#OperationUnicorn – N9 Housing Swap: Cyan to White ( + tutorial info)

| April 24, 2012 | 63 Replies

You may have read a few weeks ago, I mentioned I purchased a White housing for my N9. I had a few readers ask for me to publish a few photos of the process as well as a video of what to do.

I did follow this video here. Although it is in Russian, it is easy to understand what is going on.

I also used the N9 Service Manual as a bit of a guide when I got stuck with the video.

What do I need?

  • Firstly, the housing case. I bought mine on eBay. Look for ones with Sim Tray and USB Door (tools is a bonus). This was mine
  • Torx T4 screwdriver
  • Phillips size 00 screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • Patience & someone to pray to

I won’t be posting a video, as I had an issue of my own, where I had a screw with a worn head, and, well, let’s just say I wasn’t very nice and my N9 took a well deserved holiday until I could get hold of a new battery. Which was about 3 hours as a Lumia 800 showed up on my door. Had a play around with it, and went straight to cannibalisation.

Questions I’ve been asked;

  • “Do you need to change hardware apart from the casing?” – No, as long as you don’t break anything or lose any screws. You simply unscrew the components and screw them on to the new body
  • “Does this void warranty?” – As far as I know, yes. If you are not comfortable doing such a thing and taking a risk, don’t do it. The only person responsible for your actions is yourself. So don’t hold me (or MyNokiaBlog) liable.
  • “Do I need any special equipment?” – Apart from a T4 screwdriver, no. The manual does say to use a dentist tool and a special Nokia tool, but you can use the tweezers and flat head screwdriver for that.
  • “Do you have a list of prayers to say before starting?” – Yes, all of them!
  • “How difficult was the process?” – Not that hard. Was a bit scared that I would stuff up (which I did but wasn’t my fault), but in the end it worked. Just don’t rush and follow the instructions. If you have a worn screw head, stop straight away, and search for ways to fix it. < Learn from my mistake. Oh, and stay calm.

Pictures of the diss-assembly can be found on my flickr account




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