Hands On With the Lumia 900: Hardware, Internet Tethering & General Look

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So since I gave back the 808 I’ve had a chance to play around with the Lumia 900; honestly it’s a pretty solid device all the amazing looks of the 800/N9 with a beautiful screen. As I mention in the video one thing I DID not like about the device was the Bezel surrounding the screen, it’s a bi too sharp so it gets uncomfortable when talking on the phone or just sliding around in general, the other thing I didn’t like was the capacitive buttons on the 900; as opposed to the 800s which are amazing the 900s buttons are diffiuclt to press because they’re crammed between the end of the screen and the bezel (in the 800 the screen melts into the polycarbonate so it gives the impression of a larger surface area to the buttons).

The screen on the 900 is a 4.3 inch screen that IS NOT a pentile display; so anyone who was annoyed by that in the 800 will love the 900. In my opinion the product that best suits the 900 is Nokia Reading (we even demoed it out on the 900) the 4.3 Amoled Screen looks amazing displaying text (Even when you invert it to night colors to save battery).

Camera wise the 900s camera out-preforms the 800s by a decent bit (even-though they’re both 8MP the 900s is far better); what really surprised me about the device was the front facing camera, for once it can be used as more than a mirror- the performance was pretty solid and impressive (lighting dependent of course).

Note: sorry I can’t provide a video sample or image sample but the 900 isn’t recognized by Zune yet (prototype issues) so I couldn’t copy any content off it.

-Guys I swear I tried slowing down the talking speed in the video but it’s harder than you think; anyone who knows me will vouch that I’m constantly talking fast and really loud (just ask any of the Nokia connects team or the bloggers I’ve been with this week).

And unfortunately I already gave back the 900 as well :/




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