Windows Phone on Your S^3 Device (Not an April Fools Prank)

| April 1, 2012 | 14 Replies

There has been no shortage of April fools pranks floating around the tech world; be it AAS Nokia E710 with a built in pencil sharpner or Nokia Conversations with their ICE Windows Phone (took their time trying to explain the technology too; charge it by sticking it in the freezer-lolz); and many more- My current favorite is Googles Replacement of keyboards with Morse Code keys.

Regardless today’s app is a pretty cool one that brings you the core looks of windows Phone Metro Ui to your S^3 devices- Without further ado the video

Some points about the app (in case you skipped the video- Shame on you)-

  • My main issue with apps like these (SPB shell included) is that in the end they’re still apps; they are not true skins that run over the default OS; bearing that in mind it’s a pretty good one.
  • Some of the ‘Tiles” are actually shortcuts to lists of  the more popular Symbian apps (People gives you Fmobi, Gravity, Whatsapp as well as tour contacts of course)
  • Haptic Feedback is constantly on while sliding through the scree; which is annoying and a battery killer.


Store link: (€ 2.00)


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