Lumia 900 sales Exceeding Expectations.

| April 12, 2012 | 298 Replies

According to President of At&t the current amount of sales for the Lumia 900 have already exceeded their expectations; leading to multiple stores being out of stock

 Nokia’s Lumia 900 sales have exceeded expectations.
In fact, sales have been so good some stores have sold out of the device—particularly the blue variety—by Tuesday evening, only the second day of general availability.
Of course we won’t see the effect of those sales on the Q1 earning report but hopefully they’ll show the new rise of Nokia once Q2 report is out; it’s worth noting that Nokia hardly ever releases EXACT sales number outside the quarterly earnings- unlike Sammy who brags about every milestone (rightfully- I think that’s the way to do it; if your selling well show the people).
Of course considering that the Lumia 900 is At&ts biggest device launch ever it should only be expected to have exceeded expectations; but the true number will really show once the stormtrooper white is out since I’ve heard alot of people are holding out on purchasing a 900 until it’s available.

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  • Hi, everyone.

    I’ve been a huge fan of Nokia for many years now. My first smartphone was N7650 and since then, I’ve had only Symbian devices. I’ve been very patient and I’ve been waiting for changes, because Symbian when compared to iOS or Android looks now just ancient. Finally, my prayers were listened and anwsered. Nokia announced their partnership with Microsoft. I’ve never had a Windows device before, but that information kept me away from migrating to other company. Now, it has been a couple of weeks after I got my Lumia 800 and now I can’t imagine having a different phone. Of course, it’s not perfect, but it is what I expected from Nokia. The legendary 11th February note did not change anything for me and I think it didn’t for most people. IMO Symbian had no future and even for people like me, it has become annoying in many ways. Lumia changed that very quickly. I think everyone who is going to switch from Symbian to WP is going to be happy about it. I wish Nokia and its fans all the best. Greetings from Poland.


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