N9 Vs Lumia 800 – Random Functions (Notes, Audio Recording, Calculator) #MeegoVSWP

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Apologies in the large gap between the last comparison and this one; but I’ve been swamped with midterms and now finals in a couple of weeks, so many things going on so little time to nap. Anyways today’s comparison is basically a look at  the preloaded functions and capabilities of each device when it comes down to random everyday things that you usually don’t consider while purchasing a device.

What’s covered:

  • Alarms- As I mentioned I find both alarms a nuisance to use simply because it takes to much effort to set something so simple, the Lumias is quicker to set due to the presence of an AM/PM toggle; but the double confirmation usually leads to me forgetting the second one and missing the alarm all together. (I know I’m over-complicating things but I’m really a Lazy person so forgive me.)
  • Notes- Notes on both devices are great and extremely functional, much more functional than  Symbian, Android or iOS; bringing an almost Office/Word experience to your phone. The ability to sync your notes online practically got rid of any need for Evernote for me; but the downside is that it appears to require an internet network to save any form of note.  (not sure about that.)
  • Audio Recording- This might not be high on many people’s lists but it’s important for me as a student- and the fact that it wasn’t included by default on either device is a real shame (also there doesn’t seem to be an option to record phone conversations either), but thankfully there are 3rd party applications to cover that shortcoming on both devices.
    *Note: although you can add audio notes to the Notes app in WP it doesn’t really count as it’s not a standalone app and it can’t record while the screen is locked.
  • Calendar- Calendars are pretty straight forward and simple on both devices (a bit more-so on the N9); but to be honest I’m not the sort of person who jots down everything on his calendar, usually just Exams and flights- and hardly any are synced through Gmail or any other Email service so can’t give an honest opinion there.
  • Calculators- I love the WP calculator on the Lumia  as it’s not just one nor two calculators but actually three (Props to Kunwar91 for tipping me off in the Youtube comments section); the Lumia actually has a normal basic calculator in Portrait mode, and two different ones depending if you rotate it right or left (Trignometric & Complex Decimals).
    Actually I saw this image online today and thought it fit my post perfectly:

Added bonus that it's a WP; shame it's not a Lumia :/

  •  Wifi Tethering: As mentioned it’s ready out of the box on the N9 and should be coming soon to the 800 (and 710)- if you’d like to check it out on WP just check the video of L900 hand’s on from MWC

I think that’s about it; as mentioned HOPEFULLY I can push out another video or two comparing Location/Maps services as well as one about Telephony as soon as I grab my brothers sim from his iPhone; if not sorry but I got finals coming up and then some Vacay time.




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