Rant- Rumors: European Carriers Not Keen on Lumias?

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I read the following stories on several other sites; but wasn’t sure it warranted a mention due to the fact that not a single solid name/source was mentioned in them- all that’s listed is “un-named source, Mobile executive, Carrier company…) so of course it could be a load of bull..

I’ll start with the obviously ridiculous one; and if this is indeed a true quote then this mysterious “Carrier Executive” really has no idea how business works:

Four of the major cellphone carriers in Europe say Nokia’s Windows Phone-powered Lumia smartphones would be “would be much easier to sell” if it ran the Android operating system

Say Whaaatttt??? Seriously? I’d like to know what went through this guys mind before he came up with that, maybe it was dinner time, maybe this quote was taken during happy hour at a pub..  To be clear I DO NOT have a business major or any sort of economic degree; but I’m pretty sure that offering the same OS that’s being offered with over a 150 different phone models, by over 20 different OEMs doesn’t really help your chances of selling. Sure the OS gets alot of publicity but the main thing going for Nokia right now is how it stands out amongst other WP; slap on Android and what do you have? a single core phone that can barely run Froyo- is this guy serious?

Everyone knows that Nokia aren’t exactly the best at making the Latest high-end spec phones- which is why WP is the way to go, and as At&t have proven if you really want to sell WP you can, if they complain that it’s not selling I’m pretty sure that’s just lazy marketing from their part- Microsoft has been pushing WP all over the place and I’m sure if a carrier really wanted to try and sell WP they would have no problems. The main issue is that they’re just too lazy to bother pushing a new OS which isn’t the Lumias/WPs fault it’s the carriers own fault.

And besides don’t both the Lumia 800 & the 710 top most of the selling charts for carries in Europe?

Ridiculous claim Number two:


“no one comes into the store and asks for a Windows smartphone.”

Which once again is because no carrier has bothered to try and market it (list one of the multiple stories where phone stores have guided people AWAY from WP devices towards an iPhone or a Droid).

Once again it’s not a fact that WP Can’t sell it all comes down to the fact that Carriers DON’T want to bother selling it- and then apparently complain that nobody wants the OS- Direct point:

Another problem it seems is that stores aren’t keen to sell the handsets to consumers. According to the report, Lumia handsets weren’t prominently displayed at a France Telecom store in Paris, with the sales clerk offering shoppers iPhones first, then Android handsets.

And the grand finale that really just proves that whoever this “carrier Representative” is has no idea what the hell he’s talking about (similar to point #1):

If the Lumia with the same hardware came with Android in it and not Windows, it would be much easier to sell,” he added.

Should I even bother? 512 Ram and 1.4 GHZ processor with a wVGA (217 ppi)screen running Android..Hmmmmmm let’s put that in perspective the HTC one S (not the top of the line X- but the S) which is priced close to the same range (a bit higher depending where you look) has a dual core 1.5ghz processor with 1 GB ram  and a similar 4.3inch screen but with 256ppi; and that’s not the flagship device while the Lumia is…Imagine pitting it against the One X on the same table Quad-core 720p screen; I can practically see the Android Lumias flying off the shelves.

So all in all what on earth was this “Source” smoking?

Sources 1, 2, 3 – thanks to everyone who tipped this.


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  • nokia lumia is an awesome phone…its worth buying…

  • eoJyzrC

    Here is my own stream of thought rant. I have no actual reference to support any of this. However, just tid bits of information gathered over time, and of course our own opinions. My apologies if my rant jumps all over the place. I will be typing as I am thinking aloud. Of course the popular quote of “Opinions are like @ssholes, everybody has one.”

    I of all people own a Dell Venue Pro, running WP7. Of all hardware makers, and OS’s, I picked the most obscure device and OS.

    Owning a DVP made me realize how important it is to have a strong hardware maker. As we all know Dell has decided to quite the mobile hardware manufacturing on not only the WP OS, but also the Android OS.

    WP7? Why and wtf? I couldn’t afford an iPhone, I coveted it, but it was out of my price range. The iOS eco is probably the best thought out of all Mobile OS’s. Very likely many cues were taken from Nokia’s Symbian and made into a better mouse trap. No different from Apple with their GUI originally taken from Xerox (but thats ancient history) Apple thinks outside the box, and can take your diamond in the rough idea and make it work.

    I didn’t like Android because it IS so fragmented. I had a Sony Ericsson Experia, I returned it before the 7 day return policy expired. It was running an old Android OS 2.1, which after 5 days of intensive web searching, I realized that SE was probably never going to upgrade to 2.3 or whatever the latest revision was at the time. If by chance 2.3 did come out, people were probably already at ICS or GB.

    Who to blame? Android/Google, hardware makers for layering their own customized crap on top the the Android OS? Maybe a bit of both.

    So I decided what the heck, WP7. To my delight, it was a fairly intuitive Operating System. It was kinda boring, even though they give it a cool moniker of “Metro Tiles”, whatever. It was different it was smooth, it had very little apps, but hey… whenever you start new (even after leaving your 6.5 OS developers out to dry), you need to start somewhere. Lets call WP7, 7.5 and 7.8 as the cost of tuition. MS is paying tuition to learn from their mistakes of the past three revision. WP8 users, we hope that moving forward, it’ll be more like the Apple iOS where it will be backwards and forward compatible until it is the hardware that reaches its limitation, rather than just pumping new OS for the sake of spurring more sales (cough android..cough)

    Why is hardware maker important? Well my choice of Dell was a lesson learned. LG, Samsung, (nah I believe they are opportunists). Nokia well, we all know about the famed “two burning platforms, Symbian & meego”) Then add the WP7 OS, you have one maker with 3 platforms. People are going to get confused. What else can you do? Internal bickering, confusion, who knows what else was brewing. Nokia is no saint by all means. We’ve seen some of their greatest phones (N95) to some of their most shameful ones. NGage/Tacos, Sidetalker….good grief. But even with Ngage, they were thinking ahead of their time. I am sure many companies saw what they were doing and decided smartphones are smarter the way they are today because of it. Just bad timing, bad execution, or bad management? Who knows.

    My belief is Nokia is ALL IN, and in it for the long haul. Nokia conspiracy or not, people say got shafted by Microsoft. I believe they made the right move strategically to stick with one ecosystem…that being WP. If they do Android, they are just a schmuck sharing the Android portion of the pie that has already been carved out between iOS, Android and Blackberry. Case in point. Sony Ericsson, I used to jump back and forth between NOK and SE. NOK for the longest time, till some sweet SE designs came forth. SE now in the Android camp, taking a look at their current phones, they look stunning. But are their sales any better when it used to be just NOK vs SE in the old days? Nope. I don’t think they grabbed any significant marketshare by aligning with Android. Even though they have probably the most prestigious name within the Android playing field. Well, looks like HTC, LG and Samsung caught up and surpassed SE.

    So, if I were NOK, and I see SE (my former biggest competitor) just treading water to get by. Yah, I’d partner up with Google…NOT.

    Is Apple going to let NOK in on iOS? Laughable….

    Partnering up with Microsoft seems like a marriage of convenience, but it gives NOK an edge on WP development over all other WP makers.

    Look at all the WP hones out there now. Most are NOK’s. Only now are Samsun, LG, and HTC attempting to come out with more WP phones. Prior to that, they were just hardware with bare minimum specs to meet the WP7 criteria. But I believe the other Asian makers now dabbling on WP8 because they start seeing traction from WP sales. If NOK succeeds, it is the Android market share that is going to suffer the most, as the have the most to lose. Personally I wish Microsoft would just select ONE hardware maker, that being NOK. Since NOK has so much experience in manufacturing, as well as being able to provide a good range of low end and high end WP8. This way software updates are not dependent on when each manufacturer gets around to it. Keep It Simple Stupid.

    It works for Apple, it can work for NOK/MSFT. Android… yeah you keep rooting your rag tag junk. If I can get the same job done on a single processor than that of a quad this, hyper that…. something tells me that someone has bloated OS, and it ain’t Microsoft this time.

    I see just as many people wanting Lumia 920’s on craigslist as there are people wanting LG N4, and iPhone 5s. There is demand.

    Ever wonder how open Android OS really is? The hypocrite company that came up with the slogan don’t be evil. The same company that goes and steals wifi passwords (dude some real coding had to be done to do that) the company that loves to track and store a database of you. Your android phone just becomes another avenue for them to build a profile of you. (Oh I have nothing to hide, so it why should I care what they do). Uh, ok buddy. No one realizes how precious certain things can be till they lose it.

    You think Motorola was just for IP? My guess is all Nexus phones that come with NO manufacturer or carrier crapware is simple testing of pure Android demand. They are setting up MOT to be the Google hardware manufacturing arm. Control end to end process of the phone and have android installed they way they want it.

    Samsung knows it, but Android is their bread and butter right now. Both companies are opportunist, and they are just biding their time to ready the stab in the back.

    I regret not getting a Lumia 800/900 back in the day. But I will have a chance to get a 82x or 92x one day, when it is available in Pentaband. Running AWS 1700/2100 has its limitations on the hardware maker.

    Long live Nokia, long live Microsoft. The two fallen kings will try to reclaim their name to fame once again. What some people say is a match made in Hell. I believe is actually is a match that was once of convenience, now turned into a solid relationship… if Microsoft, ditches all the other hardware makers. Stick and support only one, that being NOKIA. Their scalability is actually perfect for a WP OS ecosystem. Microsoft should reciprocate and support the single company that supported them. Or at least until enough traction is made in the WP camp, to then drop the other manufacturers.

    • Nathan

      Do you realise what terrible etiquette it is to rant (as you put it) in such an ancient thread?
      There’s been HEAPS of FAR NEWER threads discussing the same sort of thing @MNB…
      Posting stuff like this in such an ancient thread, is tantamount to just spamming people >.>