Custom Rom for Lumia 800 and Lumia 710

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The post came up on my twitter feed this morning thanks to @Joaoluisc. It didn’t take too long and I’m not surprised at all. The first custom ROM for the Nokia Lumia 800 has been released, and apparently, the developer known as RainbowMod had released one for the 710 earlier. The ROM is a Tango FW, using the Chinese Variant.

The latest custom ROM for both includes;

  • Full Unlock from UltraShot
  • Removed OEM applications (Nokia Drive, Maps, etc.)
  • Search key remapping
  • QuickLaunch menu for quick switching state of WiFi, 3G, Flight mode, Power save, etc.
  • Ability to access file system via WiFi/USB
  • Integrated Live ID, DppImplant no longer needed, but new key can also be banned
  • Orientation locker
  • Added multiple colour themes
  • Easy installation xap from browser or file manager
  • Unlocked Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts (limitation of Chinese firmware)
  • Added Google and Yandex search engines
  • xb0xmod cert for cab-updates
  • Cab-updatable
  • Lots of minor changes
  • Updatability via Zune (not guaranteed)

Of course, you need to be lucky and have the unlocked Qualcomm bootloader to flash this on the 800, but luckily, the 710 can be done regardless (IIRC). Head over to XDADevelopers forums to find out more.

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  • Yea!
    Got locked 800(Nokia DLOAD).

    It feels bad to be the odd one out 🙁
    Developers tried to unlock the bootloader, but no success.

    I’m disappointed with Nokia!

  • Vikas Patidar

    How to open that quick launch option?

  • zymo
    • dss

      Win Phone wasn’t meant for such weak hardware.. I think Nokia confused it with Symbian

      • Bosh

        Well, if you take into account that Symbian UI performance sucks, then I guess you’re right.

        If you don’t believe me, open any web page and rotate the phone, then do the same thing on any WP device and compare the results.

  • Ezady

    This is only for loosers. Winners use Linux – faster, better, much more safe and userfriendly, and cause no problems like Windows does. Windows is for grand ma or grand pa who don’t need to call.

    • Ezadyiswrongaboutthisonelolololol…

      Yeah, I’ll just wait for the LinuxPhone……

    • James

      Despite being a fan of & using many Linux-based phones.
      I’d still have to say that this is a silly/dumb comment.

      • James

        My love affair w/Linux-based phones started with the Zaurus series.

    • Mark

      Linux is for people who can’t spell apparently.

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