Epic Video: “Your Samsung is a Piece of..” #BlownAwayByLumia

| April 13, 2012 | 111 Replies

Everyone’s heard of smoked by WP; but the less popular yet just as awesome BlownAwayByLumia is just Nokias version of it; more popular in India- the spin on it is instead of the likes of BenThePCGuy they get tech bloggers from each area to carry out the challenges in malls & Universities and blow people away.

Now of course I would be a bit sour if I lost; but NOTHING could compare to getting showed up by my girlfriend who outright called this guys phone a

“Worthess Piece of $hit”

Even better is the way she was talking to him before.. “Ok, can we go now? Can you come with me?” – Basically if your done embarrassing yourself and me let’s go please; and the blokes expression.. I really don’t know what was best. Anyways here’s the video showing  our man @bharadc23 embarrassing this poor fellow.


After seeing this it’s no wonder Samsung India called the competition “Unethical” – Honestly props to Nokia India FOR NOT editing that out.




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