Pureview: Symbian’s amazing everyday!

| February 27, 2012 | 22 Replies

I haven’t had much time to blog lately but, today is no ordinary day.

I woke up in the morning with a feeling that something great was about to happen at MWC. I’m so glad I wasn’t wrong 😀

The announcement of Nokia 808 Pureview is pretty much a dream come true to all of us Symbian/Nokia fans.

Nokia has been a pioneer in must mobile phone advancements, but today’s revelation, in my opinion, surpasses them all; not because of the technology presented (not that it isn’t an amazing achievement), but because it once again places Nokia in the vanguard of mobile device’s technology, in the most mind blowing way!

 A few days ago, we were discussing that the competition was just now catching up with what Nokia brought us with the N8.

There’s nothing out there, that can even be compared to Pureview.


If the N8 was a game changer, I don’t really know what to say about this… 41Mp???!! It’s undoubtedly a shocker for everyone.

It’s a delight to see the brand raise once again to its full potential, specially because it is making use of the house’s OS: Symbian.

Personally, wouldn’t have it any other way.


Contrary to what’s been highlighted by part of the blogosphere today, Symbian is by no means an inferior OS. Although I have to agree that as far as UI was concerned the platform was a bit outdated, the arrival of Belle “cleaned” Symbian’s face, and brought to surface the potential withhold in it. It can be an eye pleaser as well but, more than everything, a functional and feature filled, eye pleaser.

It has matured gracefully in the last decade, and is now starting to make use of the newest pieces of tech/engineering available.

The only problem is that the public’s perception of it, is tinted…

I can only hope that advancements of this nature, implemented in the OS, can start changing people’s view of it, and perhaps, who knows, give it (and/or Meego/Maemo) a clean start.


Congrats to Nokia’s team for the amazing work done with the 808 Pureview!

It is most definitely a marvellous device!


PS:  41Mp??!! AMAZING!! I still can’t wrap my mind around this piece of info 😛





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Hi there! Thanks for reading my post. I'm a gadget lover and my enthusiasm towards Nokia began over 10 years ago, when I laid eyes on my late 3210 ;) Since then, I've owned pretty much every flagship Nokia launched, having the 6230, N82, N8, 808 Pureview, as my favourites. You can contact me via Twitter @CSSThemes, or through the email CSS.Themes[at]
  • Arthur

    I think anyone who wasn’t blown by the 41MP sensor in the 808 is in serious denial, as well as the fact that the 808 will go down in history as the greatest camera phone of all time (I really dont see anyone topping this unless of course it is Nokia themselves in 5 years time at the very least).

    Hopefully in Q4 of this year or at the very latest Q1 ’13, Nokia will release Carla and optimize the phone UI a bit more to match the amazing camera’s performance. This is a serious replacement for pretty much any point and shoot camera out there and even most DSLR’s are well under 41MP, only $25K Hasselblad’s carry a 40MP+ sensor on board that I know of.

  • I’m just thinking about what “pureview” can made in an Lumia…818 or 888?

    • migo

      888 would definitely be a good number, Chinese love cameras and they love the number 8.

  • lordstar

    Nokia 908 lumia pureview, whatup?! Haha!

  • inept

    Although this is a very interesting device, the sad fact remains that the market has spoken on the subject of Symbian. The 808 might do well for a product that’s running an end-of-life operating system, all things considered, but don’t expect substantial changes to Nokia’s fortunes here.

    Moreso than anything, the 808 is confusing to the market. At this time last year, Symbian was dead and Nokia employees were walking out in protest. Windows was the future. Then Symbian’s life was extended to 2016, then Elop said the rate of decline in Symbian is greater than expected and it wouldn’t go to 2016, then Nokia told us that plan B is for plan A to work (i.e. Windows or bust), and then, and then…

    And now here’s a new flagship-level imaging device delivered on the famous burning platform? People are allowed to be terribly confused. The market was expecting to see this device as a Windows Phone in spite of the fact that we all know this is technically impossible at present.

    Delivering this technology on Symbian was a bad idea, but perhaps a necessary one given that Windows Phone just isn’t mature enough to support it. Symbian keeps plunging and WP7 isn’t making up for the losses (yet?). Nokia needs something to sell.

    And so Nokia remains in a bind, attempting to sell flagship devices on varied platforms running 2008 to 2010-level hardware specifications and features. If only they could combine the best of their Symbian and Windows Phone portfolios, they’d have a device fit for sale as a mid-range product from 2011. In the mean time, they will carry on limping along.

    In my opinion, they might have done well to wait until 2013 with PureView so they could deliver it using Apollo. It’s not like anyone would have come to market with it first, but now that they see it they might be compelled to try.

    The people who will be interested in this device are Symbian loyalists. Nokia would be lucky to move 5M over the course of the device’s life.

    • Arthur

      I think Nokia has realized albeit it later then ideal that Symbian should not have been ditched for Windows Phone and that their are more loyal followers of Symbian especially in smaller up and coming markets like India then their are new buyers of there Windows Phone devices. And as long as Symbian is outselling Windows Phones or at the very least going head to head with them then Nokia will be forced to continue supporting it and maybe releasing a new device here and their.

      I think another reason why they chose Symbian for the 808 and not Windows Phone is cause to be a true N8 successor which is obviously a Symbian device, loyal followers of the N8 (me included) would give the device more respect if it didn’t diverge from it’s original roots aside from the camera aspect. It is a shame though that hardware build quality and materials dont really live up to the N8 standards. I guess I am just a sucker for the cold aluminum feel of my N8 where even my N9 doesn’t feel as nice in hand.

  • Ali

    I like it but still huge compare to others.

  • dansus

    Personally i preferred Anna UI, it wasnt outdated in any way for me.

    Ironically the new codebase in S^3 is inferior to the old 3rd and 5th editions. Guess you cant have it all.. 😀

  • n9 or 808? i am in dilemma

    • Poosana

      I’m with you on this. I use N900 and I bought my wife N8. I love both of them and I just want both 808 and N9. I am leaning toward N9 for an obvious reason that I’m using N900 right now. But…this 808 is going to be a piece of technological advancement history and it is awesome. It reminds me of N97 shape which I like, especially the white one.

    • Salleh

      They should make a N9 successor (better CPU and GPU) with PureView!

    • dansus


  • El Marko

    Pureview is terrific.

    But my favorite photography how-to books are on Kindle. Or Nook. It doesn’t matter which, since Symbian has no ebook reader that will work with a single commercial ebook format.

    No problem. I could stream an instructional film, about photography, from Netflix. No, wait. Symbian has no way to stream Netflix.

    Maybe I don’t have time to go on a photo expedition, anyway. Let me check my commitments to my clients. They won’t allow me to use access their Exchange Server, using my phone, but I have login credentials using Outlook Web Access. Oh, right. I’m stuck using the tiny web browser, since Nokia has no way to integrate OWA to an email inbox on the phone (Emoze hasn’t kept up with Microsoft’s OWA versions).

    And don’t get me started on the fact that Symbian still has no concept of “categories.” No categories for tasks, appointments, or file attributes. And no syncing of categories from Outlook or Google apps.

    Wow. It’s a great camera. But maybe I want a “smart phone” and not just a great camera that also can make phone calls.

    . . . Nokia needs to decide whether it’s going to develop long-overdue apps for Symbian or let the Symbian OS die. It’s time to, as they say, fish or cut bait on this decision. Nokia cannot compete on a camera alone.

    • Neither Netflix nor Kindle is widely known/used services/products in markets where Symbian is still the king or at top 3.

      Due to your comment, this device is precisely NOT for your market dude.

    • dss

      Dorian works great with epub .. no big deal.

    • Carbontubby

      Dude, Netflix and Kindle are mainly US services and Nokia doesn’t sell Symbian there. It’s WP7 or nothing for folks across the pond.

  • Jashor

    it is impressive in many ways.

  • Sonny

    It would have been cool if they slapped a pureview logo underneath nokia on the back!

  • This is easily the most exciting announcement at MWC. All the Android phones are so dull in comparison… eg. Android phone no.2569: “and here you can see a volume rocker on the side zzzzzzz” … whereas Nokia 808 it’s like: “and round the back you’ll find a fricking 41mpx camera!!!! I sh** you not my friend!” Haha, awesome. Can’t wait for some in depth reviews.

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  • Josie Fox

    C’mon Nokia! Not true that Netflix is just USA Please give me a Netflix app While we’re on the subject what ?No video skype feature?Yes the camera is awesome but it looks like windows phones have the apps I want

    • Jashor

      You fcking necro-er piece of shit.