N9 Vs Lumia 800 – Random Functions (Notes, Audio Recording, Calculator) #MeegoVSWP

| April 29, 2012 | 48 Replies

Apologies in the large gap between the last comparison and this one; but I’ve been swamped with midterms and now finals in a couple of weeks, so many things going on so little time to nap. Anyways today’s comparison is basically a look at  the preloaded functions and capabilities of each device when it comes down to random everyday things that you usually don’t consider while purchasing a device.

What’s covered:

  • Alarms- As I mentioned I find both alarms a nuisance to use simply because it takes to much effort to set something so simple, the Lumias is quicker to set due to the presence of an AM/PM toggle; but the double confirmation usually leads to me forgetting the second one and missing the alarm all together. (I know I’m over-complicating things but I’m really a Lazy person so forgive me.)
  • Notes- Notes on both devices are great and extremely functional, much more functional than  Symbian, Android or iOS; bringing an almost Office/Word experience to your phone. The ability to sync your notes online practically got rid of any need for Evernote for me; but the downside is that it appears to require an internet network to save any form of note.  (not sure about that.)
  • Audio Recording- This might not be high on many people’s lists but it’s important for me as a student- and the fact that it wasn’t included by default on either device is a real shame (also there doesn’t seem to be an option to record phone conversations either), but thankfully there are 3rd party applications to cover that shortcoming on both devices.
    *Note: although you can add audio notes to the Notes app in WP it doesn’t really count as it’s not a standalone app and it can’t record while the screen is locked.
  • Calendar- Calendars are pretty straight forward and simple on both devices (a bit more-so on the N9); but to be honest I’m not the sort of person who jots down everything on his calendar, usually just Exams and flights- and hardly any are synced through Gmail or any other Email service so can’t give an honest opinion there.
  • Calculators- I love the WP calculator on the Lumia  as it’s not just one nor two calculators but actually three (Props to Kunwar91 for tipping me off in the Youtube comments section); the Lumia actually has a normal basic calculator in Portrait mode, and two different ones depending if you rotate it right or left (Trignometric & Complex Decimals).
    Actually I saw this image online today and thought it fit my post perfectly:

Added bonus that it's a WP; shame it's not a Lumia :/

  •  Wifi Tethering: As mentioned it’s ready out of the box on the N9 and should be coming soon to the 800 (and 710)- if you’d like to check it out on WP just check the video of L900 hand’s on from MWC

I think that’s about it; as mentioned HOPEFULLY I can push out another video or two comparing Location/Maps services as well as one about Telephony as soon as I grab my brothers sim from his iPhone; if not sorry but I got finals coming up and then some Vacay time.




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Hey, my name's Ali- Currently a fifth (and final) year Dental Student from Chicago; studying in Jordan. I love all sorts of gadgets almost as much as I love my cookies! Be sure to follow my Twitter handle @AliQudsi and Subcribe to my Youtube for the latest videos - no pressure. Thanks.
  • twig

    I cant compare. I’ve got the black N9 but still wait for the 900 cyan.

    “Someday over the rainbow, my lumia will come”…. altogether now.

    • james

      I wonder why are you still waiting for a phone less useful that yours!!!

  • sh

    hahahaha he says the lumia 800 is the winner but look at the sales and n9 vs lumia 800 and 710 and 900 and 610 and n9 win because is better than the shitty windows os.
    Or the elop is paying the people to just say windows is better hahahah.

    • Aliqudsi

      Sorry where did I say the Lumia is a winner? Also if your gonna make claims like that please provide solid numbers.

      • Jesse

        I think he just saw the videos and saw it was obvious and then went into defensive mode.

    • tomak

      N9 has sold about 500k so not even close.

      • dr_zorg


      • Ergonpandilus

        N9 has sold more than 1M actually (by end of Jan), but Lumia has sold more than 2M by now. Though N9 did that basically without any marketing, while Lumia series have received millions of marketing money.

        And Apple sold more than 30M iPhones this year already. 😮

        • jebena_zecica

          Well, N9 is pretty much not produced anymore so it can’t continue selling well. Elop has done the simple way of sabotaging his own product.

          • Heh…

            BEEP YOU!!!! Beeping eLOPE!!!!
            Beep beeping beeping beep… (@*#&%(*)&#@$!!!!

  • sh

    p.s In the video sorry

  • Just Visiting

    Super comparison! And thanks for showcasing the calculator…OMG, the calculator on my N8 is just ridiculous (tap Options, and then tap Clear Screen – to clear the screen; or tap Options and then tap Memory and then select ‘save’ or ‘recall’). And yes, you have to follow the same steps in landscape. Geez.

    Like the look of the scroll wheel for alarms on the N9, but understand, and agree with, your points about the simplicity of setting alarms – Symbian does this fine.

    I’m going to wait (I think) to get a Lumia Apollo device instead of the Lumia 900, but I hope you get the Stormtrooper soon 🙂

    Enjoyed the comparison.

    • kerkob

      You can easily set the 0/12, 3, 6, 9hrs and 0, 10, 20min etc. for the alarms on the n9 by roughly tapping that area asif it was an analogue clock. I prefer that over the whole swiping tumbler malarky of the lumia.

      calqtlator for the n9 is amazing as a replacement for the inbuilt one though!

      • Per

        The alarm setting on N9 is super!! Don’t understand how any reviver can criticize that.

    • Aliqudsi

      Thanks, Glad someone enjoyed it; I was considering just ending it as I thought people would have gotten bored of it. (anything else you’d like to see compared?)

      Personally I know I’m going to hate myself if I get a stormtrooper at the cost of an apollo device; but I can’t pass up on that beauty- even if it means moving some funds around to get both (which is why I’m really hoping the 900 gets apollo- not that theres anything wrong with Mango, but as a tech geek I NEED to have it) 😀

      • Aleve Sicofante

        Hi Aliqudsi.

        Did you read my post on your previous review? Please check it here:

        I was asking for telephony (from answering a call to call management or recording) and profile management (you know the classic Symbian concept).


        • Aliqudsi

          Hey Aleve, yes when I mentioned that I wanted to review telephony I was referring specifically at your comment; but as I said I just need to get another SIM in them to show the call ui and stuff- Working on it 😀

          • Aleve Sicofante

            Oops, sorry. Missed that comment. (Non-native English speaker here.) Thanks for your reply.

          • James

            “Hey Aleve, yes when I mentioned that I wanted to review telephony I was referring specifically at your comment;”

            Excellent, interested in this if you have the time.

  • tholj

    nice video but please slow down a little! you’re too fast!!

  • kerkob


  • Filipe

    no need to have a data connection to SAVE a note, just SYNC it with Skydrive. :]

  • Nanilo

    I really don’t know what got into Nokia to change to WP from Meego 1.2

    The OS themselves are so close that there’s no real reason to change.

    Beyond the basic functionality, there’s the lack in technical specs with Windows Phone. WP are associated with low tech devices, simply because they are, they feature no high res screen, they feature no NFC, they feature no 1080, they feature no dual core.

    And now they’re stuck with a platform that still has far less than 1% of the world marketshare, and barely 1% of the Western phone marketshare and an upcoming OS (W8) that has fail written all over it.

    Meanwhile, you’re losing 1.6 billion $ a year and MS doesn’t even support dual core phone yet.

    Hello…Earth to Nokia…

    • deep space bar

      everyone said the same thing…why would you go backwards…..a HUGE step BACK

    • Dave

      Because Microsoft can add things like
      so Nokia can focus on making killer designs and cool useful apps. It’s what they mean with ecosystem.

      Oh look, for whatever stupid reason, Ovi Store on my N8 with up to date Belle firmware again decided to randomly forget my nokia account credentials completely, so I get to look it up and log in again.

  • sina88

    I cannot take the first part of the review serious. The alarm clock is amazing! Never before it has been that easy to set a new alarm!

    Fortunately we don’t use the impractical AM/PM system. So therefore there I don’t need AM/PM switching. But yes they should have implemented this function.

    It’s funny how the guy in the video says: “It’s even stupier than on Lumia 800” – but actually he’s much faster on N9 and even goes 24h around all the clock within that short time.

    And for recorder: There is an App called: “Recorder” which is simply amazing, i have many records on my MacBook of this app.

    Good review and interesting to watch – not perfect, but which one is?? 🙂 Thank you!

  • Jax667

    Comparisons are always nice to watch, but the beginning of the video when you compare how to set an alarm clock on both devices is just…let´s say “not so good”.

    Seriously, on the N9 you just circle around ONCE, not twice and certainly not 8 times to switch between am and pm. How long does that take? Not even one second? And you criticise that? Setting an alarm on Symbian takes longer and on Windows Phone I agree that it is not convenient with that much scrolling, too, but it is hard to make it simpler and faster than on the N9! I find your criticism way too exaggerated, if not inappropriate.

    I agree with the rest of the video. I have to add that some functions on Windows Phone are certainly nice to have like the many functions on One Note (Voice Note, adding a picture etc), but most people like me want to keep it simple and just add a written note and save it OFFLINE which is crucial and which Windows Phone seems to lag.

    • sina88

      Try the app “ABeS” – note app for text note, picture notes and voice notes. Got updated recently, is free and amazing 🙂 That all for the N9 😉

  • Diogo

    The Lumia’s alarm does not work with the phone off. It could be worse?

  • Lines

    Lumia 800 is a boring device. Will stick to my N9 ^_^

  • Lines

    you can set the alarm of the N9 by turning it clock wise and counter clock wise. Hello!

  • incognito

    When it comes to Alarms, WP can’t come even close to the N9’s one, in fact rarely any device can – the Symbian would be a close second, tho. You don’t need to actually drag the circles around – you can just tap at the location of the dial, additionally swiping a bit to adjust the precise time.

    Say you want to set the alarm to 17:40 (or 5:40PM if you prefer the archaic format), on the N9 you open the clock, tap [+], optionally write the name of the alarm, and then:

    [best case scenario: 2 taps]
    – tap at roughly ‘5’ position on the hour dial
    – tap at roughly ’40’ position on the minute dial

    [worst case scenario: 5 taps]
    – tap at roughly ‘5’ position on the hour dial, if it shows 5 – tap the opposite side of the dial, then tap again on the 5 position on the hour dial
    – tap at roughly ’40’ position on the minute dial

    (when tapping you can hold your finger there for a second just to make sure you’ve selected the right time)

    Tap ‘Save’ at the top.

    All in all, including starting the Clock app, it takes 5-7 taps to set an alarm on the N9, usually no swiping required at all. Even Symbian, which you claimed to be the best, doesn’t come close to that. Not to mention the looks where the N9 wins hands down, but that’s a subjective opinion.

    In addition to that, the N9, just like Symbian phones, can be turned off during the night, and it will still run the alarm when the time comes. WP doesn’t do that as many Symbian-to-WP converts figured out in a bad way. And, also, you can use whatever sound present on the device as the alarm sound, unlike the moronic limitation of WP to have to declare it specifically a ringtone and import it via Zune.

    So, in that regard – no contest. The N9 wins hands down.

    Btw. when you tested Notes, I’ve noticed you’re holding the backspace on Lumia and it deletes char-after-char which is excruciatingly slow – I could swear that the WP had the word-by-word deletion a la the N9 w/ Swype, too lazy to charge my Omnia 7 to check…

    • mdev

      N9 is just a glimpse of what was possible with this platform. It has many missing things because it is unfinished and will never be finished with the few developers left to fix some bugs here and there.

      Still, it is a thing of beauty. It is the only device/OS that could definitely challenge and beat Apple in their own game of beautiful and simple interface.

      After Nokia is finished, it will be very ironic if Apple buys the Swipe patents and uses them to make button-less iPhone.

    • Jesse

      It starts out deleting character by character for the first two words and then switches to word deletion.

  • kunwar

    thanx for the mention 😉

  • James

    Although I don’t really understand the point of these comparos.
    (you’ll take what YOU want from them before publishing consciously, sub-consciously, or both)
    It appears you do put a fair amount of time into doing them.
    That in itself is somewhat community minded, & not entirely selfless or agenda driven.
    So thank-you for your time/efforts….

  • RedNokia808PureView

    So happy Ali replied to me on twitter! lol He’s my idol 😀

  • Jesse

    The Onenote app lets you record audio on the Lumia 800 as well as text. I use that for quick audio notes.

  • Romantiguo

    LOL, i just had to laugh when you claim that the alarm on the N9 is “even worse”. You just have to circle ONCE to get from 7am to 7pm its less than half a second!!

  • phph

    No, everyone doesn’t want comic sans.

    Geez… of all the fonts he could’ve choosed. Yes, I’m a type geek.

    • incognito

      A random Easter Egg: Change the message font in Skype to Comic Sans, and watch the smiley icon in conversations view turn from 😀 to 🙁

      Let us not forget that the Comic Sans was created to be a poser typeface for Microsoft’s, khm, revolutionary new interface – Microsoft Bob. At least they didn’t botch the typeface in their equally revolutionary new interface – Metro UI.

      If there was any justice in this world, the creator of Comic Sans would be sentenced to read each and every information printed with that typeface!

  • paul

    80 millions sales of Symbian from Nokia. And only less than 2 millions windowsphones…
    Why Elop is trying to sell and obsolete phone running windows…when he has the best selling phone in the world (symbian)

  • dpr

    all the way around to set it to pm? what a%%%

    • James

      “all the way around to set it to pm? what a%%%”


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