjit Bist

    sud not be tango cause then MS wud be present big way and it wud be primarily a MS event with Nokia their best buddy running around and laughing and jumping.

    It has got to do smthin with new UI now let me give sm clues so that u can think abt it Nokia Rebranded belle to Nokia belle, Elop said swipe UI will live on in future products, well maemo is not dead its the 3rd pillar, Marko said much better UI which is more intuitive least sumbersive… Qt for next billion and then Nokia buys oiut smarter phone OS… so u have the answer… else wait till 27th feb 2012…

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