Killer Deal: Walmart One-Ups At&t Pre-Order Lumia 900 now for $49.99!!

| March 30, 2012 | 48 Replies

Don’t ask how but less than an hour after At&t has opened up it’s site for Pre-orders of the amazing Lumia 900 Walmart has it for pre-order as well, except for 50 bucks cheaper! A real steal on what’s already one of the cheapest flagships phones ever-
Granted they did get some of the techincal info wrong such as

Display 240 x 320 pixels pixels   -isn’t the 3300 display more than that?
Removable Memory Card – Type Micro SD Card – Hmm another walmart exclusive feature??

Well you can’t blame them; maybe they were just over excited at having the deal of the century.

To keep things fair here’s the At&t pre-order link: (people were saying you can get it on April 5th if you hurry)

And here’s the $50 cheaper walmart link:



-Side note: HTC Titan II is either going to be priced free after rebate or they’re going to end up sending them out as thank-yous for twitter followers.


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  1. Andre says:

    Yes, I’ve got mine… should arrive on Friday the 6th. Cyan and proud.

    Happy to be back in the Nok camp

    • Aliqudsi says:

      Welcome back :D – guess it’s a good thing At&t didn’t let you preorder online/over the phone- just saved yourself 50 bucks :D

      • Andre says:

        Lol.. yup.. get to keep my unlimited data as well, though there is some talk of throttling :(.

      • Nokia N9 is the best! says:

        Good to see this! And tell me when similar action for Nokia N9 will be undertaken? It is still in sell with regular price unchanged from long months and still need to be imported!

    • Steve says:

      Thought you would’ve got a N9 ages ago.
      Welcome back.

    • A-S-D says:

      Yay, you’re back
      I remember when I first started visiting and posting comments on this site was around the same time you wrote your first article/blog-whatever.


      Looking forward to seeing some interesting opinions, hopefully this time with less trolls commenting and trying to bash your opinions

    • stylinred says:


    • lovenokia says:

      same here, cyan 900 arriving on april 6th, i cant wait right now!

  2. manu says:

    nokia should teach ishit fanboys some lesson in u.s.
    Im sick of hearing people from u.s saying nokia is for caveman.

  3. peet says:

    I dont get it! How can walmart offer 50$ cheaper? Is it still Att contract? WHO would want to buy it from ATT after this? Can walmart make any profit off this? I’m a Finn so please accept my stupid questions :)

    • DKM says:

      Yes but AT&T is giving for free, i read some comments that there is an online promo code where you add in you get the phone for free from AT&T

      Search for lumia 900 and at&T promotion code in google or bing

      • Aliqudsi says:

        I saw that- but it says some phones are excluded- I think the Lumia 900 is one of them (cant try sine it’s only at checkout.)

        • Twig says:

          Wish Microsoft store online would step up to the plate here. They are the ones to watch.

        • akarise says:

          The $100 off promotion actually does work for the Lumia 900. I just tried it and ended up getting the phone free! It expires tomorrow though.

          • M says:

            It worked thanks for the head up. Prolly should have used it to buy it no contract but oh well I got it completely for free since I got invited to at&t plus and they waived the upgrade fee.

  4. Janne says:

    Are you guys feeling it?

    The change.

    I just hope the only thing that changes isn’t U.S. attention.

  5. iluvn says:

    this will be BB’s last nail of the coffin!

  6. erzhik says:

    With hype like that, WP is about to take off. Also, shame that I can’t pre-order off-contract online. Gotta do it in store tonight.

  7. davela72 says:

    Why is the no plan purchase $499 at WalMart when it’s supposed to be $449.99 through AT&T?

  8. me says:

    When it’s a no-go with full price (i.e. $200), you have to do away with less. And then some.

    But it’s understandable. Really, it is! The 900′s design is just a butchered up version of the N9, what with the horrible screen border and missing the point of the ‘pillow’ shape. Wouldn’t have it as my phone even if they paid me (well, the same goes with most… all Windows Phone handsets).

  9. gudnuf4u says:

    Damn, its free with a new two year, not for renewal contract

  10. viipottaja says:

    I am trying to pre-order here from Brazil and can’t easily talk to a rep, so asking if anyone here knows: when I am on the AT&T site and try to use the upgrade route, the price shows as $199!! Surely it can’t be that only new customers would get the $99 price (and if I understand Andre’s comment right he was on AT&T before as well and got it for $99)… what gives? Perhaps I just need to proceed further in the preordering process to end up with the $99 price tag?

  11. Mike says:

    ATT deal is better if you use the $100 OFF Coupon. I just got my confirmation email. Total cost: $0 !

  12. DKM says:

    People who have used Nokia N9 and Lumia 800 may have a slight problem using L900 because of its bezel at the screen ends. But its not N9 nor it is 800, its different than both and i am sure people will love it whoever buys it.

  13. M says:

    Bought my dad a new one but when I looked to buy one for me I would get rid of my unlimited plan for a new minimum $20 plan. Damn you att, you giveth in one hand and one taketh with the other. I’m not giving up my $15 unlimited (apparently for non-smartphones data plan-had it since my N95-8gb).

  14. stylinred says:

    what thought att had exclusive

    guess that means nothing with the monster that is walmart

  15. Abhay says:

    You can also buy this in AT&T store for $50 with upgrade option

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