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| May 24, 2012 | 33 Replies

Eyrie start up

Many have wanted Shazam to come to MeeGo-Harmattan, and in true Maemo Community fashion, devs make alternatives. This is exactly what Eyrie is. Eyrie will listen to what music you’re playing, and after recording a 30 second sound clip, detects what the song is. It uses the EchoNest library, an open-source way of detecting a song’s “fingerprint”.

Now, it’s still an early version, but seems promising. Its quick to launch, and is quick to tell you if it has failed or give you a result. The database for results can only be as large as EchoNest, so hopefully it will get better.

Eyrie detecting Aimee Mann

The dev has posted a video of it working (see below). I tried it myself, comparing it to Shazam on my 800, using the same songs, and it got 1/4, where Shazam got 4/4. Admittedly though, Shazam has been around for a lot longer, and has had the time to improve its library. It’s still a great app, and it’s good to see developers take the initiative to bring these sort of apps the platform.

Web Link | Mobile Link


The app can be downloaded from the developer’s web site. Make sure you have allowed installation of 3rd party apps

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