#PureView: How it works

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There is an excellent PDF on how the PureView technology works, put together by Damian Dining and other members of the imaging team. It is quite extensive so I wont bore anyone with the details too much. If you’re interested, you can get it here.

All I will say, is Nokia, welcome back!



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  • Ali Abdulla

    patent it today, apple will sues u tomorrow

  • n8thegreat

    STUNNING hardware capabilities … just AMAZING … but why is the phone ugly πŸ™ :(? This would have been an automatic replacement for my N8, if the design was not so ugly-looking. But for sheer amazing capability in terms of photos, video, and audio quality, I will very likely get this phone, even with the strange design.

    This is truly revolutionary technology. I CAN’T WAIT for Nokia to bring PureView to Windows Phone. If Nokia brings PureView this year to the Lumia lineup, they will shake up the market completely.

    The rumours were true, this BLOOOWSSS AWAYYY the competition in terms of imaging technology. It also blows away the competition in terms of audio quality as well.

    The faster Nokia puts this amazing capability onto the Lumia range, the better.

    Check out the sensor size … 1/1.2″ … 2.5 times larger than the N8 sensor πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ !!!!!!!!

    • n8thegreat

      Let me repeat that again folks … the image sensor on this is absolutely HUUGGEEE. This puts Nokia ahead of the competition for years easily.

      Oh, and let’s not forget it has Xenon AND LED light for both photo and video shooting. Unstoppable combination.

      Even with the ugly design, the more I think about it the more I want this phone SOOO BAAD! The capability of this movie is just incredible!

      • n8thegreat

        * I meant capability of this phone, not movie lol.

    • miki69

      they will bring pure view to WP, probably with Apollo:
      Considering the 808 was launched as ‘confirming our significant short term investments in Symbian’ by Jo Harlow, executive VP of smart devices for Nokia, it’s pretty clear Windows Phone is getting the Pureview technology in the near future. Harlow also added that Nokia has been using Symbian as a testing ground for the commercialisation of the camera phone technology before bringing it to other devices, stating:

      “We’ve been working on this technology for some time, with the intention to mature and commercialise it to take it across our portfolio.

      • n8thegreat

        Indeed, based on the comments made during the presentation, PureView will come to Windows Phone in the future, likely with Apollo. The only question is when…how long do we have to wait? Will it be this year? It is beneficial for Nokia to introduce this technology into their Lumia phones as soon as possible.

    • swiss

      now steve jobs in heaven would not even think about his ”iporn 4u” after hearing about NOKIA N808 PUREVIEW

    • raky

      well it’s not ugly…big sensor is what needs space,so they could make hole phone phat, or just a partly.
      i like it this way.

      what i really don’t like is that, this phone does not have front camera !?!?

      i mean….c’mon Nokia

      41Mp camera is not what we really need, but this is big plus for nokia and M$ in marketing for advertising thy will appear as best in something that buyers like (and that’s a big numbers).

      if pricing is good(and 450euros is), this could be a bestseller,and we all thought that symbian is out of game. only competitor could be another nokia with M$

      • Rollindice

        It does have front face camera

        • Kobus Nell

          Maybe he wants a frontfacing pureview camera…

  • Dave

    Imagine if Steve Jobs were allowed to introduce this camera technology, it would be an amazing presentation, he would do it full justice. Remember how he made a shitty plastic lens camera sound good because it’s backlit? Now give him an actual product like this to show off!

    This was a pathetic presentation (not even worth Elop’s time with the WP ecosystem babble) for what is a quantum leap in phone camera tech.



  • Edmund

    Nokia: *looks at others* camera war is over guys.. go peddle your wares elsewhere..

    Ok dun mean to make it sound like trolling but it pretty much feels like all the hurrah abt back lit sensor technologies can’t do justice to what nokia has really done for mobile imaging.. kudos!

  • S2Korpio

    You know what? I’m actually more interested in it’s audio quality now. I wonder if Nokia uses a Wolfson DAC on this one, because I hope it’s a powerful audio chip so my Audio Technica headsets can unleash it’s potential in mobile.

  • erzhik

    Lawsuit for uncompetitive behavior in camera department in 3…2…

  • ssdh

    We need sample images. Now!!!

  • iwillgetmesomenokiapure808

    dont know if this is posted but..
    look at the official pics taken with 808:)

    • n8thegreat

      WOW. DSLR level of quality!

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