World First! My N9 multiboots Harmattan, Nemo and Nitdroid (How-To)

| March 22, 2012 | 68 Replies

Obviously Nemo and Mango are different, but you get the point

That’s right folks, I have successfully booted all three OSes on my device. Not really a use for it, but the fact I did is really cool in itself.

I’m not sure how many people want to know how to do it, or not, but it is good to share knowledge. I will divide this up into installing Nitdroid and Nemo. Sadly, I have only tested a tethered boot into the Moslo Bootloader for Nemo.



1. Install dual-boot kernel as described here:

2. Install sillyboot. Details:

a. Download tarball from here:
b. copy the archive to your Nokia N9.

c. execute “as root” command

tar xjvf /path_to_archive/nninedroid_ics_alpha1.tar.bz2 -C /home/


Assuming use of Linux Host and Harmattan Flasher installed

  1. Create a folder on your desktop eg NemoN9
  2. Download this to that folder
  3. Using the terminal enter

    cd /file/path/to/that/folder/

    rpm2cpio moslo-n9-*.armv7hl.rpm | cpio -vidu
  4. Once completed, enter
    sudo flasher -k usr/share/moslo-n9/zImage-moslo -n usr/share/moslo-n9/initrd-moslo -l -b
  5. Your N9 should then boot to a screen with green text. Wait until it says alternate rootfs exported via usb
  6. Your pc should auto mount. (If not, run dmesg and look for sdx where x is a letter or number, eg sdb. Then run mount /dev/sdb /media/Alt_OS or you can unplug/replug USB and repeat step three until N9 is automounted)
  7. Once mounted, run
    sudo tar --numeric-owner -xf nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-*.tar.bz2 -C /media/Alt_OS/
  8. When extraction is complete, unmount the device
    umount /media/Alt_OS

Unplug the usb and you should get an option to boot Harmattan (Vol+) and Alt OS (Vol-). Alt OS boots Nemo. Continue through to Harmattan where you will be prompted to boot an Alt OS again (Nitdroid) by pressing Vol+. If you wish to go to Harmattan. Do nothing. To get to the screen to boot nemo, you must repeat step 4 only. Once these screen says “alt rootfs exported” unplug USB and press Vol-.

Contact me via email or twitter for support

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  1. ali wehbi says:

    i just need to know how i can remove the Nitdroid from my telephone and get every thing back to normal ?! any website or information please send it to me on my email

  2. Pekka says:

    Nice one!

    Would be nice to have these in my N9 too, maby I will
    take the risk. Dont have any experience in rooting so:)

  3. 中国人来看看,飘过,Good!!!

  4. kalios says:

    would be nice if can add actual picture of 3 OSes for real

  5. deep space bar says:

    i wonder if,you can get symbian on it just like the pic we’ve sen from months ago claiming that the new symbian device would be like the N9

    • John says:

      Necro much?

      They never finished the S^? that’d be compatible with the hw the N9 uses, esp. the CPU arch etc.

  6. Cao says:

    the link doesn’t work for me. the file for the maemo dualbooting. Please HELP!

  7. Edgar says:

    hello im really impressed with this, but theres something ive been wondering for a while… it is possible to have symbian belle and meego OSs in nokia N9? if it is, id like to know how please¡ ahh and so, by having 3 OSs running on the device, it doesnt affect the performance and fluidity of it? thanks by the way :)

  8. I read with great interest your article Michael.
    I love what you do.
    I will read

  9. HRB says:

    1) Is it possible to install Windows Phone on N9? How could I do it and which WP version?

    2) …Nemo (Windows Phone)…
    but “Nemo Mobile is a Linux distribution for mobile devices.”
    which is true?

    Thanks a lot

  10. Really nice design and style and excellent subject matter, hardly anything else we want : D.

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