Project N955 – Turn your N9 into an N950, sort of (w/ Video)

Just saw this on TMO during a Uni break. There is this thing called Project N955. The aim of the project is to turn an N9 into an N950. It isn’t the most elegant, or perfect solution, but it works.

HtheB posted his process as follows;

I bought a cheap iPhone bluetooth slide-case, and a cheap N9 case on eBay.

I unscrewed the case to get rid of the iPhone case, to just have the bluetooth keyboard with the slider.

Then, I just made holes in the cheap N9-case and screwed the slider on it.

Turn on the device, pair them and the result: N9 with a keyboard!


So essentially, all this “mod” is, is swapping out the iPhone case on a BT keyboard, for the N9 case. There are still drawbacks, like being able to hide the VKBD while using the BT keyboard, but that is being worked on. There have been posts in the past (don’t remember where I saw them), where the community was trying to get these keyboards made specifically for the N9. At the moment, this is the best solution.

He has posted several photos as well as a video. Take a look below.

Source: TMO



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  • Paul Grenfell

    I used to be hooked on Hard Keys, but now ive gotten so proficient with Soft Virtual KB, i havent looked back..
    I havent used the KB on my E7 for over a year now,
    Though i wonder if N9 OS could be put into E7?

    • technologic

      would be a good idea, the news in january about the bootloader leak got me excited and i thought maybe we could dual boot meego or android on the e7 but i guess nobody has the time anymore for the s3 range

      • Michael Faro-Tusino

        From what I remember, it was everything but the boot loader. There ad been talks that if the boot loader did get leaked, ports would start happening.

        I would love to be proven wrong though

    • D

      Sadly not possible, MeeGo doesn’t support the processor architecture inside the E7, I wanted to do the same thing last year 🙁

  • fff

    it is so ugly with that keyboard

    • Partyintheback

      I agree, doesnt match the sleek design of the N9 at all

  • James

    Another one to add to my list of mods/hacks, thanks.

  • jetto

    the n9 is known for its beauty.. y remove the beauty with tht keypad!!!

  • yemko

    This is a sucide play!!!!!

  • James


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    Can you please stop that from happening?