Rant- Rumors: European Carriers Not Keen on Lumias?

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I read the following stories on several other sites; but wasn’t sure it warranted a mention due to the fact that not a single solid name/source was mentioned in them- all that’s listed is “un-named source, Mobile executive, Carrier company…) so of course it could be a load of bull..

I’ll start with the obviously ridiculous one; and if this is indeed a true quote then this mysterious “Carrier Executive” really has no idea how business works:

Four of the major cellphone carriers in Europe say Nokia’s Windows Phone-powered Lumia smartphones would be “would be much easier to sell” if it ran the Android operating system

Say Whaaatttt??? Seriously? I’d like to know what went through this guys mind before he came up with that, maybe it was dinner time, maybe this quote was taken during happy hour at a pub..  To be clear I DO NOT have a business major or any sort of economic degree; but I’m pretty sure that offering the same OS that’s being offered with over a 150 different phone models, by over 20 different OEMs doesn’t really help your chances of selling. Sure the OS gets alot of publicity but the main thing going for Nokia right now is how it stands out amongst other WP; slap on Android and what do you have? a single core phone that can barely run Froyo- is this guy serious?

Everyone knows that Nokia aren’t exactly the best at making the Latest high-end spec phones- which is why WP is the way to go, and as At&t have proven if you really want to sell WP you can, if they complain that it’s not selling I’m pretty sure that’s just lazy marketing from their part- Microsoft has been pushing WP all over the place and I’m sure if a carrier really wanted to try and sell WP they would have no problems. The main issue is that they’re just too lazy to bother pushing a new OS which isn’t the Lumias/WPs fault it’s the carriers own fault.

And besides don’t both the Lumia 800 & the 710 top most of the selling charts for carries in Europe?

Ridiculous claim Number two:

“no one comes into the store and asks for a Windows smartphone.”

Which once again is because no carrier has bothered to try and market it (list one of the multiple stories where phone stores have guided people AWAY from WP devices towards an iPhone or a Droid).

Once again it’s not a fact that WP Can’t sell it all comes down to the fact that Carriers DON’T want to bother selling it- and then apparently complain that nobody wants the OS- Direct point:

Another problem it seems is that stores aren’t keen to sell the handsets to consumers. According to the report, Lumia handsets weren’t prominently displayed at a France Telecom store in Paris, with the sales clerk offering shoppers iPhones first, then Android handsets.

And the grand finale that really just proves that whoever this “carrier Representative” is has no idea what the hell he’s talking about (similar to point #1):

“If the Lumia with the same hardware came with Android in it and not Windows, it would be much easier to sell,” he added.

Should I even bother? 512 Ram and 1.4 GHZ processor with a wVGA (217 ppi)screen running Android..Hmmmmmm let’s put that in perspective the HTC one S (not the top of the line X- but the S) which is priced close to the same range (a bit higher depending where you look) has a dual core 1.5ghz processor with 1 GB ram  and a similar 4.3inch screen but with 256ppi; and that’s not the flagship device while the Lumia is…Imagine pitting it against the One X on the same table Quad-core 720p screen; I can practically see the Android Lumias flying off the shelves.

So all in all what on earth was this “Source” smoking?

Sources 1, 2, 3 – thanks to everyone who tipped this.


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