To be or not to be? WP Angry Birds Space…

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Why do people say things that can be confusing, negative or misunderstood? I remember reading Engadget’s CE-Oh No He Didn’t articles where they would tell of quotes from company leaders or influential people saying things that would make you say “I can’t believe they said that!!!” Their quotes would usually be a quick blurb that was either damaging to their business, ecosystem, consumer perception or just downright disappointing that would later come into question, need further clarification or be completely retracted.

Which brings me to Angry Birds Space….

We recently reported that ABS (Not Anti-lock Brakes System 🙂 ) was NOT coming to Windows Phone to the dismay of many bloggers and readers/WP fans.

Well, it looks like someone at Rovio misspoke as the CEO has clarified the situation:

Rovio’s CEO has confirmed to Reuters that Latest Angry Birds version called “Angry Bird’s space” is coming to Windows Phone devices. This clarification comes after some reports in tech-media which claimed that, Angry Birds Space is not coming to windows marketplace for windows phones.


(Reuters) – Finnish gaming firm Rovio is working on getting its new Angry Birds Space game to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform (WP7), its chief executive said on Friday, dismissing earlier media reports which said the top gaming firm was dumping the platform.

“We are working towards getting Angry Birds Space to WP7,” Rovio Chief Executive Mikael Hed told Reuters, but said the launch date was not set.

Great news indeed, hopefully the CEO is to be taken at his word and ABS is indeed coming soon to a WP near you.


Thanks goes to  draco for the tip!



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  • Dave

    Elop’s henchman has threatened Rovio’s CEO…

    • Aliqudsi

      That’s the only way to get things done in the mobile business.. good going elop 😛

      • noki

        I’m sure he is going to do that for the remaining 99.9% of the mobile game industry using c++/opengl.

    • SLAYER

      lol : P

    • jim

      Elop and Balmer together begged of Rovio for new Angry Birds and promised many millions of money !

  • Swapz

    Well, aren’t we all glad!

    • gw4ser

      I’m already playing Angry Birds Space on my Lumia 800.

      I placed my Lumia 800 under my iPad.

  • rich

    So what angry birds do we have? All I see in the marketplace is the original, but does that include seasons etc?

  • Heron

    This is a weakness of WP7, not supporting OpenGL.

    If Microsoft has any sense, it should do what it has always done in the past: Open up the things that promotes cross-platform compatibility, but create the experience that can really ‘rule over the world’.

    And cue the Symbian defenders.

    • Dave

      Microsoft and “Open up the things that promotes cross-platform compatibility” in the same sentence ?

      Are you serious? Microsoft thanks its entire success to locking in customers with proprietory crap and extensions.

      With WP7 (and this is a not a value judgement) they simply do not have the customers to lock in!

      First customers, then lock in.
      The other way around is just stupid.

      Support C/C++, and support OpenGL.

    • Bloob

      It really might be a weakness, but I have to wonder how many of the (2D) game devs really use OpenGL. I’d actually guess that many of them are using the native APIs atm anyways.

      I think Rovio is actually using OpenVG, and not OpenGL, but I’m pretty sure WP doesn’t support that either, but has it’s own vector graphics API.

      I do wisht that WP8 would add OpenGL and C++(11) support.

  • arts

    Bitch please. Seriously. Bitch about this somehow.

  • Viipottaja

    Well, frankly, my guess is that as usual the “journalist” misrepresented what the Rovio guy actually said.

    The level of journalism even in mainstream media and supposedly respected outlets can not be taken for granted.

  • Jay Montano

    Hmm lol.

    As I said in the first post and tweeted, this version did intrigue me, the gameplay seems sufficiently different enough than the original (and rehash) versions of Angry Birds.

    Anyway this will get Angry Birds Space more attention now for WP than it would have if it was just already available anyway.

    What I find most amazing is how some folks (in tech blogs or in comments of those tech blogs) used this an an opportunity to attack Nokia and their new strategy, as if some how Angry Birds was the cornerstone to what makes an OS, and the lack of ABS is somehow game over for Nokia. Now what? There are more developers than Rovio. There are plenty of other choices.

    “dsfgdf says:
    March 23, 2012 at 10:16 am
    Now you understand why choosing WP was wrong decision. And now you understand why this OS is so much behind others.”

    “dsfgdf says:
    March 23, 2012 at 11:05 am
    Angry Birds is an example of what soon is going to be a rule. WP is missing some basic abilities.”

    It is just one game.

    • Deaconclgi

      Ha, so true Jay! It was as if the possible absence of ABS spelled DOOM AND GLOOM for Nokia, babies crying and me running and yelling Aiya! Dying…Ah…Fall on the street! Sweet And Sour Pork ah!!! (Top 10 Phoneage Moments) lol

      Oh and thanks for the tweaks 🙂

    • dsfgdf

      You are right, Jay. 🙂 I admit my mistake. But… it was You who “told me” that Angry Birds Space is NOT coming to WP! 😉
      How can I believe you now? 😉

      The fact is: Windows Phone doesn’t support OpenGL and it means that it is limited OS and conversion of any aplication written on different platform is real pain.

  • Shaun


    How long exactly does it take to do a bank transfer from Redmond to Finland?

    • dfghtehrtht


  • Dkm

    Its just a fu…ing game ppl. I think its true that people losing their heads with advancement of technology, sad. And its proven I phone users are the dumbest. Ok now apple fans be nice take it as a sport, no f…that.

  • poiman

    This is great news.
    Anyway, no news about the symbian version. Is symbian already dead and even the developpers of the most successfull mobile game to date don’t care about it?

    • Janne

      Rovio hinted at a Symbian version on their Twitter feed today.

      And N9 has it on NITDroid. 😉

      • poiman

        Would be nice, but Nokia has to do something so that the iOS/Android ports for WP7 and Symbian of Angry Birds Space don’t take a month to be released on these platforms like it has been happening with the updates of AB Original, Seasons and Rio!

  • ricky

    if i download a paid app from the
    marketplace, what percentage of
    amount does nokia recive?
    Apple makes a good amount of cash
    via apps, dosnt it?

  • inept

    The conspiracy theorist in me suspects that the economics just weren’t in place for a WP7 port and that maybe a call from Microsoft changed that very quickly.

    For better or worse, Angry Birds is a killer app and not having it says a lot.Maybe Microsoft wrote a check and made it happen.

  • Mathias

    And now for Symbian, please! 🙂

    • Janne

      I think Rovio hinted at Angry Birds Space coming to Symbian on their Twitter feed.

      What a strange day. In the morning media reporting all over the place Nokia phones not getting Angry Birds Space at all… And by the same evening it seems both Symbian and Windows Phone will get it.

      Here’s hoping, anyway.


  • yesss to bee,,, coming soon…

  • Jesse

    It is available on Windows, MAC, Android, IOS if anyone really wants to play it. I treid it on all of them, best versions are on Windows/Mac. Pretty fun game

  • Linukia

    If ABS doesn’t come to WP, then it is MS’s problem, not Nokia’s. It is MS’s job to persuade Rovio

  • spacemodel

    And again WP is running behind the ‘competition’.
    For example Wordfreud is a very populair game but when people with iOS and Android were already playin’ it for weeks it finally arrived in the Market Place.

    At this moment ‘Draw Something’ and ‘Angry Birds Space’ are the top two games, they are extremely populair and guess what, all iOS and Android phones are capable of playing these games but for WP it’s business as usual: not available.

    There’s only one game where WP is top of the bill: the waiting game.

    • arts.


      • spacemodel

        What about it?

        • arts

          Just replacing all the wp in there with meego . Pretty interesting results.

          • spacemodel

            Well, this blog post is about WP so why should we talk about Meego?

            You are one of those posters who said that it was irritating when someone mention Symbian or Meego in a WP post and now you’re doing the same?

            Besides that, replacing WP with Meego in my post is completely bull, Meego (and Symbian off course) have been pronounced death by your beloved guru so it’s no surprise there have been hardly any new popular games in the Store after February 2011.

            WP on the other hand is Elop’s new love child and his sole life assurance but when this OS is a second hand pick for new and very popular games than those results aren’t, as you stated, pretty interesting but pretty devastating.

            • arts

              No. Fuck elop this [PROFANITY REMOVED] elop that is irritating not the word meego.

              At any rate its my own analysis. Which underscores the importance of ecosystems which you support since you pretty obviously think this game is of so vital importance. With wp playing second fiddle as it is its not hard to extrapolate what will happen if Nokia sticks with meego. But then again we would know how the symbian meego crowd respond won’t we?

              • spacemodel

                It’s not me who’s thinkin’ these kind of games are important, it’s the market which thinks that way and when WP is a third pick long after iOS and Android than it is a very bad sign.

                You can’t extrapolate what will happen if Nokia sticks with Meego for the simple reason that they have abandoned that OS more than a year ago.
                Maybe when Nokia had continued with Meego these kind of games would have come right away, maybe not, we will never know.

                Well, arts, I have never used the word fuck and Elop is one sentence, I have accepted his decision, in my opinion a wrong and very badly executed one by the way, a long time ago so I don’t feel myself challenged.

                • arts.

                  hey dont get me wrong i did not mean you and have never said so. but im pretty sure even you saw those post. they bring nothing to the table. absolutely NOTHING.

                  haha lets just agree to disagree then. =)

                  • spacemodel

                    Yep, I saw those posts also and you’re right, they bring nothing to the table.

                    I’m a lifetime Nokia fan and also a very critical and sceptical one but I always try to keep the discussion as substantial as possible and on this one I agree with you to disagree.

              • Dave

                Well for one thing Meego supports C/C++ and OpenGL.

                So all other things being equal, it’s a lot easier to port something to Meego than it is to rewrite it for WP.

                So all else being equal, IF you’re going to be playing the catch-up game, do you do it with something where you can at least easily port and use the typical iOS/Android skills, or with something where you need to completely rewrite your application in a propietory language with propietory tools while throwing away all of your optimized C/C++ and OpenGL code ?

  • mdev

    The same old story. Rovio making legitimate decision to drop the hard-to-port-to platform because of small number of sales (they should know, they already have one Angry Birds game on WP). Then MS pours some money and they will por… rewrite the game for WP.

    Unfortunately, it highly unlikely that MS will be able to pay all game/app developers to por… rewrite their applications to WP. It sucks to be on WP right now and it will continue to suck for at least few years.

    There is one big question though. Who will last longer? Nokia with Elop or MS with Balmer?

    • Joana

      I’ve seen statcounter which says Windows Phone worldwide marketshare is 0,78% in comparison to Symbian or Android or iOs this is just nothing, within statistic mistake, but not a market interesting for developer like ABS developer. It is obvious MS must pay contribution for making apps to this. There are 18 Windows Phone mobiles from different manufacturers available. And 30? 40? devices with Windows Mobile from a few years!! And all this together makes 0,78%?? Any developer would be just accused to act against his company for involving resources in such non-existing market! Such an investment will never return, just simply can’t. Otherwise Windows would replace Android already and everything would be Windows in mobile (ehhem but which one? Mobile? Phone?), wouldn’t it?

  • these series of game is well and good.its really a excited game.i love to play new levels.