N9 Bugzilla closed for new bugs

| March 10, 2012 | 42 Replies

The N9 bugzilla has officially been closed. There was no warning, no deadline, just a post at Nokia Developer saying the bugzilla was closed. Here’s what they said;

In November 2011, we opened a public Bugzilla to interact with the N9 user community and receive end user bug reports and enhancement requests. To this date, we have received over 1100 bug reports. We thank you for the active contribution.

At this point of the product lifecycle, we have identified the major issues to be addressed in the upcoming software updates beyond the PR1.2 release. While we will continue to address issues already reported, we are unable to accept any new requests in Bugzilla.

The Harmattan Bugzilla will remain as read only for some time. However, we will continue to process the bug reports already in Bugzilla.

We kindly request you to continue further Harmattan developer discussions, bugs and other topics under We hope to receive your continued support and help us further improve the quality of N9 software.

The comments seem to share the same idea, why release a pretty large update and in a week, close the site. I am using 1.2 on my N950 and N9 and there are still a few bugs that need to be addressed. Apparently though, the Nokia Developer page is becoming the new place to post bugs.

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