Video:Widgets on Nokia N950 (N9 too?) lock screen

| February 22, 2012 | 6 Replies

Haven’t really shown you guys a lot of cool new things related to the N9/N950. This just popped up on my timeline and I am quite impressed. As much as I love the N9 lock screen, a lot of users that have upgraded from N900 miss widgets. Here is the next best thing I guess.

Thanks to Sfiet Konstantin, the lock screen gets replaced for a very Android-esque homescreen, complete with widgets. At the moment, there is a widget to exit the widgets screen and bring up the regular homescreen of Harmattan. Take a look at the video below:

Talking about widgets, there are a few community projects that have made apps in which you launch it and it gives you a canvas of sorts, to fill with widgets. One of these is actually the basis for the LockScreen widgets idea, done by the same developer.


Info on what he has been doing with his “canvas” can be found on FMC at this link:

The most popular seems to be WidgetCanvas. It doesn’t, in my opinion at least, look as good, or as promising as the first one. Info on it can be found here:



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  • Weirdfisher

    looks like launcher pro on android 2.3

  • Ali

    that’s nice. Is this instead of swipe?

    • Sfiet_Konstantin

      It is a replacement fort the lockscreen. It removes the swipe lockscreen only. Swiping apps still work.

  • James

    Pretty neat hey….
    Personally i think widget_canvas is more promising, but they’re both great!
    Hopefully they’ll cross-pollinate one another over time.

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  • Sulemansk

    how to download this theme?