Lumia 800 Goes to Space, Comes Back With Super-Powers

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I know this is a couple days old; but I’ve been feeling so extremly lazy lately I was hoping Jay or Michael would post it- but fine be that way guys. Anyways as part of some “Research” scientists from the University of Southampton sent up a Lumia 800 attached to one of those weather balloons up into the Stratosphere; to test out methods cheaper atmospheric studies.

“We knew the Lumia was very robust. With other phones we’ve had to include an extra battery and a heater. We didn’t need to do that with the Lumia – it was the best.”

Honestly I can’t see how the Lumia made it on a single charge if it was filming/imaging constantly- Although it’s pretty cold “Up There” which means that batteries will last longer (I’ve actually seen people who live on the equator get noticeably less battery life due to faster chemical reactions – high heat = fast reaction speed = less battery life). And of course since Polycarbonate is also used on JumboJets it has no problem in extreme conditions.

The Lumia reached altitudes of 105,000 feet, and survived temperatures of -61C, remaining airborne for 2 hours

The Lumia recorded about 2GBs of images from up top which are all available for download here:

We didn’t do this for fun – we used the Nokia Lumia 800 as a serious scientific tool, and the results were remarkable.” - Sure “not for Fun” I gotya 😉

All in all pretty cool; I think Google or Samsung did this with one of their droid launches, can’t be sure thought.

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