N9Apps: FM Radio N9 (with Video)

| March 20, 2012 | 17 Replies

There is quite a few FM Radio apps for the N9 available now, but this is one of my favourite. Simple, good looking, and feature packed.

It features;

  • Auto scan function,
  • The ability to save stations,
  • Customisable station names
  • Manual tuning
  • Choice of headphones or speaker (although headphones act as antenna and must be plugged in)
  • Simplistic and polished UI

For me, it is one of the best FM Radio apps available for the N9/N950.Only thing that could be better would be LockScreen controls, but I highly doubt this will happen.


Here’s the developer’s blurb;

FM radio receiver. Use your phone to listen to local radio stations! Just plug in headphones which are used as an antenna. This app offers automatic scanning for stations, station list management and a beautiful user interface.
Swype left or right to change station. Move the scale for manual tuning. Tap the headphones to switch to loudspeaker. You can save, name and comment radio stations and also use the quick jump function.

Here is my video demo of the app

The app is on the Store and costs AUD$2.00. Definitely worth it if you are looking for a good FM Radio App on your N9.

You can find out more on the Strix Code website.



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  • Madratz

    Good find.. Its the first one on the N9 that have the loudspeaker function, I believe..

  • noki

    To be honest its kinda trivial to make any of them play through the loudspeaker, just partly remove the headphones. I have listen to radio using one of my wifes hair pins 🙂

    • Madratz

      Good tip.. But come on.. wife’s hairpin..?? ;P

      • noki

        was at the bathroom need anything metallic that could serve as a antenna.. that had to do, that or i would have to actually move myself and find my headphones. 🙂

  • Aleve Sicofante

    Does it have support for RDS?

    • Saul

      it’s coming on at least one of the apps.

  • goosepig

    Has anyone got the FM Transmitter function working on the N9?

    It was quoted as having this feature when N9 was launched.

    • Saul

      Nope it was never officially coming.
      That quote was wrong, it was never in the doco.
      FMTX is still a remote possibility.
      javispedro in the main thread at FMC needs a N9 before he can totally rule-it-out.
      (950 is totally ruled-out)

  • Grazy

    do you need to activate the fm transmitter in some way? i.e. delevopers mode? etc or is this one for those that don’t mess too much with the N9? Can i just install from the store?

    • Guest

      It’s just a receiver so you can listen to radio. Transmitter isn’t possible on N9.

      • Amadeus

        Transmitter is possible! Don’t say stupid things: how works shareing with DLNA or NFC compatibile devices? Magicaly? NO – this is transmitter. Eg. FM transmiter can transmit music from N9 to car audio. Only such a software is not popular yet. In the same way not so long time ago unaware individuals were saying “Nokia N9 does not have FM radio” what is totaly false, I hope this is obvious by now? So don’t mess and stop misinforming users – you are not telling how it is in fact, learn about Nokia N9 before you repeat again lies about Nokia N9 – aware or unaware, still this is not true!! 🙁

  • can’t be helped

    i like it more than the other fm radio on n9 just because of its prettier ui

  • can’t be helped

    hello michael,

    can you show us the dictionary paid “qstardict” or free “dictionarystar” on nokia n9?

  • kosak
    • AndyTolst

      And here is the official version in Ovi Store:

      New features:
      – Improved volume buttons handling, volume can be changed even when application is in background. Similar to default media player.
      – Haptics feedback on buttons
      – Support for headset control button. Default WH-901 headset is supported as well as WH-701 and WH-702. Play/Pause, Next/Previous and Volume buttons – everything works now.

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