Lumia 900 Silicone Cases/Bumpers Available through At&t store- Will cost you 20 Bucks.

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We noticed in the Unboxing of the At&t Lumia 900 that the package came without headphones or the usual silicone super tight super awesome cases that we’ve gotten used to on the Lumia 800 & the N9. At&t are willing to rectify that for a $20 fee, which will get you a case in either Blue, Black and interestingly Magenta (even-though there are no magenta Lumia 900s around- at least not for At&t).

As alot of people pointed out ditching the headphones and the case are easy ways to cut down the price of the Lumia 900 to the super-amazing-deal-of-the-year price of $99; true 20 bucks seems a bit pricey but apparently people have no qualms shelling out 50 or more for iPhone cases so why not for the L900? – I think the case would probably be included in the “Rest-Of-World” version though; which is a relief because as I’ve mentioned plenty of times the Bezzel on the L900 is not my favorite design feature.

Interestingly there are no White cases, I’m not sure but I ca’t recall seeing white cases for the N9 or the L800 either; is it because it’s too easy to get dirty? or they afraid of masking the glorious storm-trooper beauty?

Note that Chris Weber said a long time ago that Accessories will become a new focus once they re-enter the US- Only hope they’d launch the Purity headset line along with them; maybe a free pair for the first 100 buyers from each branch?

“It will be Windows Phone and the accessories around that”

Edit: Also seems that there will be Bumpers available besides the normal cases; bumpers are available in Blue & Green???? for the same $20

*Although I did spot a green silicone case for Lumia 800s back at MWC- but it was on the product managers phone; so I wasn’t sure if it was mass production or not.


Full accessories list here:

Thanks to Erzhik for the tip 🙂 – Source


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