Nokia KSA Lets Slip- Lumia Windows 8 Device in Oct.

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I love a good “leak” especially when it comes directly from Nokia’s Saudi Arabia account- who more or less confirmed that an Arabic Lumia running Windows 8 will be available in October.  It’s worth noting that the original tweet inquiry was asking about when the Lumia 900 would be available; while the reply removed the specific model- which leads me to think that he was referring to a different set of Lumia devices.

Since Google Translate is Garbage I’ll translate for you:

“Can I know when the Lumia 900 will be availble in Saudi Arabia with full Arabic Support/System for WP?”


Nokia: “Nokia LUMIA phones will be available in Saudi Arabia in month #10 with 100% full Arabic Support- running on Windows 8- God Willing.”

So there you have it. Although the local Nokia stores here in Jordan are claiming that the Lumia 800 & 900 will be officially available in June (they are available in 3rd party stores- but not through official Nokia stores as they are still awaiting Arabic support).

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  • Fail

    Out of topic samsung on huge profit
    Plus nokia is dead

    • Rollindadice

      keep your out of topic nonsense to yourself

      • PleaseConsiderMyArgumentsFirst

        Have you noticed Samsung is number 1 worldwide leader in mobiles, especially smartphones? And they abandoned Windows Phone with explanation that it is hopeless and just to bad for Samsung’s clients, just recently? Have you seen Samsung numbers?
        And have you seen Nokia enforcing down the throat everybody the same exactly system in Lumias? And don’t care customers begging for Nokia N9 and 808? Have you seen Nokia numbers? Nokia is not dead yet, you are right here – nonsense, but this is just the slow agony in progress. Quick reanimation is needed. Nokia is collecting more negative PR then in last 20 years together, and most important: is loosing markets, see here – can you deny that the bigger and louder celebrated are Lumia successes, the worse is Nokia standing? Both in number of devices and in figures in bank? Isn’t it a king of agony?

        • Grendell

          When you’ve had something and lost it, you feel like kicking yourself. But how hard should you kick yourself when you’ve had something and threw it away?

        • Keith too

          You should change your name to “PleaseConsiderMyLiesFirst”. Samsung said no such thing about Windows Phone and they have not abandoned Windows Phone either. Their next gen Apollo phone (Mandel) is already showing up in tests.

          Though Samsung will have to pick up its Windows Phone game some if they want to remain a player though. They were already getting trounced by Nokia and HTC and it will get worse because Nokia will be greatly upping the stakes when the Apollo phones come out.

          • noki

            hahahahahhahahaha omg poor Samsung is not joining the fantastic ride of WP, they must step up or they might lose those it all together…tss tss tss

            • Keith too

              Comprehension is your strong point so I’ll make it clearer. Since I said they were getting trounced by HTC and Nokia it should be obvious I was only talking about WP. Of course Samsung will do just fine without or without WP but they will have to pick up their WP game or get out of wP because their half-hearted effort will not cut it.

          • James

            I dunno, I fully expect Samsung to show Nokia that it can still compete, maybe even out-compete it.
            Even in a space where Nokia’s supposedly being given way more of an advantage over competitors.
            If that happens, it’ll be somewhat amusing, I won’t lie.
            Saddening at the same time too ofc….

        • q

          I would love to consider your arguments if you were making any. Are you saying Nokia should switch to Android, and would be more likely to succeed like Samsung than fail like every other Android ODM? Or are you saying Nokia should stick with Symbian, which is frankly quite a stupid argument in light of this article and every single other one talking about how Nokia is in the shitter because Symbian sales have collapsed?

          • PleaseConsiderMyArgumentsFirst

            Nokia don’t need to do anything to switch Android but allow N9 to be multiboot or support Alien Dalvik development. MeeGo already is almost whole Android. Those who prefer Android can (1) boot with Android (2) use Android as native with Alien Dalvik. Both don’t need any hardware changes so can be implemented EASY & QUICKLY.

            Symbian is still commonly accepted, however all underline that changes are needed. First of all Symbian suffer from lack of updates. That was solved with Anna and Bella as I know. Those who left OLD Symbian can be satisfied with Bella or following Carla. I’ve heard many positive opinions from N8 users. If developed – yes, there are customers who believe in it, who invested in software, and will buy new software and devices. This is the biggest Nokia customers base, that is crazy to abandon them! There is no guaranties they will stay with Nokia without Symbian. This is my POV.
            So when Symbian will be developed – yes. (I don’t know if this can work, I only think it could) Here would be hard to overestimate Mr Elop’s skills and experiences in software development and leading teams to success. He is more then experienced in this, hence could introduce fresh ferment and fresh blood. If Symbian developers will survive it – it is another subject.

            Symbian sell collapses cause it is not enough developed, and first of all because of Mr Elop’s statements. Have you ever hear such statements about older windows versions? Never! It is slowly disappearing, when newer version replace older one. But this is not declared, but because users buy newer.

            Some just will not want Symbina anymore. Question is what will buy those post-Symbian users? I really think not any windows, otherwise they already would have Lumias. If they are to stay with Nokia then MeeGo can be the option.

            I think Nokia should stick with MeeGo. Because: (1) it is successful (2) commonly accepted (3) contains everything what was good in Symbian (4) contains all what was needed but absent in Symbian (5) has really endless possibilities (6) it is already finished product to sell (7) it is in sell and have succeeded (8) MeeGo already has created mikro-ecosystem, and it can grow, just need fertile ground in form of common access to devices, which are sold worldwide.
            (still the same question: imagine what would be effect if MeeGo would have such marketing support as windows lumia have? I think unbelievable!)

        • Umm…yeah Samsung is going to take the new Galaxy and put Windows Phone 8 on it. It will be out for AT&T and T-Mobile.

          Does this sound they are quitting the Windows Phone game to you? Taking there best hardware putting the latest Windows Phone OS on it and than releasing it on two of the biggest carriers in US.

          How’s about you come back when you know FACTS just not stuff you wish was true.

  • KF

    october?????? isn’t that a long time??? they need to launch them ASAP with millions of $ of campaigns and ads because people here (in the ME) are slowly forgetting about nokia 🙁

    • Marc Aurel

      Probably Microsoft can’t make proper support for Arabic before Apollo (WP8). Yet another example how it’s bad to depend on another company for your OS.

      • noki


  • Rebbe

    Unfortunately this doesn’t have to mean that apollo is coming to current devices, it only states that LUMIA products will lunch in october with windows phone 8 in Saudi Arabia.

  • stylinred

    “running on Windows 8- God Willing.”


    so the NKSA tweeter is simply hopeful it’ll be running win8 meh wouldn’t put much credence in that but i guess we’ll see 😉

    • Aliqudsi

      Actually it’s custom/tradition/religion to add inshallah to everything you say even if it’s an almost sure thing
      Ex: I’ll meet you in five minutes Inshallah.

      • stylinred

        ah okay i thought it might be as you just described but wasn’t certain

        I’m muslim too but really really Canadian 😉

  • Johnny Tremaine

    Considering the debt downgrade from S&P today, I think that this was a strategic leak or ‘slip’.

    • Viipottaja

      yeah, sure.

      • noki

        actually it would be a good idea this days to say something about that no??? assure people buying the L900 today that the device wont become outdated in a couple of months??? no?
        They pretty much affirmed that apps built for wp8 wont run on wp7. So it would be a very good idea to say today that L900 and L800 will be upgradable to WP8 no?

  • Simo

    Nokia KSA bullshits a LOT though. When I was there on business they kept telling me (on their Facebook page) that the N9 would be released in September. Well it wasn’t there until November and I was already gone.

    Hopefully for the sake of Saudis it doesn’t get released later than October.

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  • issam

    Hi…. I just want correct your translation. It says 10th of arabic calender which will be in August.

    • issam

      i think i’m wrong. sorry for that.

  • Elop


  • Vineet

    Hey Ali,

    Just a quick note: Nokia ‘official’ stores in the Middle East are actually third party franchises and the employees do not work for Nokia directly despite being decked out in Nokia shirts(though they will say they do if you ask them bluntly).

    Middle East Release is almost certainly coming only with Apollo. Tango does not seem to have RTL support and Elop seems to think people in Middle East do not speak English

    • How about no?