Weekend Read: Collection of Feb 11 Posts

| February 12, 2012 | 161 Replies

When I saw Jay’s post about the Feb 11 announcement, I thought, wow, never would have thought about writing something like that. Slowly over the day, looking on my Twitter timeline, there were posts from the Nokia bloggers I follow (or “stalk” as I like to say) about the same thing. I had a look at a few of them and they are all different in a way, but essentially give the same message.

Warning: Don’t abuse me in the comments section about WP strategy. Just don’t comment if it is fanboy hate.

This message was that, although it is tough to admit, the decision to use Windows Phone as the primary OS for Nokia Smartphones was a smart choice. Jay’s article, along with the ones I am about to link it to, all provide reasons why this was a good strategy, so I wont bore you.

My favourite post comes from Kevin Everett over at DailyMobile (he is also the Head Writer of NokiaInnovation). It is divided into these sections that pretty much reflect what every other blogger has been saying, and what all the “WinHaters” have been complaining about. If you’re keen for a read, suggest you head over there.

Some other posts I like;

Dhruv from FoneArena

Alvin over at UnleashThePhones

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