#N9Hacks: Overclock your N9(50) to 1.1 GHz [PR 1.2]

| April 12, 2012 | 23 Replies

Sorry it has been ages guys, but here is a pretty nice hack I have found, that lets you overclock your N9/N950s.


So, firstly, download INCEPTION along with Opensh and aegisctl (all can be found on inception home page).


Download this zip to your MyDocs folder

Then in terminal, execute the following;

cd MyDocs
cp *.ko /lib/modules/
/usr/sbin/aegisctl -k
/sbin/insmod /lib/modules/
/sbin/insmod /lib/modules/
echo 1100000000 > /proc/opptimizer

(that was EIGHT zeroes, don’t mess that up)

Upon restart, the overclocking is lost, so if you want to get rid of it, just simply reboot your phone πŸ™‚


Source: TMO


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  • Gen

    Have noticed any difference I’m performance?. Can you overclock to 1.2ghz?

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      You can overclock to 1.2, but then there is power issues, read the source info for more details.

      I noticed 1.1 made it a bit snappier

    • HappyN9User

      I just tried both 1.1 and 1.2 GHz. Haven’t really tested for real-life performance difference but 1.1 GHz improved the SunSpider results by 8% and 1.2 GHz by 14%.

      1.0 GHz: 3550ms
      1.1 GHZ: 3272ms
      1.2 GHz: 3040ms

  • Prashant

    Knw what i hv told this two times on april 2 and on 29 march bt one sees it and later when a post is made no credits are made….

    it’s nt the first tym it’s happened more than 10 times,
    bt what can i do nothing just find the stuff with no credits promised?

    • Prashant

      It’s really embarrasing.

      • Michael Faro-Tusino

        Sorry mate, I did not use your tip. I saw this a while back as well, and it had been stuck in my drafts.

        If I use a tip from a reader, whether in the tips section or twitter or email, I always make sure to include the source.

    • Jay Montano

      Hi Prashant.

      Please see my reply to you here.

      I just wanted to let you know the possible reasons why a tip credit may be missed, though it is never intentional as we are most thankful and grateful of our tippers and want to credit them all appropriately:

      1) We don’t see every tip. Ideally we would, but we do this part time with Uni. This means that if we might miss out on a story being busy and when we’re free, the tip has reached us by some other means (via by another tipper). For this, I apologise. Even when we’re flicking through the tips, I find myself often surprised how I did not see certain ones at the time when I first checked.

      2) A story may be seen ourselves or through a tip via email. I would put story and name (to credit) in a todo list, which I will come back to afterwards when i’m free, without checking back the tips section when we’re in a rush.

      3) If we receive a huge amount of tips for the same story, it sometimes gets difficult to keep up with all the names of the tippers. To save missing anyone, I’d rather thank ‘everyone’ or ‘all’.

      I hope you have seen that we have credited you, Prashant, and all our tippers pretty much whenever we can. It is one of the only things I would stress about the post structure here. The input of our tippers is an extremely valuable resource for the running of this blog and we thank everyone who shares Nokia related news with us.

      • a3x

        GOOD GUY JAY.

        Tipper gets annoyed for no credit.

        Jay writes a novel apologizing for it.

        Jokes aside. You are a gentleman Jay.

  • JH

    I believe that the word ”neither” is missing in the sentence written in capital letters.

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  • dheeraj

    video tutorial plz…..

  • Stephens_Eloped

    Battery drain affected?

  • Shihuzaan

    N9 doesn’t need to overclock. my guess is even if we overclock it will work same as default. It is just not the Ghz that slow down the processes at some point of using N9. It still needs some works to do. stability is the main issue now. better coding for performance can improve it. take some points from iOS. eg; while you download or install something you can’t open any other application.
    Also the Qt qml is still not good as we think it is. i dunno about qt5. from my experience i can say when a component or item is above the layer the performance need for below layer decrease and it is horrible. example is pop up notifications and its reactions to the layers below.

    • HappyN9User

      I agree with the speed. I’ve been running it at 1.2 GHz now and I can’t really think of anything (that I do daily) that would need more speed. Whether the browser opens in 0.8 secs or 0.6 secs doesn’t really matter. Btw, I just made up those numbers. πŸ™‚

  • jkl

    Elop should’ve supported the N9!

  • opptimizer_n9.ko not opptimizer.ko (same error on all blogs / forums.. )

  • Saul

    We’ll see greater benefits once the memory BUS is upped in tandem w/this.
    Also, an OC’d GPU/DSP would be even more beneficial in many ways.
    I hope we work out how to OC all these things eventually.
    It’s sad that we must to get decent performance in certain areas.

  • LIVEdotcom

    Elop is a total idiot for dropping the N9 and killing the associated Qt ecosystem.

    • relax, relax. Qt is doing just fine – growing like crazy. Nokia will release more Qt-and-Linux-based phones, just not high-end (but maybe, some day, they will). But the next release of Windows Mobile can run Qt as well so your favorite apps will work then on all Nokia phones again.

      • Saul

        That is not correct, it hasn’t been ported for WP8.

        We don’t even know if WP8 includes the big changes originally believed (i.e minwin kernel etc) or is less dramatic.
        If the former it’ll allow native code from 3rd parties, but that doesn’t mean we’ll have Qt.

        In fact, we’ve had zilch solid info. to prove that’s happening.
        But knowing MS’s past, it’s very unlikely they’ll allow a competing dev platform onto WP.

  • noki

    me wants the white marvel πŸ™ but i don’t want to pay 590€ for it πŸ™ snif snif