Epic Video: “Your Samsung is a Piece of..” #BlownAwayByLumia

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Everyone’s heard of smoked by WP; but the less popular yet just as awesome BlownAwayByLumia is just Nokias version of it; more popular in India- the spin on it is instead of the likes of BenThePCGuy they get tech bloggers from each area to carry out the challenges in malls & Universities and blow people away.

Now of course I would be a bit sour if I lost; but NOTHING could compare to getting showed up by my girlfriend who outright called this guys phone a

“Worthess Piece of $hit”


Even better is the way she was talking to him before.. “Ok, can we go now? Can you come with me?” – Basically if your done embarrassing yourself and me let’s go please; and the blokes expression.. I really don’t know what was best. Anyways here’s the video showing  our man @bharadc23 embarrassing this poor fellow.


After seeing this it’s no wonder Samsung India called the competition “Unethical” – Honestly props to Nokia India FOR NOT editing that out.




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  • I know Nokia is almost bankrupt and this shows in their low budget ads………

    This is just CHEAP and TACKY……….utterly tasteless, in fact It will probably turn people off Nokia.

    here is a REAL way to sell your mobile phone, and note how they didn’t rubbish the competition.

    Nokia is desperate if this is the best it can do…

    • dr_zorg

      Yep, the Samsung Note ad makes you want to buy one. The Nokia in the OP makes you disgusted. How times have changed.. Nokia used to have awesome promo videos.
      This simply shows that all talent has left the company.

    • san

      looser says like this

  • bwah1900

    Now to correct some users above
    First of all the WP7 is neither fast nor quick, it is smooth. Smoothness gives the illusion of speed(which is in fact shattered when you try to launch an app or whatever) and even that smoothness fades in most of the apps.
    2nd the whole Smoked by Windows Phone campaign is typical MS bullcrap. These guys have been heavily trained and they only challenge other phones where WP is superior. I don’t believe they have ever challenged anyone at launching apps, taking photos or whatever.
    Also in case you haven’t seen MS has been caught cheating by using faster WiFi connections and all that stuff. You may consider pre-pinning tiles a cheat too, which is another typical MS bullcrap.
    PS:As Surur noted above, their engrish is terrible. Some subtitles please?

    • asdas

      lol fandroids, get back to your droid land

      • bwah1900

        I own an N8, S2 and a Lumia 800 so hardly a fanboy.
        Also mind to explain your reasonings for that assuption?

        • twig

          The point of the MS campaign is fun. Something you seem not to be able to see. Most of us don’t give a rats ass about the speed in micro seconds. We care about good looks,what the phone does for us and ease of use. We do not pin our lives around our phones but make the phone work in our lives. One great point of being alive is fun. The girl in the video showed every guy in the world that they are all in the same boat at times. I would suggest spending more time experiencing life than spending time fretting about the speed of a phone.

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  • Mushfiq

    Surur is sure sammys ass . . . Get the fuck off surur

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  • twig

    This is Samsung’s classy(?) U.S. ad…for surur and Zorg.

    tagged the next big thing or Samsung’s anti apple ad.

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  • Alan

    Man, I’d dump that girl. To act that way towards her guy over a simple competition…