HowTo: Get Qt5 on the N9 (Terminal)

| February 26, 2012 | 12 Replies

I was looking at some dev guidelines to help me with my latest app endeavor, and stumbled across a QT wiki page detailing how you can get QT 5 onto your N9. It is pretty simple, but does involve some terminal work.

While there is no official support for Qt5 on Nokia N9 and N950 devices, community-provided snapshots are available through the QtWebkit project. These snapshots are based on weekly hashes used by QtWebkit build bots.

Currently packaged modules

  • QtBase
  • Qt3D
  • QtDeclarative
  • QtLocation
  • QtJSBackend
  • QtScript
  • QtSensors
  • QtXMLPatterns
  • QtComponents for QtQuick2


On the device (tested on PR1.1 only):

  • Run the script as root
  • To become root, on a developer-mode enabled device, use “devel-su” on the terminal or through ssh.
  • The script will create a qt5.list file on /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ with the repository line above and install all “qt5-*” packages.
  • Along with the Qt5 packages the repository will provide the missing xcb-util packages, using the scratchbox’ ones.

Most people will not find any use for this, but I thought I’d bring attention to it, as many people have complained that there is no mention of QT 5 for  N9 or Symbian devices, on the QT5 roadmap. Maybe, thanks to the community, there is still hope after all

Source: QT Wiki


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